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    Parmar Valley Trek

    Parmar Valley is located southeast of Killar and is a cluster of three villages - Parmar Bhatori, Parmar and Kumar.

    The remotest and highly captivating Pangi Valley is located northeast of Chamba town. Pangi is a snowbound valley, and is sandwiched between Pir- Panjal range and Zanskar range. The Valley consists of five sub-valleys - Hudan, Sural, Parmar, Chasak, and Twan.

    In the Pangi Valley, located at an altitude of 3029 ft above sea level is the Parmar valley.  Parmar Bhatori houses a Buddhist Gompa, and above the village there is a vast expanse of green pastures.

    If you are a camper and want to enjoy a quiet invigorating getaway from the cacophony of city life, a hut of Public Works Department (PWD) is the destination for you to pitch your camp. This sub-valley can be approached from Kiryuni, Gowari and Sach. The trekking path from Findroo-Gowari is easier in comparison to from Kiryuni.

    Exact Location: Parmar Valley is located in Chamba district. Its part of Pangi Valley.

    Nearest Town: Killar

    How to Reach

    There are three approaches to Pangi valley. First: from Manali to Killar by road; second: from Jammu-Kistwar-Killar by road; and the third is from Chamba to Killar over Sach Pass.

    Follow the Sansari-Killar-Thirot (S.K.T) road to Findroo, and from here, a trekking trail leads you to Parmar Valley via Gowari village. Alternatively, you can start from Sach Ghrat to Sach and then follow a well-defined trekking trail to reach Parmar sub-valley.

    The road connecting Pangi Valley is the 170 km road link from Chamba to Killar via Saach-pass. This is known as Alwas-­Killar road and it is part of Ahju khara Mukh - Chamba -Tissa- Alwas- Killar road. From Chamba via Tissa Bairagarh and Satrundi, the road is motorable up to Bhatotu and from here to Killar, the road is suitable for jeep ride.

    The nearest railhead is at Pathankot in the state of Punjab, and the nearest airport is the Gaggal airport.

    Best Time to Visit: May to November

    Other Information

    Sach: Sach is located at an altitude of 8000 feet above sea level. From here, two major trekking trails originate. While one goes towards the Saichu sub-valley, the other trail leads you to Parmar sub-valley.

    Sahli and Saichu: These two scenic villages are located southeast of Killar. There is a carved fountain slab at Sahli, while Saichu is a serene, quiet and spectacular destination. Saichu is the junction of three gushing streams flowing from three different locations.

    Killar: Killar is the headquarters of the Pangi valley. Its located in the deep and narrow gorge of Chenab River. Mahlu Nallah is said to be the gateway to this village. The place is blessed with incredible natural beauty. Killar is also the base for trekking expedition to Kishtwar, through Umasi la into the Zanskar Valley, and to Keylong and Manali.

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