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Sightseeing in Port Blair has to be one of the tours that you consider while planning a vacation with family or friends. Andaman has always been the first preference of travelers when it comes to picking a gorgeous island for a getaway trip. From scuba diving to trekking to beaches to historic monuments, Andaman Tours and Packages has a lot to offer. Port Blair, the capital of Andaman has been flooded by tourists since a long time now. It has become a key spot in every traveler’s itinerary. It is famous for its clear blue water, trekking alongside lush green forests, and the cultural history of India. Visiting the Cellular Jail, a national memorial, built by the British to punish Indian patriots connects you to the Indian history and the sacrifices people have made to get India freed. The Anthropological Museum established in 1975 gives a detailed insight about the tribes living in the Andaman.

Discover the rich history and natural beauty of Port Blair with our Andaman Nicobar trip package, offering captivating sightseeing tours to iconic landmarks and scenic spots around the island.

 A lot of hand-made crafts and tools are on display that connects one to the cultural roots. The Forest and Fisheries Museums are also good to visit for the environment and forest lovers. Serene and silent beaches are what Port Blair is also famous for. Cove Beach and Munda Pahar Beach are major attractions and provide a tranquil view with all the palm trees in the backdrop. Water sports activities are a must try at these beaches. Moreover, the trek at Munda Pahar Beach is amazing to do. Walking along the beach in the evening with the setting sun in the background is a never forgetting experience. To enjoy a quiet evening, you can also visit the beautiful Gandhi Park. Filled with artificial creations and historical monuments, this park is a natural brilliance and a must visit on your Andaman visit. Whether it be indulging in water sports or exploring island’s high peaks or connecting with the land’s rich cultural diversity, this serene and beautiful place called Port Blair is the best introduction to holidaying in the Andaman's that one could ever ask for.

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