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  • Are you planning a trip outside India for this summer with family or friends? Here we listed down the top 8 most popular international summer escapes which are even top ranked in Google’s browsing list.

    From majestic snow-capped mountains to tropical beaches and lush green landscapes to amazing waterfalls, there is no shortage of options when it comes to beat the blazing summer!

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    Browse the list below and pick a perfect match getaway for the unlimited fun this summer!        

  • 01Singapore- The Lion City

    Singapore- The Lion City

    From New Delhi to Singapore - INR 15,478 per Adult

    (With Return Flight Included)

    Visiting Singapore is an absolute delight, especially with the kids. The cosmopolitan city-state is a complete package full of thrill, charm and surprises. Apart from vibrant culture and ethnicity, the long list of attractions and fun activities make this garden city a perfect choice for everyone’s interest.

  • 02Bali- The Island of Gods

    Bali- The Island of Gods

    From New Delhi to Bali - INR 23,247 per Adult

    (With Return Flight Included)

    Whether it’s a decent family trip, a wild group trip or a romantic getaway with spouses, Bali is an ideal choice for every kind. The tranquil island is filled with beautiful beaches, lush green rolling mountains, breathtaking waterfalls and picturesque valleys with the vast custom traditions to cater to the varied interest of its visitors.

  • 03Hong Kong-Asia’s World City!

    Hong Kong-Asia’s World City!

    From New Delhi to Hong Kong- INR 25,795 per Adult

    (With Return Flight Included)

    One of the most sought after destinations in the world, Hong Kong is filled with the collection of islands, a number of attractions and fun activities. This major global city is well known across the world for its “Symphony of Lights” show dazzling across the skyline. The city isn’t just for sightseeing, the options for adventure seekers, are not short either.

  • 04Phuket- Where Happiness Means the World

    Phuket- Where Happiness Means the World

    From New Delhi to Phuket - INR 17,152 per Adult

    (With Return Flight Included)

     Plenty of natural beauties, pristine blue beaches, clean air and cheap getaway, all make Phuket a popular tourist hub in Thailand. In addition to it, the island is blessed with a bounty of tourist attractions such as national parks, museums and temples. For those who love exploring tropical forests and thrilling water sports, Phuket is just for you! Walking around the streets of Phuket will give you a wallow into city’s rich culture and heritage.   

  • 05Switzerland- Get Natural

    Switzerland- Get Natural

    From New Delhi to Switzerland - INR 36,880 per Adult

    (With Return Flight Included)

    The hub of summer adventures, Switzerland is a landlocked and amidst mountains country. To bring out the best of you on the vacation, Switzerland promises an unforgettable trip with a number of thrilling activities. From majestic mountains to elegant wooden houses and variety of wildlife, all will take you back close to nature.

  • 06 Dubai- Definitely Dubai

     Dubai- Definitely Dubai

    From New Delhi to Dubai - INR 13,058 per Adult

    (With Return Flight Included)

    The ultramodern architecture, incredible skyscrapers, lavish lifestyle and plethora of tourists destinations, all make Dubai a must visit destination to take a peek into the opulent society. From barren land to man-made made miracle, the city has been evolved a lot in the past few decades. Apart from sky-touching buildings, Dubai is also famous around the world for the most thrilling adventures activities.

  • 07Maldives-Sunny Side of Life

    Maldives-Sunny Side of Life

    From New Delhi to Maldives - INR 17,125 per Adult

    (With Return Flight Included)

    An extensive group of over 1000 coral islands, Maldives is best known for its pristine beaches, blue lagoons and coral reefs. It’s perfect hideaway for those seeking relaxed time in tranquil far from the daily hustle and bustle. The resorts in Maldives are island itself and lure visitors across the world throughout the year.     

  • 08Malaysia- Truly Asia

    Malaysia- Truly Asia

    From New Delhi to Malaysia - INR 13,384 per Adult

    (With Return Flight Included)

    Malaysia is a perfect blend of contemporary amenities and natural habitats from two distinct regions - Peninsular and Borneo. While the former exhibits colonial architecture, tea plantation and a mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian customs, the latter one offers the most interesting side of the country with dense forests, remote tribe and majestic peaks.

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