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  • 01Team Building Program at Porcupine Castle Coorg

    Team Building Program at Porcupine Castle Coorg
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lCoorg
    • NNNNN24 ratings
    • Porcupineresort

    The wooded slopes, quaint villages, scenic landscapes and the pristine ambience Coorg behold the divine ability to allure the tourists and relinquish them. Endless mountain ranges, lush green meadows and the serenity in the atmosphere add to the unique charm of Coorg.

    About the Resort :

    Perched right on top of a 300 acre coffee plantation and surrounded by unending valleys and hills, Porcupine Castle is the perfect destination to have a delightful stay in Coorg. The serenity and the tranquillity of the place, the aroma and essence of its fresh air and the accompanying charisma of the clear blue sky makes Coorg an idle getaway to oust off the worries and anxieties of corporate life. 

    Rise of Civilization Theme:

    Go back to basics. Step into a time, far, far behind…an era where man as a civilization made his key discoveries. Delight in a fun filled and creatively gratifying session spread over 1.5 days and three parts. In this activity, various teams have to build their civilization from scratch through the different ages and different milestones of the actual history of man. Be inspired and feel the sense of achievement as you make something spectacular out of essentials. The group with the most points wins the race to emerge as the most successful civilization.

    Session 1: Stone Age, the rise of Homo sapiens

    Get a feel of the Stone Age with leaves and furry caps as props. You and your team will have to learn to survive in the scenario of that time. A phenomenal discovery, make fire with what is accessible in nature. Wheels will be provided and you and your team will have to build a cart to carry a certain amount of stones. Together, cook food with the bare necessities. Learn to survive in the jungle. With team spirit and ingenious ways, solve the problems that arise while living in the wilderness. Survive the Ice age with the Ice walk. Here, the entire team needs to work together and coordinate steps to reach the destination first. Form a settlement, build a shelter and indulge in tent pitching.

    Session 2: Bronze Age, The rise of civilization

    Keeping to the theme of this age, you will don medieval theme caps. Engage in the exciting game of archery and hunt for your tribe. It is time to expand your kingdom and conquer the neighbourhood over a round of Catapult. Also, experience the rise of Olympics. Together, indulge in a sports theme. Here you and your team get to strategise, collaborate and bond over thrilling games of human foosball and canvas race. Using creative methods, build a newspaper bridge that connects to your kingdom.

    Session 3: Iron Age

    Get into the element of Iron Age with props of top hats, jumpers and camouflage bandana. Enhance the communication of the civilization. Engage in the activity of Roller coaster where you build a railway. With the use of pipes, make a walking model of a rollercoaster. Build a car with the props given. Avail of the wheels from the Stone Age to design the vehicle. Somewhere along, be prepared and equipped as the World War breaks. Defend your country with air rifle shooting and paint ball. Symbolically propel your team into the nuclear age with kiting and sky lanterns.

    Bask in the glory as your team manages to come out of the three ages successfully. You are the reigning and powerful civilization. 

  • 02Stay At Windflower Resort In Coorg

    Stay At Windflower Resort In Coorg
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lCoorg
    • NNNNN29 ratings
    • Windflower
    • 7,300

    A paradise for trekkers, Coorg was initially known as ‘Kodaimalenadu’. It is also popularly known as ‘Kodagu’ and is located on the southern district of Karnataka with Kerala as its western border. The mystique lands of Coorg are popular for their lush and verdant forests, rolling hills and mountains, quaint villages and their rustic charm.

    Apart from being one of the magnificent and captivating hill stations in India, Coorg is also becoming one of the most sought after destinations for corporate team outings. The myriad list of Coorg’s fun, adventure and team building activities has a unique and unmatched essence among the other destination. 

    About the Resort :

    The resort is nestled in the mountain ranges called 'Karadi Moole'. It is built in an estate that sprawls over 100 acres of land. This untouched nature is located on the foot of Thadiyandamol, the highest peak in Coorg and is barely a step away from Nalknad Palace which was built in 1794 and is popular for its painting and carvings.

    The cottages are built in Kerala style architecture according to the vastu sastra, in tune with the environment; with clay, hollow bricks and wood. Each cottage has a view of its own and the stay here offers a unique and unmatched blend of its own kind.

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