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  • Omg! There is so much to talk about Maldives! After the hectic prep shoot of the wedding and all the hustle bustle of the wedding ceremonies, what do you next wish to do? Of course, honeymoon comes in mind. Maldives epitomises the divine and romantic evening at its best. For honeymooners, there are many exciting things to do in Maldives. So what do you wish for when you are on your honeymoon? A stargazing night spent with your beloved, sitting under thatched-roof bungalow on a private pool side beach, exciting water sports or just lying under blue sky enjoy sun bathing. All these are offered by Maldives; in fact, Maldives is all about your sexy and passionate dreams to come true when you are on your honeymoon.

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    Go nomadic when in Maldives on your honeymoon. For a true lover, coming to Maldives will be the best gift for his or her beloved. From sandy white waters, luxurious villas and resorts, azure colored waters and splendid landscape with relaxing spa and beach massage. What's more, a couple can expect in Maldives things to do list. The inhabited islands and surroundings lagoons offer a true romantic and sun-kissing beach experience. However, there a are more thrilling things to do in Maldives such as - you would love the underwater sports, and at the same time you can get drenched in spirituality at the pre-historic Buddhist temples. Maldives is certainly a destination next to heaven.

    Let's Take A Plunge Into Things To Do In Maldives On Honeymoon:

  • 01Enjoy Snorkeling & Diving At Naifaru Island

    Enjoy Snorkeling & Diving At Naifaru Island

    Naifaru is one of the most visited islands in the Maldives that is positioned around 142 km north of the capital city of Malé. This island has numerous things to do in Maldives such as, enjoy snorkelling and diving, and get goose bumps rushing on your body. We are not done yet, you can also have a look at unique local attractions such as - cultural places, historical monuments and entertainment activities to do.  

    Distance From Maldives Airport - 139.73 kilometres

    Location - Around 142 km north of the capital city of Male

    Any Other Specialty - If you fly from Malé International Airport (MLE) to Naifaru, it will take just 15 minutes under normal climatic conditions.

    Opening & Closing Hours - Open 24 hours

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  • 02Get A Romantic Massage In Maldives

    Get A Romantic Massage In Maldives

    A lot of couples have admitted that there's no better place than Maldives to get a romantic massage under sun-kissed beaches and luxurious resorts. Indulge in a sensual massage and spa on the sandy beaches and soothe your senses to the core. Numerous resorts and honeymoon villas offer traditional massage therapies on the white sand beaches. It is one of the most quixotic things to do in Maldives on honeymoon.  Massage you must try in Maldives are One & Only Reethi Rah, Six Senses Laamu, PER AQUUM Huvafen Fushi and more. From an isolated sandbank or stranded mid-ocean lovely dinner to a tantric ceremony for two, let your mind run wild.

    Price/Tickets - No ticket price, spa and massage prices vary from resort to resort

    Location - Mostly you will find in the resorts and the honeymoon villas

    Opening & Closing Hours - Around more than 12 hours

  • 03Explore The Beautiful Islands

    Explore The Beautiful Islands

    Maldives honeymoon is curtailed if you do not experience your stay at a private beach resort of near the beautiful beaches in Maldives. Enjoy floating in the blue waters with a romantic boat ride or just surprise your beloved at the bioluminescent beach with the Glow-In-The-Dark-Beach. There are more things to do in Maldives when on the beach. Not to miss are the islands like - Male Island, Hulhumalé Island, Biyadhoo Island, Fihalhohi Island, Maafushi Island and much more. Every island has its own peculiarity and activities to enjoy.

    Opening & Closing Hours - 24 hours

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  • 04See The Deep Ocean - Whale Submarine Maldives

    See The Deep Ocean - Whale Submarine Maldives
    Image Credit :

    This place is a certainly must things to do in Maldives, as it has fun, excitement and thrill. The fact that Maldives consists 99% of water makes it the perfect underwater and adventure sports destination for honeymooners. Whale Submarine Maldives gives you the prospect to live the true life of Maldives in a distinctive way. Enjoy the colourful corals, yellow striped Snappers, reef fish or spot a few turtles, a Yellow Box fish or a Lion-fish, you would love to include this in your things to do in Maldives on Honeymoon.

