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  • 01Weekend Escape to Klong Saun Market in Bangkok

    Weekend Escape to Klong Saun Market in Bangkok
    • h6 Hours
    • lBangkok
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    About the Activity: 
    • Embark on this tour to explore the hidden old town of Khlong Suan near Bangkok.
    • After getting picked up from your hotel around 09:00 AM, head to see the two divided parts of the town, Samut Prakan province and Chacheungsao.
    • Explore Klong Saun's uninterrupted traditions and culture by interacting with the people and by visiting the old craft shops and traditional buildings.
    • Stroll along the crowded streets, try some Thai cuisines and explore the place on foot.
    • Visit Chacheungsao located fifty kilometers away from Bangkok to see the wooden shops and houses.
    • Before concluding the tour visit the famous Wat Luang Po Sothorn and enjoy a sizzling ride on a boat along the Banpakong river, wind up your tour by 04:00 PM.

    About Klong Saun Market:

    Not far from Bangkok there is a hidden old town called Ampher Klong Suan. The town is divided into 2 parts ; one is under Samut Prakan Province and the other one is under Chacheungsao.

    Bangkok was known to the world as Venice of the East as people traveled in boats in earlier days.  Klong Saun was once the logistic hub of this southeastern region transporting goods to Bangkok. Most of the shops were built almost 100 years ago by wood and still remain in good condition. The present generation people are reserving their parents property well. As you walk thru the walk way you won’t realize that you are in the digital world in  21st century but feeling like it is 50 years old backward. Most of the shop owners are Chinese descendants who have continued their parents business since the parents settle down here in the Kingdom of Siam (Thailand used to be called Siam). There are  a lot of traditional Thai as well as Chinese food to try as you stroll along, but cannot be missed is coffee at “Pae Lee” (Old Man Lee) who has been selling traditional coffee before the WWII. Until today he still has the same shop, selling the same taste of coffee.

    The trip continues southeast of Bangkok to Chacheungsao. Though it is located only 50 kms from Bangkok. No high-rise building, but wooden shops and houses. Visit Wat Luang Po Sothorn and then we take you on a big boat, riding along the Banpakong River. As Enjoy the boat slow goes, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, observing people on the river bank before we depart for Bangkok.

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