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  • The ultimate curated list of places to visit in umaid lake palace in january
  • 01Visit the Organic Farm at Dausa

    Visit the Organic Farm at Dausa
    About the Activity:
    • Get accompanied with your host and wander through the organic farms and dairies in Dausa.
    • Get a chance to know about the different types of crops grown in the fields such as maize, barley, wheat and millets (bajra) depending on the season.
    • You can interact with the farmers to know about the cultivation and the different types of arming methods.
    • Apart from the farm tour, you will also get a chance to indulge in a cooking session organised by the local.
  • 02Juggad Ride at Dausa, Rajasthan

    Juggad Ride at Dausa, Rajasthan
    About the Activity:
    • Experience an amazing truck ride around the village which will take you though a one of a kind experience.
    • Travel through different trails, streets and explore the authentic villages in depth.
    • Taste one of the best malasa tea from which will be served to you in one of the mud houses on the sides of the fields.
    • The tour will conclude after a fabulous lunch served to you.

  • 03Village Jeep Safari at Dausa

    Village Jeep Safari at Dausa
    About the Activity:
    • Enjoy your day outing which starts from the Umaid Lake Palace to the deepest points of the villages in Kalakho at Dausa.
    • Travel through the muddy tracks, vast field and the mud houses of the local people which will give you a totally new outlook about the people ad their lifestyle.
    • You will also get an opportunity to see the day to day activities of the people such as potters, gold smiths and black smiths.
    • A cooking session  can be arranged on request, in which you will get to learn to cook the local food which will be demonstrated by a village lady.
    • to conclude the tour, pay a visit to the village schools and panchayath on your way back to get a close picture into the day to day lifestyle of the people.
  • 04Camel Breeding Farm Tour in Rajasthan

    Camel Breeding Farm Tour in Rajasthan
    About the Activity:
    • Visit the famous camel breeding farm to know the breeding of camels.
    • Learn the different food habits and breeding methods of camels, which will be vividly displayed and explained properly.
    • Roam around the farm, get chances to mingle with the silent creatures and take a look at how they are fed.
    • To conclude the tour a delicious lunch at the pool side.
  • 05Camel Polo at Dausa

    Camel Polo at Dausa
    About the activity:
    • Observe this the age old sport of Polo played by riding camel instead of horseback. 
    • Enjoy the experts playing and notice the basics for an exciting game following the demonstration.
    • Feel the thrill and spirit of the sport as the referee updates the scoring system. 
    • None the less, get a chance to witness a fabulous price ceremony at the end.
    • A delicious dinner will be served after the games to conclude your amazing experience. 
  • 06Cycling Tour of Dausa Village

    Cycling Tour of Dausa Village
    About the Activity:
    • Cycling tour of Dausa village starts from Umaid Lake Palace where you have the freedom to travel around the village for umpteen sights for about 5 hours.
    • Ride through the vast fields and and village trails surrounded by with small mud huts.
    • Teake a break between your cycling tour to enjoy a delicious tea at a local mud house. 
    • To conclude your tour, continue cycling towards Umaid palace for lunch.
  • 07Camel Safari in Dausa

    Camel Safari in Dausa
    About the Activity:
    • Start the caamel safari from Umaid Lake Palace at Dausa around the Kalakho village.
    • Explore the typical Rajasthan villages, muddy tracks and vast agricultural fields on a camel back.
    • Spend the whole day in the village mingling with the residents and get a chance to know their routine life and also know about the trade and business.
    • Visit the village schools and panchayat to observe the education and administrative system of the village.
    • Enjoy a delightful masala tea served to you in one of the mud houses of the beautiful village before you conclude your tour.
  • 08Horse Show in Dausa

    Horse Show in Dausa
    About the Activity:
    • Gather at Umaid Lake Palace to start a fascinating and very rare horse show.
    • It is really a wonder to see the horses dancing to the music in a 2 and a half hour show.
    • After the show, indulge yourself in a delightful dinner to conclude your tour.
  • 09Jeep Safari in Bhangarh

    Jeep Safari in Bhangarh
    About the Activity:
    • Enjoy a delightful jeep safari starting from Umaid Lake Palace in Dausa to Bhangarh to explore the relics of a historic city.
    • Bhangarh offers you the most splendid views of on old city with its remains preserved to showcase its history.
    • Visit the havelis, shops, temples, mosques and old streets which portray a vivid history of the.
    • Have a simple packed lunch while you tour through the place.
    • Get the opportunity to visit Sainthal dam to take a look at the wild crocodile before you conclude your tour. 
  • 10Off-road Jeep Safari in Dausa

    Off-road Jeep Safari in Dausa

    About the Activity:

    • Enroll in this amazing off-road jeep safari to explore the best of Dausa
    • Visit the remote areas and get a chance to meet the native tribes and interact with them
    • Explore the Chand Baori, a step-well in the village of Abhineri which has about 3500 narrow steps.
    • Continue your off-road exploration by visiting the Harshat Mata temple built in Mahameru style of architecture.
    • Conclude your tour by tasting an awesome dinner served at the Umaid Lake Palace.
  • 11Camel Race in Dausa

