Best Tent Stays in Gokarna

Gokarna tent stay provides an exceptional experience to its travellers who seek to have a taste of adventure and nature together. There are an array of locations where one can find tent-stays on their vacation to nestle in.

These are not just a place of accommodation but also offer a range of activities, both fun and adventure to add on to the experience of guests at their place. With meals on-site set up like a buffet and bonfire under the starlit sky, the tent stays in Gokarna will prove to be the best one for you.

The tent accommodations offered by Gokarna Adventure, halfway Home and others are also known to provide several activities for the guests to indulge in. Kayaking, swimming, snorkelling, cave exploration are few activities that offer the true essence of this place.

The nights are a lot of fun with DJ playing your favourite music beats at the beach party organised by these tent teams. So, without any delays, book your Tent stay in Gokarna and enjoy a great vacation with your loved ones at this pristine location.

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Gokarna Tent Stays FAQs

Which are the best tent stays in Gokarna?

Some of the best Gokarna tent stay worth nesling are given below.

1. Gokarna Adventure: With exquisite camping options on the beach, Gokarna adventure is a paradise for camping lovers. They are also an abode to a variety of facilities like private accommodations, luscious meals and others. Activities like kayaking, trekking and others are also offered here.

2. Halfway Home: This beautiful camping farm is perfect for the adventure seeking people amidst the lap of nature. The serenity of the landscapes here along with homely food and necessary amenities like free wi-fi, free breakfast and others will add on to your experience of nestling in tents here.

3. Trippr Gokarna: This budget friendly place will offer you a great place to nestle in with its beautiful accommodations. With its proximity with the beach, one can go and camp on the shore for an exceptional experience.

4. RK Beach Cottage: The ideal location of this cottage will help you experience the best of camping expeditions. With a comfortable place to reside in and a separate place to sit outside each accommodation, one can easily relax at this tent stay after an adventurous day out.

5. Gokarna Tent Stays: With serene surroundings, Gokarna Tent Stays offer great tents to stay in on your expedition. The management is praised to take utmost care of their guests from the very meals to their comfort in the tents offered by them.

6. Shiva Camping Resort: One of the tent accommodations that will fit right into your budget is Shiva Camping Resort. With beach front, this location will leave you awestruck from the brilliant views from its place and exceptional experience of camping here.

Which are the best beachside tents in Gokarna?

Explore the best Tent stay in Gokarna that is located at stone throw away distance from the beachside.

1. Freedom Cafe: This campsite is ideally located on the beachside of Gokarna. It is abode to almost 10 tents and offers great views of the sunset and sunrise with the option of fine dining at its place. One can choose to nestle in private or shared tents here.

2. Gokarna Tent Stays: This tent stay is set in front of the picturesque locations of the beach which fits perfect in the bucket list of beach lovers. Ideal for spending some quality time with your family and friends, this place will keep you close to the shore so that you can indulge in water sports or just a sunbathe.

The finger licking food offered by the tent hosting team would help you get rid of homesickness. The hosting team of this tent stay will make you feel pampered at their place on your vacation. Beautiful sights of the star lit sky are also a major attraction from this location.

3. Gokarna Adventure: With an ideal location in the proximity of the major tourist attractions like Om Beach, Half Moon Beach and others, this place has been praised a lot by its visitors. One can enjoy major beach attractions while they stay in these great tents. One can also indulge in some adventure activity while nestling at these tents and fuel themselves up with complimentary meals offered here.

Which are the best tents in Gokarna for couples?

Browse through the below mentioned itinerary to check out the best Gokarna tent stay ideal for couples on vacation.

1. Gokarna Adventure: One of the very famed locations with great aura and utmost safety set on priority by the couples, Gokarna adventure has set the standards high on pampering the guests at its place. The couple activities offered at the tent will make your vacation at this place one of the memorable ones.

DJ night, buffet meals and bonfire cater to all the fun a couple would look on their stays at the tents in Gokarna Adventure. Exploring the locations nearby is also an exciting activity very much indulged into by the couples. One can also choose to just gaze at the breathtaking sunset with their partner or take a long walk on the sandy beaches located in the proximity here.

2. Shiva Camping Resort: Catering to the need of adventure souls residing in tents while on their vacations, Shiva Camping Resort is also one of the recommended locations for the couples on vacations.

This place has received so much praise for its quality service and great tent accommodations that many people have this place as its first choice while vacationing with their better half. This is a great location to spend some quality time with your partner away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Which luxury tents in Gokarna are good for families?

While talking about luxury Tents in Gokarna ideal for families, there are a few that will surely surpass your expectations at first sight and their location.

1. Gokarna Adventure: Nestle in the nature friendly tent stays offered at the Gokarna Adventure on your dream holidays at this gorgeous destination.Make use of the basic amenities offered here like washroom, eatery and fire pit are also available at the location. A lot of adventure activities are also organised to cater to the requirements of the adventure souls.

2. Shiva Camping Resort: This tent stay is set amidst the tranquillity of nature. From safe tent stays to eco-friendly shacks to dine in, one can soak in the vibe of nature at this place. This place offers everything that from kids to adults would look out to.

Can I get my own food in tent stays in Gokarna?

Yes, in most of the tent accommodations, one can get their own food. Although the meals are always served from the tent management team, if one wishes to feast on the food from any specific place outside, they can carry it to their tents and treat themselves.

Are tents waterproof?

Yes, Gokarna tent stay offer waterproof tents for the guests to nestle in. you don’t have to worry about any mid night rain or morning dew falling over you as you reside in these tents.

Are pets allowed during the tent stay in Gokarna?

During your Tent stay in Gokarna, one has to confirm about this directly from the tent management team whether they can bring their pets with them or not. Every tent stay has a different set of regulations at their place.

Is tent stay in Gokarna safe for couples?

Yes, Gokarna tent stay is completely safe for couples. There is nothing to worry about anything as these are located in complete safe zones and offer all necessary amenities for your comfort. Stay relaxed in such beautiful tents with your partner and enjoy your vacation.

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