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  • 01Kotebetta Trek, Coorg

    Kotebetta Trek, Coorg
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN278 ratings

    About the Activity:

    Of the treks available in Karnataka, Kotebetta in Coorg offers one of the best adventures. The scenic beauty that the trail showcases adds to the allure. The guided experience is for 2 days and 1 night. 

    Leave from Bangalore for an overnight journey at 11pm. Reach Madikeri early next morning, freshen up and have breakfast in a local hotel. Take a bus to Hattihole and commence the trek once you are here at 9am. Beginning on an asphalted road, you gradually enter the thick forest which leads to the summit. Enroute, visit the Shiva temple, take a breather for some time and indulge in lunch. 

    Reach Kotebetta Peak and pitch tents. Unwind for a bit and witness the mesmerising sunset. Arrange for campfire and spend some fetching moments. Sleep in the tent with the company of stars. Wake up to a beautiful sunrise. Freshen up, have packed breakfast and start descending from the peak at around 9am. Reach Hattihole and take a bus back to Madikeri. Have lunch at Madikeri and leave to Namma Bengaluru to reach at night


  • 02Trekking And Camping at Baralgundi Maralgundi Falls, Kodachadri

    Trekking And Camping at Baralgundi Maralgundi Falls, Kodachadri

    A trek around the Baralgundi Maralagundi Waterfalls is an amazing way to fulfil your yearnings for an adventurous trip. Laced perfectly with the beauty of nature, this 2D/1N trek takes you through dense forests, rugged terrains and finally to a picturesque cascade.

    Starting an overnight journey from Bangalore at around 10pm, arrive at the basecamp located at the foothills of the Kodachadri range in Shimoga by 6am next morning. After having a hearty breakfast, relax for a while and attend a briefing session with the trek facilitators.

    Taking you through dense and lush forests, rugged terrains and picturesque surroundings, the enthralling trek to the Baralgundi Maralgundi peak begins at 8am. Comprising a total distance of around 5km (each ways), this climb takes around 3-4hours to complete; relish packed lunch on the way. Upon arrival at the peak, witness the stunning sights and the panoramic view of the Kodachadri Range. Post this, trek down to a nearby campsite located around the Baralgundi Maralgundi Waterfalls.

    Witness the captivating beauty of the cascade and relax around the campsite. With the advent of the evening, enjoy the mesmeric views of the sunset and before calling it the day, savour on a delicious dinner and the camp followed by overnight stay at the camp.

    The next morning, after having breakfast in the camp at around 6am, start descending back to the basecamp. Upon arrival at the basecamp, freshen up and have lunch. Post this, relax for a while and depart the camp and embark on the return journey to Bangalore.

    Duration: This enthralling trek would cover around 7km within 10 hours of uphill and downhill trek

    Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

  • 03Ranganathswamy Betta Night Trek, Bangalore

    Ranganathswamy Betta Night Trek, Bangalore
    • n1 Night
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN25 ratings
    • 990

    About the Destination:

    Under the twinkling stars, unravel the charms of Bilikal Ranganathaswamy Betta with this 4.5 km lively night trek. Located 90 km from Bangalore, the destination overlooks Kanakpura town. Also known as ‘BR Hills’ it is renowned for its whitish rock formations near the peak. These rock formations are amongst the most popular trekking destinations around Bangalore. 

    About the Activity:

    Begin the journey at around 10 pm from Bangalore. After a roughly 2 hour drive, arrive at the Harahalli basecamp around 12 am. Under the guidance of the certified instructors, start trekking to the Bilikal Ranganathaswamy peak. The trek to the peak takes around four hours to complete and upon reaching the summit, witness amazing views of sunrise. At around 7 am descend to the base and have breakfast. Post which, embark on the return journey to Bangalore.

  • 04Uttara Kannada Waterfalls Trek

    Uttara Kannada Waterfalls Trek
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN39 ratings

    A trove of some spectacular waterfalls, Uttara Kannada is located around 420km from Bangalore. The treks to these cascades comprises of terrains that can be accessed by all types of trekkers. The guided activity, spread over two days will take you around six hours.

    Start your overnight journey from Bangalore around 10pm. On the way to the basecamp in Yellapur, have breakfast and prepare yourself for the trek ahead. At around 8 am, start towards the Sathodi Falls, followed by the Madodi Falls during the latter part of the afternoon. Post these visits, trek towards a basecamp in Sirsi for an overnight stay.

    Next morning, after having breakfast in the campsite, around 8am, trek to the Unchalli Falls and ascend to the peak of the cascade. After this visit, trek back to the base and start your return journey to Bangalore.

