Nightlife in Vietnam

The Nightlife in Vietnam has been a magnet for the locals as well as the tourists. The extravagant pubs, scenic spots and many others makes Vietnam cater to all the fun and excitement one would look for.

Live music bars for music lovers, romantic dinner getaways for couples, lively bars for the party animals are some of the tons of options this city has to offer. With distinct experiences to choose from to truly enjoy nightlife in Vietnam, this Asian country finds its name in every travellers bucket list.

Vietnam nightlife offers tons of options to the people who thrive for exploration, making it an integral part of the vibrant experiences with Vietnam trip package, Whether its spending the night at Phu Quoc Island, dancing your heart out at Chill Skybar, experiencing array of cuisines at BIA Hoi Junction and many others.

You can plan your own travel itinerary with great options available here like pub crawling, casino hopping, dinner at cruise, camping at Scenic island and others to experience the true vibe of the city’s nightlife. From cheap and budget friendly options to sophisticated and partying in style options, you can find everything in Vietnam. So, get rid of the stress of the bucks in your pocket and enjoy you night away in Vietnam.

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Vietnam Nightlife FAQs

Which are the best places to enjoy nightlife in Vietnam?

1. Dive Bar (Hoi An city): If you have a taste for live music and want to spend a romantic evening with your partner, then this place is the perfect spot for all of it. Dive bar is adorned with an enthusiastic crowd, pool tables, lounge sofas, garden courtyard and many others to cater to the fun you would look for.

Dance to the beats on live music and grab your favourite drinks to enjoy your heart out at the Dive bar. It got its name “Dive” as it is majorly visited by diving enthusiasts, travellers and locals.

2. Zero Sea Mile Beach Club (Hoi An city): Located in the ancient city of Hoi An, Zero Sea Mile Beach Club is nestled amidst the picturesque views of nature.

For one of the wildest parties you can ever be a part of, visit this club that will offer you an exceptional experience. The excellent DJ, conventional bar and huge dance floor to get all the people in the houses to tap their feet’s on, this place is a party heaven to enjoy Nightlife in Vietnam.

3. Bia Hoi Junction: For all the first time visitors of Hanoi in Vietnam, Bia Hoi Junction is one of the first places to visit to experience spectacular Vietnam Nightlife.

This classic nightlife spot is bustling from the morning to late night where people come to enjoy Bia Hoi. It is a traditional Vietnamese beer that comprises only 4 % alcohol. Bia Hoi Junction is ideal for the people who want to experience the goodness of a party place right in their budget.

4. Chill Skybar for dancers (Ho Chi Minh City): For the people looking to party away from the bustling locations, Chill Skybar is an ideal escape for them. The club sits at the 25th floor of AB Tower and reside an outdoor bar for the ones who want to enjoy their evening gazing at the city’s skyline.

The hour suiting music, collection of handcrafted cocktails and a classic dress code makes this place perfect for people who want to party in style. Do try to take advantage of the “Happy Hours” if you visit this place.

5. Romantic dinner at Indochina Junk Dinner Cruise: For a unique plan for your evening, go for a romantic dinner with your better half on an extravagant Indochina Junk wooden Yacht.

Feast on the delicacies prepared by the chef on board and enjoy a great evening as you sail over the Saigon River. Treat your eyes with the city adorned with beautiful lightning and a fulfilling dinner amidst the cool breeze on your sail. This escape will soothe all your senses at once.

6. Live music at Acoustic Bar: From relaxing music to thrilling dancing rocks, Acoustic bar is the perfect place to check out the talented musicians in the city. The crowd at this bar comprises mainly foreigners and Vietnamese who reside in the taste of unique live music.

One can hear the outstanding works of The Doors and John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix and others. So, do visit this place if you have just a night and you thrive to enjoy it amidst some live music in the city.

7. Sunset Bar with Lakeside View: This is one of the ultimate partying places nestled amidst the breath-taking views of the west lake. It offers the true essence of the Vietnam Nightlife as you enjoy your time here.

This Sunset Bar resides plush daybeds, spectacular wooden desks and breath-taking front lake views that will add on to your experience at this place. It nestles in the intercontinental hotel and is perfect to spend your evening gazing at nature’s beauty.

8. Lush Nightclub (Ho chi Minh city): Engaging all its crowd with different types of music, Lush Nightclub is a fashionable nightspot that has great DJ’S to get all your dance craves out of your heart.

The best time to visit this club is on Saturday of the week to have utmost fun. The lit ambience, small garden and outdoor bar at this club are also the highlights of this place. This club welcomes its customers on all days of the week.

9. Beer Hoi on Pham Ngu Lao: Experience the street drinking scene as you visit Beer Hoi on Pham Ngu Lao that is a one stop destination for the Vietnamese locals and backpackers.

It is an ideal spot for the people who want to chit chat over a drink right in their budget with no loud music in the background. One can also check out the great restaurants at this place which serve great local delicacies to their guests.

10. Sky36 Club Da Nang: Set your eyes on the mesmerising views of the city as you visit the Sky36 Club Da Nang which is a highest rooftop bar in Da Nang city.

For the traveller and locals who look to party amidst extravagance, this place tops the list. This stunning club is adorned with neon-lit fixtures, elegant sofa beds, and audio visual systems, and is ready to offer you the taste of Nightlife in Vietnam.

