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Name any place on the planet that is probably your dream destination to travel and I am sure you will find a place with extremely close similarities here in India. People are fleeing to Dubai for safari gypsy rides on the massive sand dunes of Dubai. Rajasthan, which is almost next door to you in India, has the same and so much more to offer. The Camel Safari tours in Pushkar of Rajasthan is one ideal adventure you should indulge into when traveling to this part of the country. Bordering the Thar Desert and surrounding the Pushkar Lake, this town has witnessed many pilgrims visit with their devotion. The mythological significance of the Holy Pushkar Lake is said that the lake had appeared in the desert after one of the Hindu Gods, Lord Brahma, had dropped a lotus flower on this land. Hence, Pushkar is one of the few destinations around the globe to have a temple dedicated to Lord Brahma.


In the evenings, this town lights up with the burning lamps placed in every household after reciting their prayers and the village seem to hum in symphony the hymns of their devotional songs. The silence of the surrounding desert, this town’s echo can be heard from afar. With the growth rate and high demand of tourism this town has attracted, there are many campsites established around the town for travelers to come and have a vital experience and a rested stay. The Camel Safari tours in Pushkar as mentioned before is highly acclaimed and Thrillophilia can have them organized for almost any given day. The Pushkar Camel fair festival is a must-attend event, where owners from all over Rajasthan come together with their decked camels, exhibiting their finesse, engaging with their guests and giving them rides around the place. The tours also include small treks to the nearby mountains and hills to give you a complete expedition.

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