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    The ‘Crown Jewel’ of Vidarbha- Tadoba Wildlife Reserve is located in the Chandrapur district that lies to the north eastern side of Maharashtra. The site of a highly diverse and resplendent forest Tadoba is a protected paradise that hides numerous bounties of nature. Tadoba Safari will take you through the best wildlife of the region, which is rich with various species of tigers, panthers, sloth bears, hyenas, wild dogs and even the bison and Neel Gai playing hide and seek with the visitors.

    The Tadoba National Park is a highly protected and regulated tiger reserve and you can catch many a sightings of this majestic cat on a wildlife safari. Tadoba has been named after a local deity called ‘Taru’ who is revered god in these regions. Together with the Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary, it forms the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve one of the 47 project tiger reserves in India. The Andhari River that flows merrily and fearlessly from between the forest also contributes to its nomenclature.

    How to Reach:

    By Air:

    The nearest major city from Tadoba is Nagpur. The center point of Maharashtra it is very well connected by flights from all major operators. From Nagpur, you can travel to Chandrapur or directly to Tadoba by car or taxi cab.

    Nagpur to Chandrapur: 165km

    Chandrapur to Tadoba: 45km

    By Rail:

    Nagpur is a major railhead and is connected to Chandrapur via the following trains.

    Train No   

    Train Name  



           Travel Time


    A P Express





    G T Express





    Dakshin Express




    By Road:

    Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve lies at a distance of 45km from Chandrapur and 32km from Chimur. It is well connected by road to all major cities.

    Nagpur to Tadoba - 132 Km, 2h 55 min (via Chandrapur - Mul - Nagbhir - Nagpur Hwy)

    Pune to Tadoba - 788 Km, 13h 39 min (Via NH 222)

    Mumbai to Tadoba - 919 Km, 14h 21 min (Via NH 6)

    Bangalore to Tadoba - 1,075 Km, 15h 50 min (Via NH 7)

    Nasik to Tadoba - 754 Km, 11h 32 min (Via NH 6)

    Bhopal to Tadoba - 501 Km, 8h 12 min (Via NH 69)

    Wildlife Safari Timing:

    Image Source: Arun Katiyar - Flickr

    The Tadoba National Park is open for visitation and Safaris between October 15 to June 30 each year. The Tadoba Safari costs are the same for Indian and Foreign tourists and the timings for the same are as follows:


    MORNING - 06 :30 AM  to 10:30 AM

    EVENING – 01:30 PM to 5 : 30 PM


    MORNING - 06:00AM to 10:00AM

    EVENING – 02:30PM to 06:30PM

    Make sure you book the Tadoba Jungle Safari in advance as sometimes the forest reserve will not accept Safaris without booking. Please note that the Wildlife Reserve is closed for Safaris on every Tuesday and no exceptions are entertained in this respect. You can book your slot at the following site: Maharashtra Eco Tourism

    What You Can See:

    Image Source: Hari Ratan - Flickr

    Being in the central region of India, the vegetation of Tadoba is of the dry and deciduous type and spreads over 626 However, the total area of the reserve is 1727


    • Bengal tiger
    • Leopards
    • Sloths
    • Gaur
    • Nilgai
    • Hyena
    • Barking Deer
    • Cheetal
    • Chausingha

    Bird life:

    The lake located at the heart of the wildlife reserve is a treasure trove of sorts for the bird watching enthusiasts. You can see a rich and diverse species on your Tadoba tiger and jungle safari. Amongst these some are endemic to the region.

    Accommodation and Stay:

    Image Source: Arun Katiyar - Flickr

    While in Tadoba, you can find a varied and diverse range of travel options to suit your every need. These include jungle lodges, government guest houses and private resorts. The latter might be a little far from the main forest area but are nonetheless comfortable and convenient.

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    About the Activity :

    The wonders of nature are in plenty in Maharashtra and it is time for you to enjoy every aspect of the beauty of the places around! If you love the wild and anything associated with it, then head for a Tadoba Andhari tiger safari with your friends and family on your next holiday! The park is located in the heart of Chimur hills which are densely covered in emerald green peaks that glint off the sun. There are bamboo forests here that are tall and pristine and the river beds, deep valleys and other beautiful areas make this reserve the ideal place for you to head to for a weekend visit.  The lifeline of this park is the gorgeous and intimidating andhari River, the Erai Dam, the Kolsa Lake, the Junoria Lake and the Tadoba Lake. Indulge in nature photography and you can also click photos of the amazing wildlife that you will get to see around here, including the most majestic feline of the forest, the tiger!

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