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  • Nature has its own way to lure us towards its beauty. We’ve all been there, loved it and still long for the opportunity to get lost in the wilderness. There is something vernacular in the call of nature that draws us close to it, once in a while.

    One of the major tourist attractions in Asia, Malaysia is the perfect escape if you are willing to be enveloped by nature in its native form.

    We at HomeAway have figured out that sooner or later you will try to escape from the city hustle to explore a serene ‘natural’ getaway in Malaysia. Hence, we took the liberty to list out the 7 best holiday homes, where you can maximize your tranquil experience.  

  • 01Lexis Port Dickson Water Chalet: Stay on Sea

    Lexis Port Dickson Water Chalet: Stay on Sea

    Next on the list is this interesting HomeAway holiday home – Lexis Port Dickson Water Chalet. This water chalet provides guests an escape from the everyday rush with a unique experience in a comfortable environment above the sea.

    This luxurious, Balinese-inspired water chalet holiday home faces the sea. One of the interesting attributes is the open bathroom concept, which is equipped with a bathtub and a transparent glass panel that allows you to view the sea from beneath.

    While staying here, you can also partake in fishing and crabbing activities, try on archery at the archery range, or indulge yourself in few other outdoor games.

  • 02Hutan Datai: Luxury Boutique Villa

    Hutan Datai: Luxury Boutique Villa

    Ready to be amazed? Well, next on the list, we have this Luxury Boutique Villa located in the 10-million-year-old rainforest facing the Andaman Sea. Yes, that’s right!

    The exquisite wooden furnishing in this holiday home along with the glorious construction of every nook and corner gives you the feel of living in a king’s palace.

    Along with its breath-taking natural beauty and wildlife, the villa offers an open sky bar, infinity edge outdoor swimming pool, 1 master bedroom, 3 guests house, a living pavilion and a dining pavilion.

  • 03The Sanctuary Langkawi: Tropical Villa with an Infinity Pool

    The Sanctuary Langkawi: Tropical Villa with an Infinity Pool

    This Malay style HomeAway holiday home – The Sanctuary Langkawi, is a tropical villa located near Cenang area. The infinity pool here, overlooking the lush paddy fields is pure bliss.

    The Sanctuary Langkawi is situated in an idyllic location. It’s on a foothill with an amazing view overlooking the valley and fields. The property is surrounded by a magnificent garden and fresh greenery.

    The holiday home exhibits hundreds of species of flowers, plants, and trees. Even in the evening, the well-lit exterior of the villa is a view worth framing.

  • 04Barefoot Luxury at the Tip of Borneo

    Barefoot Luxury at the Tip of Borneo

    This holiday beach retreat offers a magical view of the South China Sea. The cosy holiday home setup gives you the access to a secluded beach. You will have to agree that this is the kind of tropical fantasy that everyone dreams about.

    Grab your loved one close and take an early morning stroll along the beach, go snorkelling, swimming, mangrove touring, or simply just enjoy sunbathing on the deck.

    There is something profoundly enchanting about the sunset, which has been a muse to lovers since forever. Moreover, here, at your very own holiday home, you get to view the stunning sunset while sipping on a chilled glass of wine.

  • 05Stay Right in Nature at Seremban

    Stay Right in Nature at Seremban

    This HomeAway holiday home located in Seremban has vivid nuances of its own.

    The holiday home has Dutch architecture elements. Interestingly, the brick walls are of the same thickness that was common in Holland during the 19th century. Also, the timber used in the flooring came from a 70-year-old Kampung House.

    Rightly placed in the middle of the natural forest view, it has a 40-feet wide veranda with all the spectacular views of the lush greenery of the forest.

  • 06 The Affordable ‘Natural’ Luxury

     The Affordable ‘Natural’ Luxury

    Aptly placed in the hustle, yet in nature’s trance is what describes this affordable HomeAway holiday home the best. Basaga Villa is located in Kuching.

    The villa offers 2 bedrooms and it looks beautiful with its furnishings. The gorgeous pool built with the rich foliage all around it relays the ‘closer to nature’ vibe. It is completely up to you if you want to take a dip or bask in the sunlight. In any case, we are sure you’ll be mesmerized with the surrounding elegance.  

    The rooms in the villa are connected, making the villa an ideal choice for parents with young children. Basaga Villa is even better for the romantic couples who love an outdoor hot bathtub shower coupled with total privacy.

  • 07Amid the Blue Waters and Paddy Fields

    Amid the Blue Waters and Paddy Fields

    Concluding the list of the 7 best HomeAway holiday homes, we have a holiday home along with its contemporary design, simplicity and functionality without any compromise on luxury and comfort.

    Ranis Lodge Villa holiday home is a far cry from the typical vacation stays. The villa’s location guarantees a wonderful view overlooking the plenteous paddy fields as well as the blue waters that surround the outlying islands.

    The infinity pool offers ample space for sunbathing and relaxing whilst gazing over the tree top canopy down to the paddies. The abundance of the different bird species and the occasional monkeys will undoubtedly keep you entertained.

    The island is blessed with lofty limestone outcrops, dense vegetation, virgin beaches and azure waters. This diverse setting offers the perfect getaway for nature lovers, marine and sea sports enthusiasts, as well as those purely seeking a splendid solitude.

  • 08Romantic Treehouse on the River

    Romantic Treehouse on the River
  • 09Back of Beyond,Sigiriya - Cozy Treehouse

    Back of Beyond,Sigiriya - Cozy Treehouse
  • 102BR Apartment 4-1 Hedges Court Colombo

    2BR Apartment 4-1 Hedges Court Colombo

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