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  • 01Riverside Picnic, Mudumalai

    Riverside Picnic, Mudumalai
    • h2 Hours
    • lMudumalai
    • NNNNN26 ratings
    • 500

    About the activity :

    Enjoy a fun-filled riverside picnic in Mudumalai with your loved ones on your next trip to this picturesque place located at the foothills of the Nilgiris. The forested heaven is well known for its immense beauty and serenity. Filled with sunlight that shoots through the thick, green trees and in the silence momentarily interrupted with the cries of the wild, Mudumalai offers hope and happiness for weekenders looking for a quick stint in the wild and trekkers who are looking for rough and wild terrain to traverse upon.

    Enjoy a good snack on the base of the enthralling waterfalls and bask in the divine thrill of the beautiful waters and forested bliss around you! Mudumalai offers you the perfect balance of flora and fauna, with some of the country’s best spots being hidden within these forests itself! The forests are filled with many wonders and the rivers and waterfalls in Mudumalai are even more beautiful and lush!

    Transportation Types: Included. Type of vehicle depends on the group size

    Activities: Waterfall Visit

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 02Mudumalai Jungle Safari

    Mudumalai Jungle Safari

    About the Activity:

    Embraced by the grand Nilgiris from all sides, Mudumalai is a beautiful village that is guarded by ringing peaks from all sides. Away from the hum-drums of city life this tiny abode is well known all over its neighbouring populated places as one of the best weekend getaway.

    Mudumalai jungle safari is one delightful experience that enables you to explore exotic wildlife flourishing in this nature’s retreat. Delight in this captivating Jeep safari with friends and family that takes you through winding roads and provides you with some of the best shots of beautiful known-unknown diverse animal and bird species.

    Beguile yourself with this amazing experience – witness beautiful animals roaming in the lush-green thickets freely. Capture these beautiful animals on your camera while enjoying the stunning natural beauty of the place. Also for a birds lover, this place is an accomplishment, witness beautiful birds flying around in this happy home of nature. Give yourself a break from normal routine life and indulge in this amazing Mudumalai jungle safari with friends and family.

    Activities: Jungle Safari

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 03Main Road Safari In Mudumalai

    Main Road Safari In Mudumalai

    About the Activity:

    If you are drenched with workload and need a break, then, there is absolutely one place that you need to visit – Mudumalai safari. Lying in the foothills of beautiful Nilgiri, this is one tiny village which provides you with an ample dose of nature.

    Engross in this fascinating Mudumalai safari that provides you the best views of this place – enthrall in the lush-greenery, ringing mountain peaks and cool climate that envelopes this region throughout the year. Delight in this amazing road trip that helps you in creating some wonderful memories with friends and family.

    While exploring this region, you are likely to encounter beautiful animal species from close. Get ready to get captivated with the serenity and stunning beauty of the winding roads which will certainly help you in forgetting all your office and other worries. Take a break from all other traditional trips and indulge in this amazing Mudumalai safari with friends and family.

    Activities: Jungle Safari

  • 04Adventure Jungle Camping in Mudumalai

    Adventure Jungle Camping in Mudumalai
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lMudumalai
    • NNNNN26 ratings

    About the Activity:
    • Mudumalai is nestled amid ageless hills that line the southernmost edge of Tamil Nadu.
    • Situated in Tamil Nadu, it is just 200 km from Bangalore and boasts a wide variety of flora and fauna in and around the Mudumalai National Park.
    • The traditional jungle accommodation is surrounded by thick lush green deciduous forests and stunning views of the majestic Nilgiri Mountain.
    • During your stay indulge in various activities like jungle trekking and mid-night jungle safari in a 4x4 jeep to witness the rare wildlife species around.             
    • The famous trekking destinations in Mudumalai is gifted with emerald landscapes and acres of banana plantations surrounding the hike.  
    • The camp also allows you to bask in the warmth of a campfire accompanied with a delicious meal for a pleasant stay in the property.  
    • The property can accommodate up to 50 people with all necessary need.  

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