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  • The ultimate curated list of places to visit in koramangala
  • 01BREAKOUT - Real Life Escape Games, Bangalore

    BREAKOUT - Real Life Escape Games, Bangalore
    • h1 Hour
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN80 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 7223710

    About the activity:

    • Prep up for a fun-filled experience with real life escape games ! 
    • Participants are required to team up in teams of 2-5 members. The teams will then be locked in the themed rooms. 
    • The real challenge begins now! the teams will now have exact sixty minutes to observe and identify the clues given to them in their respective room.
    • The team that is able to solve the mystery faster than the rest will be declared winner. 
    • Delight in a refreshing and engrossing experience with rest of your group members! 
  • 02Challenging Real Life Scenario Games

    Challenging Real Life Scenario Games
    • h1 Hour
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN35 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 6115236
    • 850

    About the activity:

    • Step out of the casual leisure activities and indulge in some challenging brain-tickling activities!
    • Gather a bunch of 2-6 members and begin the fun ride by choosing from 4 different rooms.
    • Take things a notch higher and build and bond with your team to work on a plan to escape from the tricky rooms.
    • Take a break from the conventional, and head into a newer and more advanced world of entertainment right here in Bangalore.

  • 03Kickboxing Session at Hyper Monkey

    Kickboxing Session at Hyper Monkey
    • h1 Hour
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN23 ratings
    • Hyper Monkey
      Hyper Monkey

    About the activity: 

    If you wish to get away from the pressures of work and city life, and need a good, energetic way to de-stress, then it is time for you to experience an exciting and power packed kickboxing class in Bangalore with your friends! This interesting activity will require you to gear up your adventure skills and grab those energy bars! Engage in a high powered work out and release the pent up tension on the arena!

    A truly uplifting activity, kickboxing classes in Bangalore involves complicated martial arts along with core exercises that will boost your metabolism and your happiness level too! There are trained instructors who will teach and guide you through every step, but the core idea is to have unlimited fun, and that shall be done! Waste no time, grb your friends and head to the kick boxing arena on a sunny Saturday and engage in around one hour of pure, energy packed fun and exciting kickboxing! 


  • 04The Riddle Room Experience in Bangalore

    The Riddle Room Experience in Bangalore
    • h1 Hour
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN39 ratings
    • marco

    About the activity:

    • Riddle Room is a live escape room. You get to experience a real-life, interactive game where you and your teammates are trapped inside a room with an hour to escape. 
    • You have to unearth clues, examine unassuming objects and discard decoys to successfully make it out in time. You are 'physically' inside the story in which you have to solve the multitude of riddles and ciphers to escape the room. 
    • All the pleasures are tactile. You find something not by punching keywords into a search bar, but by hunting and thinking things through. 
    • This is why it makes for a great team-building, social or family activity. Choose from the two games we on offer: The Laboratory and The Tomb.


  • 05Laser Tag in Bangalore

    Laser Tag in Bangalore
    About the Activity:
    • Enjoy a fun time indulging in the game of Laser Tag In Koramangala, Bangalore.
    • The laser tag arena stays open from 11 am to 9 pm and can be availed at anytime in between.
    • Make teams and play with your friends as you tag each other until one team prevails.
    • This sport will bring out the competitive spirit in you and let you have fun at the same time.
    • This activity is best suited for groups as you can pair up as you wish to among yourselves.
    • There are other activities as well which you can avail.
  • 0630 Days Badminton Coaching in Bangalore

    30 Days Badminton Coaching in Bangalore
    • h2 Hours
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN41 ratings
    • 4Champz
    About the Activity:
    • Experience the thrill of Badminton with this 30 day trial coaching class.
    • This activity is conducted 4 times a week for 2 hours at a coaching centre in Koramangala 8th block, Bangalore.
    • Check your fitness quotient as you learn the do's and don'ts of this fun and competitive games.
    • From amateurs to professional players, anyone can participate in this coaching activity.
  • 07Flight Simulator in Bangalore

    Flight Simulator in Bangalore

    About the Activity:

    • Experience the joy of flying your own aircraft with a flight simulator in Bangalore.
    • Pilot an aircraft and maneuver through the air as a flight captain. 
    • The simulator uses state of the art technology to ensure a fulfilling time during the course of this activity.
    • Enjoy this fun activity with your friends and family.
    • This is a 15 minute activity.
  • 08Rent a Royal Enfield in Bangalore

    Rent a Royal Enfield in Bangalore
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN23 ratings
    • Mohit

    About the Activity:

    • Take a break and head out for this exciting rental trip in Bangalore and get a chance to witness the beauty of the Silicon city region while riding a Royal Enfield.
    • Commence your tour at 9:00 AM in the morning after picking up your bike.
    • Explore some of the most favorite tourist spots with the beautiful sights.
    • If you are looking for some sightseeing option then you can visit the famous Lalbagh Garden, Tipu Sultan's Palace, Vidyarthi bhavan and so on and so forth. 
    • Drop your Royal Enfield  at the starting point at 9:00 AM the next day and head back home with lots of memories.

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