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  • 6 Best {camel safari things to do and activities In dausa in february. Compare and book online now! Do something new today
  • 01Camel Safari at Umaid Lake Palace,Bhangarah

    Camel Safari at Umaid Lake Palace,Bhangarah

    About the activity:

    Umaid Lake Palace in Bhangarah sprawls across an area of around 20 acres and is positioned in such a way, that it provides gorgeous panoramic views of the neighbouring Mughal Gardens. Experience an idyllic organic retreat away from the hustling city life. Take a walk through the farms in the vicinity, where you can actually venture with the chefs and help him select your preferred vegetables for the meals.

    While at Umaid Lake Palace, engage in various enthralling activities such as cycle Polo, camel cart rides, village walks and organic farming. For bird lovers, this place has some surprises too – enthrall in the sights of beautiful birds flocking the region.

    Unravel the fun embraced in this mystical land. Located near the Kalakho village, Umaid Lake Palace is provides you with best sceneries. Unwind yourself in the placid environs of the region by embarking on a jeep safari that would provide you with some of the best landscapes of this land of royalty – Rajsathan.

    Meal Type: Vegetarian & Non- Vegetarian

    Accommodation Types : Royal Deluxe, Royal Suite

    Activities : Cycle Polo, Camel Cart Rides, Jeep Safari, Camel Safari, Same srive at Sariska National Park, Village Walks

    Difficulty Level : Easy

  • 02Camel Polo at Dausa

    Camel Polo at Dausa
    About the activity:
    • Observe this the age old sport of Polo played by riding camel instead of horseback. 
    • Enjoy the experts playing and notice the basics for an exciting game following the demonstration.
    • Feel the thrill and spirit of the sport as the referee updates the scoring system. 
    • None the less, get a chance to witness a fabulous price ceremony at the end.
    • A delicious dinner will be served after the games to conclude your amazing experience. 
  • 03Camel Safari in Dausa

    Camel Safari in Dausa
    About the Activity:
    • Start the caamel safari from Umaid Lake Palace at Dausa around the Kalakho village.
    • Explore the typical Rajasthan villages, muddy tracks and vast agricultural fields on a camel back.
    • Spend the whole day in the village mingling with the residents and get a chance to know their routine life and also know about the trade and business.
    • Visit the village schools and panchayat to observe the education and administrative system of the village.
    • Enjoy a delightful masala tea served to you in one of the mud houses of the beautiful village before you conclude your tour.
  • 04Camel Race in Dausa

    Camel Race in Dausa
    About the Activity:
    • Gather at Umaid Lake Palace with your friend and family to participate in an amazing camel race.
    • Indulge in this five hour sport and get a chance to witness and participate in the Camel Race for an everlasting experience.
    • The race will be conducted on specially made tracks which are suitable for the camels to gallop around.
    • Fill travel diary with a totally different experience during your visit to Rajasthan.
    • To conclude your amazing experience, relish a spectacular Rajasthan dinner.
  • 05Cultural Day at Dausa

    Cultural Day at Dausa
    About the Activity:
    • Enjoy the your vacation by signing up with this tour and explore the mesmerizing beauty of Dausa.
    • Begin your tour by exploring the organic farm and a brief cooking session.
    • Enjoy a wonderful camel ride through the Kalakho village while witnessing the beauty of the deserts.
    • Learn about the camels in the camel breeding farm and have a delicious lunch or a high tea by the pool.
    • In the evening enjoy a traditional Rajasthani folk music and dance performance followed by a mouth watering dinner at Umaid lake palace. 
    • Conclude your one day tour with lots of memories.
  • 06Adventure Day at Dausa in Rajasthan

    Adventure Day at Dausa in Rajasthan
    About the Activity:
    • If you love learning about different culture then this tour is the perfect fit for you.
    • Experience the joy of this wonderful trip at Dausa and explore the Kalakhao village on camel carts.
    • Ride through the village and witness the vast grazing pastures and the wheat fields.
    • Get acquainted with the villagers and enjoy a refreshing soccer match with the raw teams of the Kalakhao village.
    • Enjoy a delicious dinner before heading home.

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