    Duration: This trek would cover around 6 hours over two days

    Difficulty Level: Moderate

  • 05Mukurthi Trek, Ooty

    Mukurthi Trek, Ooty
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN37 ratings
    • 3,000

    One of the spellbinding peaks in South India, the Mukruthi Peak lies beside the Mukruthi National Park which is known for its indigenous Nilgiri Tahrs. Enjoy a trail full of trees jutting out as a maze created by nature. A trek to this summit is all about rugged terrains and panoramic views of the vicinity.

    This 30 km trek begins with a late night journey from Bangalore at around 10pm. After your arrival and a healthy breakfast at the campsite, embark upon a trek at around 8am and explore the nearby regions. Within the 5 hours of this trek, you will come across the various natural marvels around the locality. Enjoy an alfresco lunch amidst nature’s charms. With the completion of lunch, trek back to the camp and enjoy the evening at leisure. Behold the liveliness of the evening and with dinner served, mark the end of the day and step into your assigned tents for an overnight stay.

    Next day morning, at around 8am, unravel the thrill of trekking to the Mukruthi Peak. Start ascending after breakfast is served at the camp. Considered as difficult trek, the trek encompasses several rugged trails and will take around 2 hours each way. After trekking back to the base camp, you can have lunch and relax around the camp. If you are not in the mood of relaxing, you can trek to one of the nearby waterfalls and explore the verdant beauty of the region. With your arrival at the campsite, this astounding trekking trail will come to an end.

    Activity : Trek to Mukruthi Peak included

  • 06Day Trek To MariBetta

    Day Trek To MariBetta

    About the Destination:

    Enjoy the immaculate beauty of nature and spend a day amidst the majestic MariBetta Mountain while trekking in Bangalore. One amongst the prime monument peaks in Asia; the MariBetta Peak lies at an elevation of 1226m over sea level and offers gorgeous views of lush green surroundings. You can also clasp a glimpse of the Bananthimari temple situated at the base of the mountain.

    About the Activity:

    Taking place on the outskirts of Bangalore, this exhilarating activity will swoop you away from the chaos of urban life for a day with bountiful nature. Trek to the peak of the MariBetta Range amidst awe-inspiring monolithic rocks and thick vegetation. Adding to the delight is the sight of birds and view the valleys while you savour a picnic lunch among the marshlands. Also, get to descend through the rocky paths. Head back with oodles of memoirs of this picturesque trekking in Bangalore.

  • 07Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta Night Trek, Kanakapura

    Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta Night Trek, Kanakapura

    About the Destination:

    The Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta is an admired night trek site that houses the mystical Rangaswamy temple at the summit. Located at an accessible location of 80km from Bangalore, this prime trekking site offers a remarkable trek experience with a magnificent view of the picturesque backdrops. Accessible through two different routes: Bangalore-Mysore Highway or Kanakapura Road, night treks are the most sought after activity around this hill. Be it the stunning views of the Savandurga Range, the shimmering city lights or the Cauvery River, everything about Ranganathaswamy Betta is enticing! 

    About the Activity:

    Engage in a thrilling night trek experience surrounded by the picturesque beauty of the Rangaswamy Ranges. Embark on an adventure while you trek into the night through the forest pathway before you catch the trail along the carved mountain steps. Although slippery and challenging, the excitement to enjoy the gorgeous view from the pinnacle will thrill you beyond imagination. Also, enthralling activities like rappelling and team games will keep you engrossed and soaked in unlimited fun and revelry.


  • 08Day Trek And Rappelling In Skandagiri

    Day Trek And Rappelling In Skandagiri

    About the activity :

    This holiday, experience adventure like never before! Head for an exciting Skandagiri trekking and rappelling experience with your friends and family! Skandagiri, also known as Kalavara Durga or Kalwarbetta, is around 70kms from Bangalore and around 3kms from Chikballapura. Skandagiri is very close to the famous Nandi hills and the peak of the hill is approximately 1350 meters and features a beautiful night trek for those who love the rustic outdoors! If you are a fan of altitude camping, the stunning sunrise, and the serene, ocean like clouds, then head for a Skandagiri trek and rappelling experience trek now! The dilapidated walls of Tipu's fort can be found on the steep Kalwarbetta (Skandagiri), near the village of Kalwara. This is a moderate trek of around 6kms (one side) till the rappelling point as the hill is precipitous and high. The trek starts from the Papagni Temple at the foothills of Kalwara village. The fortress of Kalwarbetta is in full sight throughout the walk uphill. This steep and fantastic trek through a maze of dense shrub is highly intriguing for the hard core adventurer in you.

    Meal Types: 1 Breakfast and 1 Lunch (Vegetarian)

    Transportation Types: Non A/C Transportation

    Activities: Trekking, Rappelling

    Difficulty Level: Moderate

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