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Ipsita Nandy

27 December 2017

"It was an awesome experience. With the help of the crew members I completed my first parasailing successfully. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity."

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Rohit pawar

09 September 2018

It was a good experience. I have posted the video on YouTube.. check the link ""

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Abhishek Tiwari

28 October 2017

"A very good experience. Overcame the fear."

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Anupam Singh

27 August 2017

"Excellent expérience ! One can go for it for an adrenaline rush! Though it could have been even better if it was for at least 10 minutes in air!"

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Hamsini Khatri

15 December 2018

As someone who's always looking for adventures, this was thrilling and refreshing. The entire package was low cost which was a major reason why I chose Thrillophilia. The staff and the instructor were ...

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Dhanpati Tandon

10 December 2018

My dreams of flying were finally brought to life here! What an exhilarating experience and definitely worth the money. My pilot, Mukesh, was super professional and made me feel really safe and secure,


Daksha Bhattathiri

10 December 2018

This is the best adventure package for lovers of adventure activities in the sky. I tried this for the first time and I was really scared. But I will never forget the memories it gifted me. Thank you T


Kavya Rao

05 December 2017

"It was a very nice experience. The organisers were very friendly. The whole flight would be around 4-5 minutes , but the thrill is amazing. \n\nJust a note: DSLR is not allowed in the area. "

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Chinmayanand Jha

10 December 2018

We got professional guides who explained us the basics of parasailing. Being a beginner, i was afraid but got to do it safely all bcz of the guides. Nice tour