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    Devaramane Trek

    Devaramane Trek brings you close to the nature and its an exhilarating experience. A trekker climbs the peaks, walks across the grasslands, crosses gurgling streams, and views magnificent waterfalls. The area is lush green even in summers.

    Devaramane offers a number of variations that makes it an ideal Trekking spot for both beginners and hardcore trekkers. There are number of hillocks to climb, the Ettinabujha- Bulls Hump-back, also known as Shishila gudda, towers over the rest of the peaks in the area. From a height of 3000 ft, the roar of the river flowing beneath can be heard. The famous Kapila fishing camp is located nearly 15+ km from Devaramane.

    How to Reach: Bangalore - Dharmasthala - Bandgal - Gutti village - Devaramane

    Daily, buses ply between Bangalore andDharmasthala, board a bus and hit the national highway. There are local buses available for Gutti village from Dharmasthala.

    Alternatively, one can board an overnight bus from Bangalore to Kottigehara. Reaching there, one can catch a local transport to reach Devaramane.

    Exact Location: Western Ghats. Its located near Gutti Village in Karnataka.

    District: Chikkamagaluru

    Nearest Town: Kottigehara

    Distance from Bangalore: 300+ km.

    Trek Length: 24+ km.

    Best Time to Visit: Early Winters.

    Things to Carry

    • Walking stick
    • Hiking shoes
    • Woolen clothes
    • Water, juices, snacks
    • Torch
    • Medical kit
    • Compass
    • Clothes and Personal Hygiene Items

    Other Information

    Devaramane Lake: Devaramane Lake is located close to Devarmane. Its a beautiful tranquil lake, considered to be an ideal spot for pitching a camp.

    Dharmasthala: A small temple village, Dharmasthala is located on the banks of river Nethravathi. The famous temple in the village is devoted to Lord Shiva and houses a gold lingam.

    Mudigere: About 3200 above sea level, Mudigere is 25 km from Devaramane and is a Panchayat town of Chikkamagaluru. Its surrounded by coffee plantations.

    Image Source: Arvindbs05

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