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  • 01Frazer Town Heritage-Food Walk, Bangalore

    Frazer Town Heritage-Food Walk, Bangalore
    • h3 Hours
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN23 ratings
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    About the Destination:

    Bangalore has a rich colonial past, with its pleasant weather and lush greenery it was one of the regions that appealed to everyone. Walking though any area in Bangalore is an experience that will leave you rich with insight and information about the people living in the IT City.   

    About the Activity:
    A 3 hour walk though Frazer Town will offer you a beautiful collage of sights and sounds. The area has over the years transformed and become one of the most sought after areas In Bangalore. Maintaining a balance between the old and the new, Frazer Town is a slice of the thriving metropolis and the old colonial township.

    This trip will begin at 5:00 PM near Thoms Bakery.  Rich in history, this tour is one where you will hear endless tales of transformation of the once poor man’s neighborhood, Mootoochery to Frazer Town. On the tour, you’ll discover a World War I memorial; the area is known to hold hidden gems like a perfume maker’s 80 year old cinema hall. When on the tour, you will also see the foundation stone to the place that marks the origin of this great township.  With ample opportunities to take pictures, this is a delightful experience for the photographer in you. The tour takes you through places like St John Church that is bustling with people, another beautiful building is the Bethesda Assembly, a century old building with ardent believers. You can revel in the faith and enjoy the sights around you.

    This is not just a history tour but a gastronomical adventure as well. While you look at these brilliant buildings, savour some mouth watering delights from about 6 eateries like Albert bakery which is about 112 years old. The delightful offerings of the bakery will satiate your hunger. Just close by is  Café Idly, a unique concept offering one-of-a-kind Texas meets typical South Indian breakfast to the beats of Jimi Hendricks. And not to forget some of the traditional Muslim delicacies that Frazer Town boasts of hosting.Or you could simply relish the 'burger idly' at the Hole In The Wall café.

    At the end of the tour at about 8:00 pm, you will have wonderful memories of this warm and pleasant city.

  • 02Biryani Walk in Bangalore

    Biryani Walk in Bangalore
    • h4 Hours
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN41 ratings
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      Code: 6764638

    About the activity:

    Join us on a quest for the best Biryani tasting in this part of Bangalore which is known for its linguistic and ethnic diversity, You will be tasting food from the famous restaurants and eateries of this area. Not only do you get to taste, but you also learn about the origins and mystifying history of biryani. While you are busy enjoying a sumptuous meal, our walk will narrate delightful snippets of local history in this potpourri of cultures. A meal is incomplete without a desert and you guessed it right you will also get to taste some popular Muslim sweets and savories.

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