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Best Places to Visit in Pemagatshel in 2019

  • 01 PemaGatshel Tshechu Festival

    Image Credit : PemaGatshel Tshechu Festival
    Based in the eastern part of Bhutan, Pema Gatshel Dzonkhag is a well known district inhabited with Tshanglas, known for its religious involvement, traditions, festivals and folk music. The celebration of Tshechu has started in this region from the early 1980’s with the construction of Dzong. This is a three day affair where people from neighboring place and far away locations come here and celebrate the social gathering and contemplate religion.

     It is believed that one can attend merit by only being a part of this religious celebration. Folk dances and music is quite common during this period. Cham, a popular mask dance is performed during this festival which narrates ways of Buddhism. It is believed to protect from harmful influences and misfortune.

    : Folk dances by the natives.

    Festival Time
    : Usually in October