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Amidst a plethora of alluring islands across the world, Maldives has its own peculiar charisma which includes exotic water islands, a serene blue sea, dazzling sandy beaches, magnificent reefs, and innumerable water sports which is capable enough to captivate peace lover across the world. With the best sightseeing tours in Maldives, it beholds numerous beautiful islands whose elegance is beyond comparison. Amidst them, one is Baros. If you are looking for places away from crowd where tranquility is at its best then Baros is the ultimate destination. It is amidst the admired islands of Maldives. With bronzed beaches and a plethora of luxury resorts, Baros is well-known for its natural elegance and coral beauty. Besides, this island also embraces water sport for the adventure-bugs. Another one is Nalaguraidhoo island which lies in the southern direction is appreciated for its spectacular beaches, beautiful tropical flowers and lavish greenery that attracts a huge number of travellers to take a nap in the lap of the nature. The travellers here will undoubtedly get immense joy and pleasure. The place is so beautiful that it can add up an edge of exoticness to your romantic life. Know more about amazing honeymoon packages of Maldives from here.


Also, do not forget to admire Banana reef which is globally renowned as one the best side for diving. Actually, it was initial diving crevice in Maldives. The edifice in a shape of Banana, the shell is packed up with exotic marine life, fantastic corals, amazing cliffs and serene ambience. On the eastern edge, one is able to find their peace of state in the arms of Alimatha Island. With deep blue, crystal clear water which is ideal for watersports like diving, snorkeling, and boating the island is ultimate destination for thrill lovers too. And on the northern hemisphere, the beach called artificial is well-known for its elegance. It is the most preferred site for the swimming enthusiasts. Usually the place is open for all but some restrictions have been laid down after scrutinizing the circumstances. It also organizes numerous carnivals, water sports and peaceful walks. The evening here is transformed into a perfect locus for musical jams and various performance. If you are planning your next vacation in the lap of pristine waters and tranquil vicinity, the best sightseeing tours in Maldives have to be at the initial stature in the list.

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