    Distance From Maldives Airport - If you take a flight at 12 pm, then you can enjoy Whale Submarine’s at 9 am for the dive, if a late flight in the evening, then Whale Submarine have the evening dive for you.

    Price/Tickets - Adult: US$ 120, Child: US$ 60

    Location - Laccadive Sea, Maldives

    Any Other Speciality - Whale submarine dives in every 90 minutes DAY and NIGHT

    Opening & Closing Hours - Sunday to Thursday - 10 am - 2 pm, Friday and Saturday closed and there are other timings as well for different tour operators - starting 9 am until 8 pm.  

  • 05Underwater Dining - Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

    Underwater Dining - Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

    Ithaa is the world's first all-glass undersea restaurant that is situated at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island in Alif Dhaal Atoll, which is the Republic of Maldives. It is five metres below sea level and offers stunning scenery that will awe-struck you. You can enjoy your food, meals, stay under the sea - all this without getting wet. You will feel that this restaurant is mysterious and would compare it to the tropical version of Alice in Wonderland's rabbit hole. If you are lucky you can even spot stingrays, turtles or even sharks. It has to be on the list of things to do in Maldives at night. You can also visit at the day time, but people say it's beautiful at night.  

    Distance From Maldives Airport - The seaplane took 25 minutes to arrive in Rangali Island. To Conrad Maldives range island, sea plane departure

    Price/Tickets - A four-course set lunch costs around £150; the six-course dinner menu is £230; mid-afternoon "cocktail hour", including a glass of champagne and selection of canapes, is £50.

    Location - Conrad Maldives, 2034 - Exact location to reach: Asia  >  Maldives  >  Alifu Atoll  >  Southern Ari Atoll  >  Rangali Island

    Any Other Speciality - Enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and snorkelling

    Opening & Closing Hours - 11AM–2:30PM - 6:30–10:30PM

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  • 06Maldives Glowing Beach - Bioluminescent Plankton

    Maldives Glowing Beach - Bioluminescent Plankton

    Yes, when we say it glow at the night, we mean it as it really does. What is the magic?  Why does it happen? This beach looks like a fascination for a science-fiction fairytale. Holidaymakers make sure to include this destination in their things to do in Maldives at night. As the waves break the rhythm on the shore or if you are bare feet stepping into the wet sand, you will see a dazzling green-blue glow that occurs on the shore. This is magical effect and is caused by bioluminescent plankton that becomes visible in warm coastal waters.

    Distance From Maldives Airport - You will need to take a ferry, which will take you around 4 hours, or you can take a speed boat that will reach in around 30 minutes. From airport approximately it is 8 km.

    Price/Tickets - NA  

    Location - It is at the Vaadhoo Island, Maldives - The Sea of stars

    Any Other Speciality - NA

    Opening & Closing Hours - NA
  • 07Know The History - National Museum (Maldives)

    Know The History - National Museum (Maldives)

    Indulge yourself in history and the historical era of Maldives and its rulers. Make a visit to this beautiful building of National Museum situated in the Sultan Park, Male. It was established on the National Day of the Maldives, by the Prime Minister, at the time - Mohamed Amin Didi. What you will see here, will take you to the era of history and culture. You will love to witness a huge collection of historical artefacts, that includes, royal artefacts, stone objects, royal antiquities from the Buddhist era and few from the rule of Islamic monarchs. It is not to miss point in your list of Maldives things to do.  