    Camel Race in Dausa
    About the Activity:
    • Gather at Umaid Lake Palace with your friend and family to participate in an amazing camel race.
    • Indulge in this five hour sport and get a chance to witness and participate in the Camel Race for an everlasting experience.
    • The race will be conducted on specially made tracks which are suitable for the camels to gallop around.
    • Fill travel diary with a totally different experience during your visit to Rajasthan.
    • To conclude your amazing experience, relish a spectacular Rajasthan dinner.
  • 12Cycle Polo at Dausa in Rajasthan

    Cycle Polo at Dausa in Rajasthan
    About the Activity:
    • Spend four hours watching and playing cycle polo at Umaid Lake Palace in Dausa
    • Get a chance to meet Mr. Surya Pratap Singh, an expert cycle polo player in Rajasthan.
    • Learn the techniques used in the game and involve in a spirited match with your team mates after the demonstration.
    • Be happy to get awards from the organizers in the award ceremony at the end.
    • You will be served a delightful high tea after the game.

  • 13Village Safari at Dausa

    Village Safari at Dausa
    About the Activity:
    • Get on to an open truck which is locally called juggad and enjoy a village safari in Dausa.
    • Start your tour from Umaid Lake Palace and get a chance to explore the local roads, farms, fields and houses in the village while you travel.
    • Interact with the local residents and learn about their traditional dresses and know about their lifestyle.
    • Get some time off to taste a delicious tea during your tour in the village houses to conclude your tour.
  • 14Trekking and Camping at Achalgarh

    Trekking and Camping at Achalgarh
    About the Activity:
    • Gather at Achalgarh fort to embark on an adventurous trekking to Achalgarh and Jawai village.
    • Conquer the tough paths to the spot with unending thrill and energy.
    • Taste the spirit of different adventurous activities such as rappelling, rock climbing and caving en route to the village.
    • Reach the very quiet camping space in the Jawai village, have a simple dinner and enjoy the night with a bonfire beside you.
    • Feel safe in the night camp and recollect the memories of a lot happened day.
    • Mark the second day as special with a remarkable trekking after breakfast. 
  • 15Tour of Weavers Village in Dausa

    Tour of Weavers Village in Dausa
    About the Activity:
    • Commence your 3 hour tour of the weavers village from Umaid Lake Palace on a jeep after having a delicious lunch.
    • The locality is known as Ghar village and the people here are famous for weaving Khadi and Durry and carpets.
    • Enjoy the village safari offered to see the main attractions of Dausa including the mud houses, agricultural fields and trade centers.
    • Observe the works of the talented smiths, potters and farmers who mainly run the economy of the village.
    • Taste a delicious masala tea, as it will be served in a mud house and interact with the members of Meena tribes..
  • 16Stay at Umaid Lake Palace Dausa in Rajasthan

    Stay at Umaid Lake Palace Dausa in Rajasthan
    About the Activity:
    • Embark in this exciting stay at Umaid lake Palce in Dausa and get a chance to explore the real beauty of Rajasthan.
    • Walk through the village and explore the organic and poultry farms with your guide followed by a live cooking demonstration.
    • Enjoy a refreshing cricket match with the staff at the mughal lawns and take part in an exciting game of cycle polo.
    • Make your stay more special by kite flying with the villagers and admire the colourful sky.
    • End your tour with a delicious dinner.

  • 17Traditional Night at Dausa

    Traditional Night at Dausa
    About the Activity:
    • If you love to explore the traditional and cultural life, this tour is the perfect fit for you.
    • Get picked up from your hotel and reach the tour activity to enjoy the traditional touch of Rajasthani lifestyle.
    • Marvel at the sights of the illuminated palace that looks like a fairyland.
    • Enjoy a traditional welcome greeted by canopied camel carts on arrival and get escorted by torchbearers and traditional folk musicians to the dinner venue in a camel caravan.
    • As you proceed feel more traditional by the shower of rose petals and marshal lit mughal fountains and garlands.
    • Tie the traditional turban and enjoy a special barbeque dinner around bonfire.
    • Dance to the tune of the traditional music and enjoy the folk musicians and dancers performing along side.
    • End your wonderful evening with a scintillating show of fireworks

  • 18Women Adventure Day in Dausa

    Women Adventure Day in Dausa
    About the Activity: 

    • If you love to explore the countryside and learn about their culture, this tour is the perfect fit for you.
    • Begin your day with a Juggad ride tour to the Dausa village and get acquainted with the villagers.
    • Learn about their traditional art of making glass bangles or laakh and get your hands painted with Mehendi.
    • Enjoy learning about the traditional wedding and the importance of applying Mehendi on their hands and feet. 
    • End your traditional evening with a lovely dinner at Umaid lake palace.

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