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Cruises in Maldives

Taking a cruise is a trip of a lifetime and an experience that everyone must experience at least once. Especially cruises in Maldives that let travellers explore its exotic and tropical beauty are amongst the most popular in the world.

Maldives cruises include everything to make your vacation fantastic. Imagine rolling in high seas listening to the sounds of the crashing waves and watching beautiful sunrises and sunsets casting their glow on the seas and even some marine creatures if you’re lucky! The tranquillity of sea travel is incomparable to anything!

There are several great Maldives cruise liners that you can choose from. They are holiday destinations in themselves without letting you have a single dull moment as they combine comfort and entertainment. Right from on-board entertainment to amenities like infinity pools, Jacuzzi, open-air decks, jogging tracks, clubrooms, and fine dining options, they make your vacation memorable.

To make the most of your trip, you should just know where to start and which Maldives cruise packages to explore. Include off-shore excursions and visits to the world-famous atolls that let you enjoy most of the beautiful reefs in the world, crystal blue waters, lagoons, lush thickets, and pristine beaches. These packages are specially designed to let you indulge in snorkelling, diving, and appreciating the local landmarks like the palaces, mosques, and the markets.
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Maldives Cruises FAQs

What cruise lines go to the Maldives?

- Cruise from Mumbai to the Maldives:

1. Costa Victoria: This luxury 654 cabin Italian cruise, one of the most premium cruises in Maldives, sails through Mangalore and Cochin in 7 nights. Amenities include 5 restaurants, 10 bars, a casino, an entertaining Squok Club for children, shopping centre, wellness centre, sauna, Turkish bath, 4 Jacuzzis, jogging track, and 3 pools.

2. Le Laperouse Ponant Cruises: This French-style luxury yacht liner, one of the most famous cruises in Maldives, offers a 9-day cruise, balcony staterooms and guests can enjoy French dining, an infinity pool, a spa that offers the world-famous SOTHYS treatments, world’s first multi-sensory underwater lounge and watersports facilities on various stoppages.

3. Noble Caledonia-MS Island Sky: This small 59-suite cruise, one of the best cruises in Maldives, offers a 16-day cruise through Sri Lanka to the Maldives. It offers a spa, gourmet dining, fully-equipped gym, wellness centre, activities & entertainment for children, movie screenings, and on-shore excursions.

4. Jalesh Cruise: Enjoy a 7-night cruise as you relax at the spa, enjoy fine dining, on-board entertainment and a premium accommodation aboard this cruise liner.

- Cruise from Cochin to the Maldives:

1. Costa Victoria: Travellers can enjoy a luxury 3 nights and 4 days cruise journey on board the 654-cabin suite, one of the best cruises in Maldives. Guests can spend time enjoying amenities like the theatre, casino, disco, library, Turkish bath, 4 Jacuzzis, 3 outdoor and indoor swimming pools, fully-equipped gym, and the outdoor jogging track.

2. Amet Cruises: This Chennai based cruise liner offers a 4-night cruise to the Maldives as you luxuriate in its Premium Inside cabins, Spa-attached cabins, and Outside Staterooms. Amenities aboard this cruise liner include fine dining, swimming pool, outdoor open-air pool decks, disco, clubroom, etc.

- Cruise from Colombo to Maldives:

1. Jalesh Cruise: This luxury liner offers a 2-day cruise amidst premium luxury and the best of on-board entertainment and amenities like spa, swimming pool, gym, fine dining, and open-air decks. All these make Jalesh cruise one of the most-booked liners amongst all Maldives cruise packages.

2. Le Laperouse Ponant Cruises: Enjoy a 9-day cruise that will take you through the most stunning islands of the Maldives like Noonu Atoll, Baa Atoll, Ari Atoll, Mulaku Atoll as you enjoy shore excursions like snorkelling, scuba diving, and seeing the coral reefs and the marine life, making it one of the best Maldives cruises. On-board amenities include a spa, wellness centre, shopping centre, an outdoor infinity pool, club room, fine dining restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etc.

- Cruise from Srilanka to the Maldives:

1. Noble Caledonia- MS Island SKY: Enjoy a 2-night cruise aboard this small cruise ship that passes through Colombo, Kandy, and Galle. Choosing this liner in your Maldives cruise packages will let you enjoy on-shore excursions and amenities like outdoor bars & cafes, spa, pools, sun decks, fine dining, library, etc.

What is the best time to go on a cruise in the Maldives?

The best time to go on a cruise to the Maldives is in the winters (November-March). The weather is extremely pleasant during these months, there are hardly any rains and you can enjoy being outdoors and indulging in watersports. The temperatures range between a pleasant 20-30°C and there is hardly any rainfall and uncomfortable humidity at this time.

What is the ideal duration for the cruise tour to Maldives?

The ideal duration for the cruise tour to the Maldives is 4-5 or maximum of 6 days. The summer months i.e. November- April is considered the ideal time to indulge in a cruising experience and explore the scintillating Maldives.

Travellers can go island hopping in the Maldives on a cruise. Generally, islands like Male, Mirihi, Biyadhoo, Maafushi, Baros, Fulidhoo, Kuredu and Vaadhoo are included in the itinerary. Especially, you cannot miss Biyadhoo Island for indulging in a Scuba Diving/ Snorkelling experience. In addition, Kuredu Island offers the opportunity to dine under the ocean. Incredible! Isn’t it?