    Distance From Maldives Airport - It will take around 40 minutes

    Price/Tickets - Adult/Child  Rf100/20

    Location - Chaandhanee Magu, Malé, Maldives

    Opening & Closing Hours - 10 am to 5 am Monday to Thursday - Closed on - Friday and Saturday  

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  • 08Romance In Private Boat - Maldives Yachts Charter

    Romance In Private Boat - Maldives Yachts Charter

    1000 species of fish, 1200 coral islands, arrive in Maldives to live your romantic rainy day fantasy and enjoy supernatural Yachts Charter. The honeymooners are welcomed from the airport by a ferry or a boat and they make a stay on the private boat for how long they want by sailing south. The things to do in Maldives on honeymoon can't be better than sailing through turquoise waters in the Indian Ocean. The entire belt contains more than 20 species of whale, around 800 desert island gems, coral reefs and a lot more.

    Distance From Maldives Airport - You need to take a ferry from the airport to the island you wish to start from.

    Price/Tickets -  It varies from operator to operator and the amenities you look for.   

    Location  - Maldives

    Opening & Closing Hours - As per the selection of the cruising package

  • 09Get A Cruise Ride - Dhoni Boat

    Get A Cruise Ride - Dhoni Boat

    For a true Maldivian retreat, it is one of the best cruise rides for smaller groups of couples who are on honeymoon. The crew of the Dhoni Boat takes you to a tour of 6 or 7 days, starting from South Male and finishing back at the origin point. Delve into the world of Snorkelling, Kayaking, Scuba Diving that will thrill your senses with fantastic coral reefs under the translucent waters of the Maldives. Unwind yourself on the sandy beaches, and savour special delicacies and seafood cooked by your personal chef. It is certainly a Maldives honeymoon things to do spot.

    Distance From Maldives Airport - Starts from Male and finishes at Male

    Price/Tickets -  It depends on the cruise tour you are choosing

    Location  - Male covering quite a few islands

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  • 10Experience Sea Creatures At Manta Point

    Experience Sea Creatures At Manta Point

    Manta Point is a wonderful place to explore and witness sea creatures. Manta Bay is harmful and serene, but it is advisable to hire professionals. Emas Thila is also known as Manta Point and is just 1 Km long. A lot of travellers gather at this point for witnessing sea creatures at the Manta Point. It is best during the north-east monsoon season.  The dives at Manta Point are usually secluded by Dive Center Aquaventure, that is based on a local island, Maradhoo. This island is one of the islands of Addu which is connected by bridges.

    Price/Tickets -  Differs as per number of hours

    Location  - From the Maradhoo harbour to the dive site, it will take you around 35 minutes. And you will also get dive briefing.

    Opening & Closing Hours – In the noon for few hours

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  • 11Swim With The Gentle Giants Of Indian Ocean

    Swim With The Gentle Giants Of Indian Ocean

    Get drenched and swim in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean when on your honeymoon. The majestic Manta Bay gives you an exceptional experience to truly treasure the big white sharks and other big sea creatures. Do not forget to include this in your Maldives things to do. Swimming around the Maldives islands particularly, the Ari and Baa Atolls you will witness white shark, whale shark and much more.

    Price/Tickets -   As per the operator

    Location  - South Ari Atoll

    Any Other Specialty – It is marine protected area and the whale sharks here does not attack.

  • 12Spend Some Days In Most Luxurious Resorts of Maldives

    Spend Some Days In Most Luxurious Resorts of Maldives

    Perhaps Maldives is the globe’s ultimate luxury place to visit. This destination has become a synonym for paradise whether it is sun worshipers, honeymooners, scuba divers or celebrities, anyone who come here falls in love with this place. Exceptional villas and luxury resorts with chic and modern amenities, that are certainly included in things to do in Maldives on Honeymoon. For example, Park Hyatt, four seasons Landaa Iraavaru, Jumeirah Dhevanafushi, etc.

