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    Chikka Tirupathi

    Chikka Tirupathi has the same sort of rituals carried out here like in the real Tirupati but it is yet to lure as many devotees as the real Tirupati does. A legend attached to this place is that Agni, the god of fire, hurts the Serpent God Takshaka when he is burning the herb jungles. Lord Takshaka is angered by this and in-turn curses Agni that Agni will lose its ˜tej. And so Agni goes to Lord Krishna who suggests that the only way he can get the ˜tej back is by pleasing Lord Vishnu. Agni performs a penance and succeeds in pleasing Lord Vishnu. As part of the penance he constructs a temple for Lord Venkateswara at Chikka Tirupathi and the idol came to be known as ˜Prasanna Venkateshwara.

    How to Reach

    Bangalore - Sarjapur - Mugalur - Chikka Tirupathi

    Nearest Town: Sarjapur (12.4 km)

    Distance from Bangalore: 40.3 km

    Best Time to Visit: Throughout the Year.

    Other Information

    Antharagange: It is a well known ancient temple.The statue of cow in the temple seeps out warm water throughout the year. It lies in the Kolar district and is visited by several people all round the year.

    Kotilingeshwara: It is the presiding deity of the temple of the same name in the village of Kammasandra in India. he Kotilingeshwara temple houses the biggest Shivalinga in the entire world. This world famous temple has lakhs of shivalingas that are spread over fifteen acres of land. There are close to 86 lakh shivalingas in the temple.

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