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Best Places to Visit in Mera Peak, Mahalangur in 2019

  • 01 Mera Peak Climbing

    Image Credit : Mera Peak Climbing
    You will find many trekking tracts in Nepal but you simply can’t miss the opportunity to make you way toward this alluring Mera Peak Climbing. It is often believed that the person who has climbed the highest peak of Africa can actually think of making an attempt to climb Mera Peak.

    : You have to board a short flight to the mountain airstrip of Lukla.

    : When one enters the Hinku valley you will find some incredibly amazing places to explore. 

    Best season to visi
    t: October to Mid-May.

    : $1425.

    Difficulty Level
    : High, since you need an adventurous mind and body to do this climb.