Vietnam Cruises: Cruises in & From Vietnam

Offering an unprecedented experience, travel on a cruise in Vietnam to witness the most vibrant and famous sailing tours replete with surprises that await you. This journey will allow you to explore the flavour of Vietnam at its best.

The Halong Bay Cruise for instance, will take you on a journey to discover the splendid limestone islets and the popular rainforests. It allows you to experience the thrill and adventure with water sports including diving, rock climbing, hiking and more.

You will also get a chance to witness the magnificent islands along with the beautiful Perfume River. You can also witness the bustling local markets as you sail. Vietnam Cruise, a highlight in Vietnam tour packages, will allow you to head for a boating tour of Cu Chi Tunnels, which are the underground tunnels telling stories of the past. The Vietnam cruise is one of the best ways to traverse this stunning country.

There are various cruise lines that go to Vietnam from numerous countries offering a plenty of amenities and entertainment options for the best journey. Being some of the best cruises in Vietnam, these cruise lines will offer activities such as stargazing, rock climbing and ice skating. You can relax at the pool and enjoy the delectable meals prepared by award winning chefs. Plan a cruising tour package to Vietnam and enjoy a smooth sail creating moments that will last for an eternity.

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Vietnam Cruises FAQs

What cruise lines go to Vietnam?

Cruise from Tokyo to Vietnam

- Regent Seven Sea Cruises:
Providing an unparalleled experience to all the luxury travellers, this is one of the best Vietnam Cruise lines. Visiting approximately 450 destinations worldwide, it is an extremely elegant cruise offering a beautiful sailing experience.

The recent refurbishment of the ships has made this cruise even more lavish with an all-balcony, all-suite enhancing its beauty all the more. The cruise offers numerous amenities including the pool deck where you unwind and relax along with a book library where you can find books to match all your moods.

With meals made from fresh produce, crafted with immense creativity and perfection, the flavours offered by the onboard chefs will win your heart in the best river cruises in Vietnam.

Cruise from Hong Kong Kai Tak to Vietnam

- Princess Cruises: Known as the most premiere cruise in Vietnam, Princess Cruises offers exceptional experiences onboard. From entertainment options including Rock Opera shows and 5 SKIES-one of the most technologically advanced shows, it provides an experience you cannot afford to miss.

This cruise line also provides some of the most enriching experiences for its guests such as stargazing at the deck and celebrating the vibrant festivals and cultures as you sail. The family zone is perfect for the kids to relax and keeps them entertained throughout the journey while you can also enjoy meals from the award winning chefs in one of the best cruises in Vietnam.

Cruise from Tianjin to Vietnam

- Royal Caribbean Cruises: Known as one of the best cruises to Vietnam, this cruise line offers experiences replete with thrill and adventure. Dining in this cruise will tempt your taste buds like never before and provide you with a sports bar and arcade so you have the best time.

Introducing exhilarating activities on the cruise including rock climbing, ice skating and surfing at sea, it completes your dose of thrill and adventure. Offering the best hospitality along with warm and friendly service, it allows you to experience sailing to the world's numerous destinations providing memorable experience.

Cruise from Los Angeles to Vietnam

- Crystal Cruises: This is considered among one of the best river cruises in Vietnam and is committed to ensure a commendable service to all its guests. Crystal Cruises excels tremendously and offers luxurious hospitality as it touches milestones of immense success.

This cruise line provides select wines, champagnes and coffees to the travelers onboard with open seating and special dining with gorgeous views. Offering Fashion House amenities on the cruise itself, Crystal Cruises provides an unsurpassable and personalised experience. You can also witness the mesmerising sight of the sunset from the cruise.

What is the best time to go on a cruise in Vietnam?

The best time to go on a cruise in Vietnam is from December to March as the weather is extremely pleasant and the chances of rain are less. These months will offer the most pleasant experience and a smooth sail.

Do I need a visa for a cruise to Vietnam?

Yes, if your cruise stops for more than once on any port, you do need a visa. However, you can take a loose leaf visa on arrival by just filling out an application form which is a swift and hassle free process. You can also apply for an e-visa on the official website.

What travel documents do I need for a cruise in Vietnam?

You will need some travel documents for a cruise in Vietnam like your passport and a visa which are mandatory. It is vital that your passport is valid beyond 6 months of your stay. You will need an identification proof and a citizenship proof such as a driver’s license for which a passport can also work.

What are the safety measures to be taken care of on a cruise?

There are various safety measures to be taken care of while on a Vietnam cruise to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

- It is crucial to pay attention to the instructions given regarding the evacuation in case of emergencies.
- You should drink alcohol in limit and responsibly so that you are in your senses at all times.
- It is also important to practice and know all about in-cabin safety.
- You should attend the safety drill carefully and pay full heed to it when it is being taught.
- It is essential to follow the fire safety rules to ensure your and everyone’s safety onboard. If you smoke, do that only in the designated areas and dispose of carefully and properly.

Can infants and children go on a cruise?

Yes, infants and children can go on a cruise as long as they are six months or older. However, if the trip is a long one, then it is essential that the kid is at least 1 year old. Usually, the cruises do not carry baby food, so it is also recommended to carry that.

What are the other things and tips to keep in mind before going on a cruise?

- It is important to research the ports so that you know about the tendered and docked ports. This will ensure you know about where you can walk off the port and where you need to be at the port itself.

- Waiting for luggage is a pain and hence you should pack smartly and include everything in one big bag and carry a personal bag with some clothes, essential toiletries, the basic important things and you’re all set to go.

- Plan for a few extra days and keep everything handy because the weather on a cruise is unpredictable and you might end up staying for some extra days.

Which cities of Vietnam have cruise ports?

Vietnam has a total of 44 sea ports that are incredibly beautiful. However, the cities of Vietnam that have ports are Hanoi also known as Halong Bay, Ho Chi Minh also called Phu My, Hue/Danang and Nha Trang.

Is there any cruise from India to Vietnam?

No, there is no direct cruise from India to Vietnam. However, you can take a flight from India to a close by country like Singapore from where you can take a cruise to Vietnam or you can also take a flight from India to Vietnam.

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