    Distance From Maldives Airport – There are many as mentioned-above it depends on your choice

    Price/Tickets -  Differs as per your selection

    Opening & Closing Hours – 24 hours

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  • 13Visit New Island Every Day – Island Hopping Maldives

    Visit New Island Every Day – Island Hopping Maldives

    Murky coconut palm, sparkling white beaches, fringed islands, tranquil lagoons, coloured corals, azure warm seas, turquoise blue waters – all these for a thrilling and romantic visit when on honeymoon. With a profusion of marine life, Maldives offer breathtaking beauty that sets the backdrop for this adventure. You can enjoy body tan and soak up in the sun with exhilarating water sports activities.

    Location  - Any island of your choice or you customized and make a tour as per your choice

    Opening & Closing Hours – 24 hours

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  • 14Try Underwater Treasure Hunting In Maldives

    Try Underwater Treasure Hunting In Maldives

    Maldives offer tripping sensations with the exciting under water sports activities and adventures. There are superbly designed and luxurious resorts that offer an extremely great underwater treasure hunting. Add this adventure in your things to do in Maldives on honeymoon. For example, Thulhgiri and Paradise Island are the two resorts that feature geocaches in the Maldives and give you an experience of amazing snorkelling, looking for fish, diving, swimming, shells, sharks, manta’s, crabs or maybe just chilling and unwinding at the beach.

    Distance From Maldives Airport – Differs with your selection of resort

    Price/Tickets -  Usually the price goes with the resort package only

    Opening & Closing Hours Noon and Night

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  • 15Sail The Winds - Windsurfing In Maldives

    Sail The Winds - Windsurfing In Maldives

    “It’s not the blowing of the wind, but the set of the sail” The Maldivian isles are fancy and one of the best things to do in Maldives by far. Be it your romantic tour or you are on your honeymoon or your are just chilling out with your friends, you would love to sail with the wind and enjoy the gorgeous waters with an amazing range of leisure activities. Such as, you can enjoy surfing, wakeboarding to the deep sea, fishing under deep waters and like.

    Price/Tickets - It depends on how many hours you wish to be in the waters and of course, at times, it is included in the resort package.

    Opening & Closing Hours - During the day time.

  • 16Meet The Intelligent Creatures - Dolphin Watching Maldives

    Meet The Intelligent Creatures - Dolphin Watching Maldives

    You will be intrigued to know Maldives ranks among the top five places on Earth, when it comes to watching whales and dolphins. Isn't it awesome? People hop here just to see these beautiful marine creatures that are witnessed in over 20 different species (a quarter of the world's total). You may find spinner Dolphin, acrobatic Dolphin, and many other species of whale. It's a great fun and this brings a lot of smiles on the faces of kids and travellers. Not to miss in things to do in Maldives

    Price/Tickets -  For private hire, it is around - USD 300 for 2 persons

    Opening & Closing Hours - Maldivian resorts offer morning and afternoon dolphin excursions to see the Spinners.

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  • 17Have A Romantic Dinners At The Beach

    Have A Romantic Dinners At The Beach

    Highway Beach Resort and Spa Maldives, Four Seasons Resort, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, these are just to name a few where couples love to share love and romance floating on the sea shore with a glass of wine and scintillating music. These exotic resorts and many others give you an opportunity to surprise your love for a candle light dinner and spend beautiful time under the star gazing sky.

    Distance From Maldives Airport - It depends on which resort you are choosing

    Price/Tickets -  It does not have any specific cost but it will be included in the resort package.

    Any Other Specialty - you can opt for customised romantic dinner options

  • 18Adopt A Coral Reef In The Maldives

    Adopt A Coral Reef In The Maldives

    When in Maldives, do some great things like try adopting a pet. In association with a resident marine biologist, Alexia Pihier, at Iruveli Maldives, The Beach House has set up a coral restoration programme. Be a part of Eco-travelling where you can give a contribution to the environment and helping them authorities to give a meaningful and tangible contribution. Coral reef fish of the Maldives are a precious resource for fisheries and Maldives tourism.Thus do include this in your things to do in Maldives list.