11. Bui Vien Street: This street is one of the bustling places that is abode to an array of pubs, hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes and others. As the sun sets, Bui Vien Street transforms into a multi-ethnic village with endless fun opportunities.

You can choose to enjoy your bottle of beer at the curbside pubs in the West Quarter or dance your night away at the famous pubs of the street. Do check out the diverse variety of cuisines offered at this location.

12. Mui Ne Beach: Just by reading its name, one can think of the shimmering waters of the ocean, glittering sandy beaches, cool breeze and much more.

Taste the Nightlife in Vietnam as you visit this scenic location that resides on remains of the ancient Champa Kingdom, extravagant landscapes, verdant mountains and much more. The restaurants, hotel bars, hippy lounges along the beach side will add on to your fun here.

13. Phu Quoc Island: One of the hidden and not so known gems of Vietnam, Phu Quoc Island is an ideal escape to enjoy at this place as you camp here overnight.

The unspoilt beaches, breath-taking views of sunset and sunrise, pleasant weather and many other factors makes this beautiful location worth visiting. There are many luxurious hostels and hotels located at the destination too if you want to nestle in utmost comfort.

14. Line up: The line up bar nestling on breath-taking beach coastline ranks in the list of most entertaining and romantic spots to enjoy Vietnam Nightlife.

One can find international DJ’s playing here at the beach parties every night that fits perfect for the party animal’s expectations. You can also choose to spend a romantic evening with your partner gazing at the stunning views of the sea from this bar that has a great setting for the people looking to get seated in tranquillity.

15. MZ club: Check out this great live music venue located on Bui Thi Xuan that offers a variety of wines, spirits and cigars to please its guests. A live band performance starts at evening till late night at this place by singers presenting international and Vietnamese songs. Do try to visit it on Sunday when the talented Cuban band Waparo plays in the house with which you can experience an exceptional music entertainment.

Which are the places to party at night in Vietnam?

1. Ellui Club: Check out the best hip hop music in the city as you visit clubs located in the center of the city. This place can be seen bustling with locals and foreigners altogether.

2. Play Nightclub: With a unique collection of drinks, this nightclub is adorned with live music and enthusiastic dancers all over the dance floor. This place is perfect if you want to party on a budget.

3. Sin Lounge: With a plush ambience, this place attracts young and strong on pocket guests. Visit this lounge if you plan to have a glamorous evening.

4. Before and Now Bar: Take advantage of the four hour long happy hours and special two for one offers at this most lively bar. The high energy environment at this bar will surely make you have the utmost fun.

What can I do in Vietnam with family at night?

1. Dining at Bia Hoi Junction: Check out the variety of cuisines served at this place where you can treat your family and experience Vietnam Nightlife!

2. Kayak around Lan Ha Bay: A great spot for all the adventure activities, Cat Ba Island welcomes the water sports enthusiast at its place to experience kayaking.

3. Camping at Phu Quoc Island: Spend a great night with your family at the scenic destination of Phu Quoc Island learning about its uniqueness!

4. Cruise at Indochina Junk: Take your family on a scenic cruise where you can gaze at the breath-taking views of the sunset.

Is Vietnam safe at night?

Yes, Vietnam is safe to explore at night. The police officials keep utmost attention to maintain social order at all the public places.

No big crimes are reported and the small ones like thieves, pickpocketing, scammers are kept on attentive eye so that they won’t harm anyone. For your assurance, keep the contact number of your accommodations and local police in case of emergency. Overall there is nothing to worry about if you are out exploring at night.

Which city has the best nightlife in Vietnam?

Ho Chi Minh City is renowned to have the best nightlife in Nightlife in Vietnam. It is famous as it has to offer something for every kind of traveller visiting the city.

From budget friendly options to expensive ones. This city is abode to popular Bui Vien Street residing various cuisines restaurant and an array of rooftop bars where you can have a true nightlife experience in Vietnam.

Which are the famous night clubs in Vietnam?

1. Republic Club Ho Chi Minh: One of the modern clubs that plays a good mix of EDM, trance and hip hop tunes to entertain its partying crowd.

2. Blanchy’s Lounge: For a high-end experience, visit this place that has a unique set of day and night cocktails for its guests.

3. Canalis Club: Party in this Vietnamese kind of club that is fairly priced and offers all the fun you could ask for with talented DJ and cool lightning effects.

4. Apocalypse Now: Ideal pace for backpackers, this place is perfect to party without going out of your budget.

Where can I eat in Vietnam at night?

Some of the places to dine in Vietnam at night are:

- Cha Ca La Vong (Hanoi)
- Vietnam house (Ho Chi Minh city)
- Dining Room (Saigon)
- Dalchini (Hanoi)
- The Deck Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city)
- Red Bean Classic Restaurant (Hanoi)
- La Villa French Restaurant (Ho Chi Minh city).

Can we get local buses or transportation facilities in Vietnam at night?

Transportation facilities and local buses are available at night in Vietnam. If you are returning late at night, choose to travel in a taxi from a recommended company. If you want to travel by bus, do gather precise information on which bus to board on to reach your desired location.

Which are the famous night markets in Vietnam?

Some of the famous night markets in Vietnam are Halong Night Market, Hoi An night Market, Nha Trang night market, Ben Thanh night market and others. You can shop for cheap clothes, souvenirs, dried and candied fruits, Vietnamese pizza (Banh Trang Nuong) and much more from these markets.

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