Caving in Meghalaya

Caving in Meghalaya is termed as one of the most adventurous activities that tourists can take part in. Caving essentially means the exploration of the mysterious caves. These caves, which are the remains from ancient times, are naturally formed and have a lot to offer. Besides, Meghalaya is known for its serene nature and the scenic beauties all over the lands. The mountains, the waterfalls, the stream flowing through these caves make Meghalaya one of the best places for cave exploring. So, if you are looking for a different kind of adventure, cave exploring would be the right choice for you.

Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya is the main attraction for tourists. The place is known for a cool atmosphere and damp weather. As Meghalaya receives the heaviest rainfall in India, it helps to create a mystic atmosphere all around the state. Same goes for the caves in Shillong. If you are looking for an adventure where you can stay close to nature, mainly the waterfalls and streams running in between the ancient rocks, caving in Meghalaya would be the best choice for you.

While Shillong is the capital city and most visited places in Meghalaya, the caves aren’t just located in Shillong. In fact, you would find caves in most districts of the state. These caves are naturally formed by the direct action of nature. Once inside them, you would find yourself in the dark and mysterious atmosphere that has existed for thousands of years within the caves. The combination of shadow, dark corners, water dripping down the rocks, still icy water body, and the murky interiors create a perfect adventurous atmosphere for the people with a lust for excitement.

To take a fun-filled trip and explore these caves, you need not pay any booking fees. The trip generally lasts for four days and three nights, which is perfect for most people who are looking for short-timed caving tours in Meghalaya. Day one of the trip starts with Krem Mawmluh. As it is located at the bottom of the western flank of Lum Lawbah, you can reach the spot pretty easily just by crossing the river. While the day one trip involves cave exploring in this very place, on the other days you will get the facility to explore some of the leading places in Meghalaya such as Krem Phyllut, Krem Liat Prah, Mawsynram, Mawsmai, and Siju.

Besides offering cave exploration, these places also offer the chance to interact with nature closely and get immersed in the immense beauty here. If you love photography, you can click the shots and capture the scenic beauties in your camera. To make the experience even more memorable, you can bring your family or friends group. The package includes pickup and drops off services at the places mentioned above, special meals, breakfast, short hikes, etc. As you can see, there are a lot of activities to do besides caving in Meghalaya. So, pack your stuff, take a break from your busy life, and set your foot on the mystic north-eastern land.

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