Kayaking in Karnataka

Karnataka Kayaking Packages

Duration Price
Kayaking in Dandeli1 hour
INR 300

Being the third most popular tourist destination in the country, Karnataka tourism here has been flourishing briskly from last decade and thus adventure tourism is also growing around the pace. With regards to water sports, the state opens great doors for water sports. Manifested with incredible shorelines and extremely prepared sports club, Karnataka tempts any water sport loves to attempt a dive into the watery depths of the state. Then panorama of the entire region is completely spellbinding due to the presence of Nilgiris, Western Ghats, waterfalls, groovy regions and innumerable lakes and streams. People across the world are attracted towards the aura of the best kayaking tours in Karnataka. The state has renowned its uniqueness in terms of numerous freshwater lakes and streams filled with pristine water. The adventure-bugs here in search of some thrilling experiences have a chance to explore and adore the expedition of numerous water sports in the heart of state like surfing kayaking, windsurfing, paddling, scuba diving and so on.


To most of the people, kayaking is the most burdensome and strenuous task but at the end it is the most beautiful experience one can ever have! The myth linked with kayaking is that the entire expedition is all about strength but the reality is something different. Rather than strength, one has to work on the technique. Besides, climate plays an important role too. It also adds the elegance to the beautiful phase of the days. Each trip on the best kayaking tours in Karnataka is a memory for life. Kayaking is a wonderful mean to promote adventurous water sport as well as the white water that India has. It is all about floating with the wild and scenic slices of the state and relish your mind, body and soul around a campfire on a river beach and get ready to for an addition of a lifetime.

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