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    Nanjangudu is a religious spot. It is known for its Srikanteshwara temple. The legend of the temple is that Shiva consumes poison and Nanjundu digested it and became Vishakanta. The deity of this temple Nanjundeswara and Srikanteshwara is famous as the one that cures diseases of the worshipper. In the olden age, a Muslim ruler by the name of Ali Khan had his elephants eye cured by this God and since then, the deity is also known as Hakim Nanjundu where Hakim means doctor in Urdu language.

    The rulers offered an emerald necklace in appreciation here. This place is also known as Dakshina Kashi of the South. Great Warriors like Tipu Sultan have had close associations with this place. Every year a car festival is carried out here. Chariot festival is also one of the highlights of this place. The best time to visit this place will be weekdays between 6 am to 1:30 pm and evening 4 pm to 9 pm.

    How to Reach

    Bangalore - Mysore - Najangudu

    From Bangalore: You can reach Nanjangudu via Mysore, Its 24km from Mysore.

    Exact Location: Najangud is located near Mysore in the Mysore District.

    Nearest Town: Mysore (24 km)

    Distance from Bangalore: 164 km

    Other Information

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