Do we need a passport and visa to go on a cruise to the Maldives?

Indian nationals need a valid passport that has a 6-month validity from the date of your travel. A pre-arrival visa is not required to enter the Maldives. You are issued a free 30-day visa on arrival.

How much does a Maldives cruise trip cost from India?

If you want to opt for a Maldives Cruise trip from India, the minimum cost starts from Rs 31,000/ person. It can go up to as high as Rs 3, 00,000/ person. Usually, packages worth Rs 31000/ person don’t include port fees, taxes, shore excursions, onboard gratuity, underwater activities, and other personal expenses. On the other hand, packages worth Rs 3, 00,000/ person mostly offer them all.

Can infants and children go on a Maldives cruise?

Yes of course! Cruise liners welcome infants and children and make their Maldives cruises journey a great experience for them. Most of the cruise companies allow kids to travel free and offer discounts on their food & beverages, accommodation, and the activities that they participate in.

Which city of Maldives has cruise ports?

Male, the capital city of the Maldives is the only and principal port here. The Male seaport is located within the Kaafu atoll and it is from here that the tour of the island nation begins.

Is there a mobile network and internet connection on Maldives cruise?

The availability of mobile network and internet connection on cruise in the Maldives depends upon cruise lines to cruise lines. Some of the Maldives Cruises provide internet connectivity while others have no provisions. If your cruise line doesn’t provide access to the internet, you can connect to the Wi-Fi services at the islands when the ships get docked.

What is the cheapest month to take a cruise to Maldives?

The cheapest month to take a cruise to the Maldives is during the monsoon months i.e. between May- October. This time of the year is considered an off-season in the Maldives. During this time, Maldives enjoys incessant rainfall, strong winds and rough seas. Travellers who are short on budget and are okay with a bumpy ride can go ahead and reserve tickets!

Is there any cruise from India to the Maldives?

Yes, there are several Maldives cruises from India to the Maldives. Depending on your budget and availability of time, you can choose from Jalesh Cruise, Costa Victoria, Le Laperouse Ponant cruises, and Noble Caledonia-MS Island Sky. All of them have different ports-on-call and follow different routes and itineraries.

What routes does the Maldives cruise take from India?

Mumbai Ports and Kochi Port serve as the base for the Maldives Cruise from India.

1. The major routes are Mumbai – New Mangalore – Kochi – Male;

2. Mumbai – Goa – Mangalore – Kochi – Trivandrum – Colombo – Kandy – Galle – Uligamu –Baa Atoll – Olhahali Island – Male.

3. Kochi – Maldives – Kochi.

4. Mumbai – Mangalore – Kochi – Male; Mumbai – Goa – Colombo – Male.

Is cruise tour to Maldives safe?

Yes, cruises to the Maldives are absolutely safe for all kinds of travellers. All the cruise ships are regularly checked and maintained to avoid accidents.  Additionally, all the ships adhere to fire safety regulations and maritime security.

What all should I pack for a cruise to Maldives?

Wondering what to pack for a cruise in the Maldives? Here, we have listed down the essentials:
- Government ID Proofs (Voter ID card/ Passport).
- Comfortable Summer Clothes because the Maldives is close to the equator. It remains warm throughout the year and temperature hovers between 25°C- 30°C.
- Carry Sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburn.
- Hat & Sunglass to protect your head and eyes from the scorching sun rays.
- Waterproof Slippers for flip-flopping around the beaches.
- Pack a Swimsuit for unwinding in a swim in the transparent blue water.
- Medicines (If Any).
- Liquid Cash for shopping and other personal expenses.
- Insect Repellant.

What are the safety measures to be taken care of on Maldives Cruise?

- Keep your life jackets, medications, and other safety equipment handy.
- Keep your documents and ID proofs safely.
- Mingle around with caution.
- Exert yourself responsibly keeping in mind your physical limitations and any existing health conditions.
- Be careful during on-shore excursions, follow the instructions, and stick to your group.
- Be alert at all times especially in the outdoor deck area and keep children closeby.
- Consume alcohol responsibly and don’t carry too many valuables.

What are tips to keep in mind before going on a Maldives cruise?

- Try to make the travel bookings in advance to avail of early-bird discounts.
- Always detail out the inclusions and exclusions in the prices to make sure that you are paying for only what you are purchasing.
- Read about the ship’s history & track record and pay attention to the safety measures and evacuation plans that it offers.
- Get travel insurance.
- Dress code that’s followed on the ship, especially during the dining hours.
- Get to know the details about each type of cabin/suite and what they offer. Mostly, the inside cabins don’t have windows.
- Check on the food policies of the ship and get to know if you will be served specific food as per your dietary requirements if any.
- Learn how to prevent motion sickness.
- If you are travelling with infants, get to know of the daycare space/babysitting services and the activities that you can engage them in.

What are the different places to go from and come to the Maldives on a cruise?

There are several Maldives cruises available from different parts of the world. The Maldives is connected well by sea route from destinations like Amsterdam, South America, Australia, Africa, Sri Lanka, India, Mauritius, Singapore, and Thailand.

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