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Overlooking Marseille's Old Port, Saint Laurent Church is a testament to centuries of history. Built on ancient grounds once dedicated to Apollo, it is one of the oldest churches in the region. With its simple Roman-Provençal style, it serves as a tranquil haven amid the city's hustle. The church is a symbol of resilience and faith. It continues to be a gathering place for the local fishing community. The church also reflects Marseille's rich heritage and vibrant culture.

Nestled in Marseille's oldest district, Église Saint-Laurent is the oldest surviving church in the region. It is a remarkable testament to the city's deep-rooted history and maritime heritage. This Romanesque-Provençal-style church is famous for its use of pink limestone. It overlooks the Old Port and offers a serene retreat amidst the bustling city. The church dates back to the 12th century and is a survivor of time, wars, and natural disasters. Its significance extends beyond its architectural beauty. It also serves as a symbol of the spirit and resilience of Marseille's fishing community. Visit the oldest church with Paris tour Package.

Église Saint-Laurent's history is rich with tales of restoration and revival. The church was originally built on what is believed to be the site of the first Greek temple dedicated to Apollo. It has also witnessed the city's evolution from a Greek outpost to a vibrant metropolis. The church has endured significant damage through the centuries. This includes the partial demolition of Fort Saint-Jean's construction. However, it has managed to retain its fundamental Romanesque architecture. Today, it functions as a place of worship, it also stands as a historical monument. One of the major highlights here is the annual August 15th procession. It features a gilded statue of the Virgin Mary and highlights the church's cultural and religious importance. It also attracts both locals and tourists to partake in this vibrant tradition.


• Discover the serene Roman-Provençal style of Église Saint-Laurent, symbolising Marseille's rich history.
• Discover tranquillity at Marseille's oldest church, a serene medieval gem.
• Admire the pink limestone facade of the church, which displays the resilience and artistic legacy of the Provence region.
• Join the procession on August 15th to witness the blend of local culture and traditions.
• Learn about the church's connection to local fishermen and how it serves as a common gathering place for them.

How To Reach

Église Saint-Laurent is located at Esplanade De la Tourette in Marseille's 2nd arrondissement. 

By Metro: The closest metro station to Église Saint-Laurent is Vieux-Port (Hôtel De Ville). It is located 700 metres from the church. Take the M1 metro from Estrangin (Préfecture) in the city centre (6th arrondissement) to Vieux-Port station. From here, you can reach the church in less than 5 minutes.

By Bus: Multiple bus lines serve the area near Église Saint-Laurent. Bus lines 49, 60, 82, 82S, 83, and 582 operate from the city centre. Take any one of these buses and get off at the Caisserie Beauregard bus stop. It is 450 metres or a 2-minute walk from the church. 

By Car: The church is 3.7 kilometres from the city centre. If you are driving, use navigation services like Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze to find the best route to Esplanade De la Tourette. Parking in Marseille can be challenging, so look for nearby public parking areas.

Best Time To Visit

Église Saint-Laurent in Marseille is great to visit throughout the year. This church is a significant symbol of Marseille's maritime history. It offers a unique glimpse into the city's past and present.

  • Best Day: Weekdays ensure a quieter visit and offer a better experience in this ancient church. With fewer visitors, you can learn about its rich history without any rush.
  • Best Time of Day: Morning hours are the best time to visit the church. Though specific opening hours may vary, arriving early ensures a peaceful visit.

Other Essential Information

  • Check opening times before you go since they can vary, especially on holidays.
  • The church is an active religious site, so dress modestly out of respect for worshippers.
  • Photography may be restricted inside, so ask for permission or look for signs.
  • Put your phones on silent mode to maintain the sacred quiet of the church interior.
  • Don't miss the stunning view of the Old Port from the church's vicinity.
  • Consider a guided tour to fully appreciate the history and architecture.
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