    Price/Tickets -  Tourists who participate in the not-for-profit “Adopt a Coral Reef” programme pay US$150 (£93) per frame (US$40 – £25 – for kids). The cost of adopting is 30 euros per coral

    Location  - Catamaran sailing adventure on a K1 Top Cat, New Bravo Mini Cat – Hobie’s latest addition to sailing

    Any Other Specialty - Many resorts keep a promotion house open to adopting corals.

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  • 19Explore An Uninhabited Island

    Explore An Uninhabited Island

    When in Maldives, the turquoise waters and sun-kissed beaches lure honeymooners to take a quest to some secluded islands. Island Hopping is usual but does not forget to include few days in your things to do in Maldives list as this will help you to explore some of the untamed islands on this tropical sunbathed beaches and shorelines of the Indian Ocean. Take a tour to an uninhabited island possibly with a camping, beach barbeque, and like. Build your own tropical paradise!

    Price/Tickets -  Depends on which resort you choose to stay

  • 20Do A City Tour of Capital, Malé

    Do A City Tour of Capital, Malé

    Malé is considered to be a secret paradise. This capital city is blessed with stunning sightseeing and local attractions that are not to be missed in any way from your things to do in Maldives at night. There is no better way to relish the ‘real Maldives’ than through the eyes of the locals. Visit Huraa Island or take a 4-hour Male city tour that will include Sultan Park Presidents Palace, and Friday Mosque, Optional Museum. Also enjoy residential streets that are shaded with trees, forming arches overhead.

    Distance From Maldives Airport - It will take around 45 minutes

    Location  - Male

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  • 21Try Paddleboarding on Maldives Beaches

    Try Paddleboarding on Maldives Beaches

    The Maldives is a comparatively a very low-key destination, that is mostly due to the isolated and hushed island around. It has 99% of water thus, has scope for adventurous activities and water sports. How about trying paddle boarding when in Maldives. You can enjoy warm waters with a gusto rushing in your blood.People choose to visit Maldives for surfing and paddling to escape the daily mince. Try active Watersports Maafushi (Maafushi Island), Gulhi Island Watersports (Gulhi Island)and much more in the pool.

    Price/Tickets -  2 hours – 10USD / full day – 30USD (differs as per the cruise operator)

    Opening & Closing HoursAt the day time

  • 22View All Islands With Maldives Helicopter Tour

    View All Islands With Maldives Helicopter Tour

    Wanna fly high? Let's do this when in Maldives. Take a tour to glance the Bird's eye view of the magnificent and grand islands of Maldives that will make you awe-struck. Do not forget this to add in your things to do list in Maldives on honeymoon as the couple can experience the sheer paradise of this coral-clad archipelago. Hire a helicopter and explore the isolated islands.

    Distance From Maldives Airport - Depends on which resort you are staying in

    Price/Tickets -  Depends on which tour operator you are choosing

    Opening & Closing HoursUsually it is avoided in the night

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  • 23Bath In Crystal Clear Waters of Maldives

    Bath In Crystal Clear Waters of Maldives

    Sometimes, all it takes to just dive in turquoise waters and refresh your mind and body with your beloved, especially when you are on your honeymoon. Live it up in the tranquil blue sea and lay down under the sun talking just on nothing. It is a great way to find the inner peace and enjoy lakes, brilliant navy blue waters, and the bays with the vistas. There are some resorts that offer an excellent opportunity to bath in the clear waters such as - Ocean suite, Haven suite, Water villa and more.  

    Distance From Maldives Airport - This will depend on which resort you are choosing

    Location  - Your resort vicinity

  • 24Enjoy Early Morning Beach Walk

    Enjoy Early Morning Beach Walk

    There is nothing more mysterious than waking on an un-spoilt and serene beach.  So, get up early morning, rise and just shine through the stunning sunrise and the rays kissing the shoreline of the beautiful beach. It is the best to rejuvenate and walk on a white sandy beach! Play a lovely romantic track and indulge in pure love and romance with your beloved.

