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    When you reach the haven of Maldives, you can be sure there are infinite things to check off your to-dos. Charmingly located between the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea, this island-country boasts of having more sea than land.

    Thrills of the place include every aquaphile's dream - water sports.  The crystalline waters off the coast of Maldives deems it perfect for a host of water-related activities. Deep sea diving, in Fish Head or Manta Reef, is a popular sport that involves seeing eye-to-eye with giant fish. Surfing with the rhythm of the waves makes your heart soar. If you are up for more, you could also go snorkelling, parasailing, fishing, jet-skiing, kayaking, kite surfing and similar. You could try areas like Helengeli Thila, Alimantha Island, Devana Kandu, Vatturu Kandu, Banana Reef or Kudarah Thila, if you are more-experienced.

    If you are travelling with young kids, there is a Whale Submarine, which takes you to the center of the ocean and lets you view the vast marine life through its large windows.

    On your honeymoon? You probably want to do nothing but take in all the sights and sounds and enjoy the peace this place has to offer. For you lot, there are supposed to be more 100 beach resorts to unwind and rejuvenate your senses, and that too, privately! 

    1. Sea plane Ride 

    2. Whale submarine

    3. Manta Point

    Image Credits : Neville Wootton - Flickr

    4. Fish Head

    Image Credits : Shayan - Flickr

    5. HP Reef

    6. Maldives Dhoni Cruise

    Image Source :

    7. Giant Clam

    8. Extreme Water Sports at Kurumba Maldives

    9. Sea Explorer

    Image Credits : Robert Lafond - Flickr


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