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Best Places to Visit in Xiangkhoang Plateau of 2017

  • 01 That Ing Hang Stupa

    That Ing Hang Stupa
    Image Credit : That Ing Hang Stupa
    That Ing Hang Stupa is around nine meters high with wonderful cutting and improvement. It's accounted for to house a relic of Buddha's spine. The sixteenth century stupa is situated in Savannakhet, Central Laos. Savannakhet itself is well known as the origin of Laos' famous previous pioneer, Kaysone Phomvihane. It was otherwise called a French exchanging station back in provincial times thusly there are various vintage French pilgrim and Sino-Franco structures in the business locale. The hallowed stupa is an essential spot of love for Laotian Buddhists as well as Thai Buddhists who live in northern Thailand.

    Highlights – Visit That Ing Hang Temple, an important place of Buddhists and national treasure of Laos. Discover the mixture architecture of Hindu and Buddhist style as well as the beautiful embossments

    Opening Hours: Daily from 08:00 – 18:00

    Location: In Ban That Village about 15km north of Kaysone Phomvihane District, Savannakhet Province in Central Laos

  • 02 The Plain Of Jars

    The Plain Of Jars
    Image Credit : The Plain Of Jars
    Monster stone jugs of obscure antiquated starting point are scattered over many square kilometers around Phonsavan, giving the territory the deceptive name of Plain of Jars. Truth be told it's no to a greater extent a plain than the rice-dish valleys at Muang Sing or Luang Namtha, and surely the vast majority of the inquisitive container destinations are on slopes. Be that as it may, also intriguing than the jugs themselves is the secret of which civilisation made them. Surprisingly, no one knows. In the mean time, a whimsical legend guarantees that they were made to mix boundless amounts of rice wine to praise the neighborhood individuals' sixth century freedom from unfeeling overlords by the Tai-Lao saint Khun Jeuam.

    Highlights – Thong Hai Hin, Visit the MAG Information Centre opposite Craters restaurant, Stop at the excellent Plain of Jars visitor information centre.

    Location - Laos

    Entrance fee - US$ 1.30

    Opening Hours: 9 am to 5 pm

    Top Things To Do in The Plain Of Jars

  • Nearby Getaways from Xiangkhoang Plateau
  • 01 Luang Prabang

    Image Credit : 

    Luang Prabang or Louangphabang is a small but full-of-life city located in the Northern Central region of Laos, Thailand. This place consists of 58 adjacent villages, out of which 33 comprise the UNESCO town of Laung Prabang World Heritage Site. Luang Prabang is so beautiful that back in 1995, it was listed among the top tourist destinations for the uniqueness and remarkably well preserved architectural and cultural beauty that the place held.

    Luang Prabang is what they a perfect blend of rural simplicity as well as the urban development. Over several centuries, the French colonial influences have come and ruled over this place. Thus, you will even find many structures that reflect the French culture at Luang Prabang.

    The heart of the city consists of four main roads – each well planned and connected for the locals. Located on a peninsula, Luang Prabang comprises of several rivers, chief of them all is the Nam Khan and the Mekong River. The town is well known for the religious confluence as well. There are numerous Buddhist temples and monasteries that one will discover at this place. In fact, the religious sentiments are so high at this location that hundreds of monks every day from various walks of life walk through the streets collecting alms.

    Another important landmark of the city is the Mount Phousi. Yes, there are large steep hills sprawled on the scales of the city as well. These lead to the Wat Chom Si Shrine and an overlook of the city and rivers from this location is absolutely mesmerizing.

    Luang Prabang once served as the royal capital and the seat of the government of Kingdom of Laos. However after the 1975, the communist took over. The city is a part of the Luang Prabang District of Luang Prabang Province and there is much tourism thriving in this place. There are numerous resorts, restaurants and hotels that people can visit and have a good time in.

  • 02 Vientiane