    Distance From Maldives Airport - It depends on which resort you are staying in

    Price/Tickets -  Differ

    Opening & Closing HoursIt’s all about getting up early in the morning

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  • 25Do Canoeing With Your Partner

    Do Canoeing With Your Partner

    Do canoeing with your beloved when in Maldives, especially on honeymoon, it will be an exclusive and exceptional experience for a lifetime. Indulge in this exciting water sports in Maldives for your adrenaline fix and create memories forever. Take a tour of Kayaking and Canoeing in Maldives and live the gusto.

    Price/Tickets -  Differs location to location. 

  • 26See The Beauty of Indian Ocean With Moonlight Cruise

    See The Beauty of Indian Ocean With Moonlight Cruise

    Sail through the blue waters of Indian Ocean with a cruise tour in Maldives. If you wish to relax on the shore line, plunge into the sensual moonlight, enjoy unspoilt nature, colourful and succulent fruits, on the white sandy beaches under the palm and coconut trees, then take a cruise line tour with your beloved. It is for sure to be added in the Maldives honeymoon things to do.

    Price/Tickets -  Depends on which cruise tour you choose

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  • 27Visit Sublime Lake - Bandaara Kilhi

    Visit Sublime Lake - Bandaara Kilhi

    It is a hidden paradise and the most beautiful sublime lake in Maldives. Bandaara Kilhi is literally termed as the "State Lake". It is one of the two freshwater lakes that are situated in Fuvahmulah, Maldives. Some research has shown that the underground bottoms of the lakes are crammed with the decayed corals that have crooked into a white clay. Perhaps, this is the most intriguing features of this island.

    Location  - Fuvahmulah, Maldives.

    Opening & Closing Hours 24 Hours

  • 28Know About Marine Life - Marine Conservation Centre

    Know About Marine Life - Marine Conservation Centre

    The Marine Research Centre (MRC) of the Maldives, was initiated in 1984. It is the research wing of the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture (MoFA). This body undertakes research on living marine resources and offers scientific advice on marine resource management in order to save and protect the marine life.

    Distance From Maldives Airport - 35 minutes

    Location  - Moonlight Hingun, Male 20025, Maldives (research centre)

    Opening & Closing Hours Friday and Saturday closed - Sunday to Thursday - 8 am - 2:30 pm
  • 29See The Royal Park - Sultan Park

    See The Royal Park - Sultan Park

    Sultan Park looks like a yet another park to experience the rich culture and lush green surroundings. It has a history that dates back to the 16th century. This public park was built on the southern side of the demolished Royal Palace grounds. We feel this shall make up to the list of things to do in Maldives. It has a quiet green oasis with ponds covered by water lilies and luxuriant trees. Moreover, there is a museum to relish one part of the sultan’s palace.

    Distance From Maldives Airport - 30 to 60 minutes

    Price/Tickets -  Free

    Location  - Malé, Maldives

    Opening & Closing Hours8am-6pm Sun-Thu, 4-6pm Fri

  • 30Collect The Memories of 2004 Disaster - Tsunami Monument

    Collect The Memories of 2004 Disaster - Tsunami Monument

    It is steel memorial that is festooned with the spheres which indicate those who lost their lives in Boxing Day tsunami in 2004. The actual tsunami is a massive natural calamity occurred in the Indian Ocean earthquake on the 26th of December 2004. It is devastated and on record, killed almost 250,000 people across 14 countries. Pay a visit to give homage to the souls rest in peace.  

    Distance From Maldives Airport - Around 42 to 45 minutes

    Price/Tickets -  Free

    Location  - Thin Ruh Park, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Malé, Maldives

    Opening & Closing Hours – 24 hours

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