Ombattu Gudda peak is around 971 m above sea level, and is one of the highest peaks in the Western Ghats range. Ombattu Gudda means nine hills in English. Its named so because of nine continuous humps. Locals refer to Ombattu Gudda as Murkal gudda, and do not be surprised if they give you a blank looks when you ask for directions to Ombattu Gudda.

Its bounded by Shiradi Srisla Reserve Forest, Kabinale Reserve Forest and Balur Reserve Forest. The trek begins along the national highway 27 (NH 27). Initially, its the jeep trail that takes you to Ombattu Gudda base along the pebbled Kabbihole River.

Tiger, leopard, jungle cat, barking deer, gaur, sloth bear, wild elephant can be spotted in the forests. One can see stacks of Elephant dung on the trekking path.

Exact Location: Ombattu Gudda is part of Western Ghats.Its at a distance ofnearly 20+ km from Gundiya Check Post, and is located inside the Kabbinale Reserve Forest. It borders Hassan and Chikmagalur districts.

Nearest Town: Hassan

Distance from Bangalore: 350+ km

How to Reach: Bangalore ’ Sakleshpur ’ Gundiya check post ’ Ombattu Gudde

One can catch an overnight bus from Bangalore to Mangalore or Dharamstala, and get down at Gundiya check post. All the buses going towards Mangalore and Dharamstala go via Gundiya. After reaching Gundiya check post, start walking in the direction of Mangalore. After nearly 30 minute, you will come across a bridge over a stream, cross this bridge, and take a right turn and walk along the stream, and follow the rocky trail. One needs to cross the stream to get to the other side.

Trek Length: 24+ km or 8 hours up hill and 2 hours downhill trek.

Best Time to Visit: End of September to Early March.

Other Information

Peaks in Vicinity: The surrounding areas have innumerable unexplored small and large peaks to explore and discover. You can go on a mysterious trail in the areas around Ombattu Gudda and uncover new enthralling Trekking mysteries.

Ettina Bhuja: Ettina Bhuja literally means shoulder of an ox. This hill is shaped like the back of an ox. Part of the Charmadi Ghats, Ettina Bhuja can be accessed from a small town called Shishila which is near the famous pilgrim spot Dharmasthala. Ethina Bhuja and Ombattu Gudda peaks are parallel to each other.

Manjarabad fort: If you are fond of visiting historical sites, Manjarbad Fort is located just outside of Sakleshpur on National Highway 48 (NH 48). Tipu Sultan built this fort. Its believed that there is an underground tunnel that connects this historical fort to Mysore.

Sakleshpur: Sakleshpur is a small town that offers tranquility and verdant landscape. This scenic town is known for its vast coffee, pepper, cardamom, ginger, paddy and Tea plantations and estates. Sakleshpur is located close to the highway that leads you to Ombattu Gudda from Bangalore.