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    Carbyns Cove Tourism Complex

    It has the sandy beach surrounded with trees of coconut and palm at Carbyn's Cove Tourism Complex in Andaman Islands. It is the finest locale for one to relax. The place which is nestled with natural fauna and flora is a traveler's delight in the whole island groups.

    Carbyn's Cove Tourism Complex is also favorable for sun bathing and sun basking.

    The whole view is scintillating. People visit here to see the strong waves. The sea beach of Carbyn's Cove Tourism Complex also offers opportunities for water sports lovers to enjoy their favorite sports.  


    Union Territory:  Andaman and Nicobar

    Exact Location: Seduction Point is the largest of the islands in a chain of islands to the east of Great Andaman in the Andaman Islands. 

    How to get there

    Chennai/Calcutta to Port Blair by air. From there board a Govt. Ferry to Seduction Point 

    Nearest Town: Port Blair, 7 km away from capital city of Port Blair

    The best time to visit 

    December and early April

    Other Attractions in the Vicinity

    Harminder Bay Beach: Located at a distance of 100 kms from Port Blair, Harminder Bay Beach is also a beautiful place for sea bathing and sun viewing.

    Karmatang Beach: Karmatang Beach, an ideal nesting ground for turtles is now being developed as a tourist complex. It is located at Mayabunder, about 240 kms from Port Blair by road and 136 kms by boat.  


    All Foreign nationals need to obtain prior permission before entering into Seduction Point.

    It is advisable to buy ferry tickets to from Port Blair. 

    There are a few ATMs only in Port Blair. It is advisable to use the ATMs

    Do not carry sea fans and seashells unless specific permits are obtained from the Fisheries Department.

    Tips for Mindful diving coral reefs

    •  Do not pick coral to carry home as souvenirs. Take photographs, not specimens. 
    •  Do not anchor your boat on the reef. 
    •  Clean the reef after every dive. 
    •  Do not walk directly on the reef. 
    •  Do not litter the coast with plastic bags or plastic items. Take back the waste with you to the main coast. 
    •  Do not leave behind used bottled water containers.


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