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Nainital Rafting

The experience of rafting in Nainital with water splashing all around you and rushing down at a very high velocity is something that all adventure seekers cherish. The adrenaline rush and the enthusiasm will take you through some of the challenging curves in the rivers of Nainital. If you wish to get an endorphin dosage of thrill, then there are no better water sports in Nainital other than river rafting.

Nainital rafting in the middle of snow capped mountains, lush green valleys, meadows come together to offer the best ever rafting experience to adventure seekers as well as wanderlust travellers. It is a perfect getaway for any adventure lover to relive all the adrenaline rush taking part in the nerve-wracking activity of River Rafting.

Uttarakhand is dotted with a number of river rafting destinations where you can make the most out of the sport, and Nainital is one amongst them. You do not need to have any prior experience of rafting as well as swimming to take part in this activity.

Simply reach the rafting spots and book the one that most suits you to get going with the flow. The past paced motion inside the river against the powerful waves splashing against you will just change the definition of adventure for you.
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Nainital Rafting FAQs

What are the best places for rafting in Nainital?

Nainital is a seekers paradise for river rafting. Check out some of the best places to try about river rafting in Nainital:

1. Kosi River:
River rafting has been one of the most loved spine-tingling adventure water sports that is being carried out in the Kosi River. The river is known for offering some of the best ever experience to the beginners as well as professionals.

You can come over to this place in between the month of July and September to indulge in the rafting activities here. Apart from trying out river rafting, you can also be a part of numerous other activities like bird watching, fishing and angling, bridge slithering, and rappelling.

2. Ramganga River:
Ramganga River is yet another popular place that is visited by a large number of adventure seekers every single year. The river starts its journey from an altitude of about 3110 meters above the sea level to the Lower Himalayas of Garhwal range.

As it descends from a great height, the water is channelized into a number of falls and streams, which are perfect for river rafting activity. You can come over to the rafting point, book your package and head into the river for an ultimate fun-filled and thrilling experience.

3. Ramnagar:
Ramnagar is blessed with some of the swift mountain rivers that are just perfect for white water rafting. River rafting has been one of the most popular sports that adventure seekers love to carry out in Ramnagar. The sport can be attempted by anyone starting from amateurs to professionals. The streams flow through the rock outcrops, mountains, and forests making the activity a heart-thumping experience.

You can come over to this place all through the year except the monsoon season to try out river rafting. The best time to take part in this activity would, however, be in between the month of March and the month of May.

The climatic conditions remain perfect for carrying out this activity and you can easily navigate through the water streams without facing many difficulties.

Is the river rafting in Nainital safe?

Yes, river rafting in Nainital is safe as the activity is carried out under the strict supervision of expert rafters who have years of experience.

Before you jump into the water, you will be provided with all sorts of necessary introductory lessons as well as safety briefings so that things do not go wrong.

When is the best time to visit Nainital for rafting?

The best time to visit Nainital for rafting would be in between the months of March and the month of June. It is the time when Nainital is open for all types of adventure activities. The temperature remains in between 11 to 28 degree Celsius, which makes outdoor activities a bliss.

What are the rapid levels and grades for rafting in Nainital?

The rapid levels and grades for rafting in Nainital is classified as per the levels of difficulty at the time of manoeuvring the rafts in the water. Here are the details of the different grades for rafting:

-GRADE I: Easy, small waves. No obstacles.
-GRADE II: Moderate difficulty with clear passages.
-GRADE III: Difficult, high irregular waves, narrow passages. Requires precise manoeuvring.
-GRADE IV: Difficult, powerful waves. Very precise manoeuvring required.
-GRADE V: Extremely difficult, violent, and highly congested. Team of experts only.
-GRADE VI: Not to be run.

It is at all times recommended to consult the on-site instructors before jumping into the water streams to take part in this activity. You should attempt the grades of Rafting depending on your level of expertise and experience.

What kind of fitness am I expected to have for rafting in Nainital?

River Rafting is surely an adventure sport that demands a good level of physical fitness. You should have a decent amount of physical flexibility and should not have been detected with a serious medical ailment in the recent past.

If you have any kind of medical complaints, then it is at all times advised to let the instructors have an idea about it. You should have a minimum weight of 50 lbs. and a maximum chest size of 52”.

What is the cost of rafting in Nainital?

The cost of Nainital Rafting would be around INR 1500 to INR 2500 per person. In this package, you will be given a short introductory lesson and an expert survival as well as a rafting guide to assist you to carry out this activity. This is the best pricing that you can ever get in Nainital that covers all the bells and whistles of the activity.

Can I go river rafting in Nainital if I do not know swimming?

Yes, you can definitely go river rafting in Nainital even if you do not know swimming. Before going into the waters, you would need to put on safety jackets and other safety gears that would be of great help and protect you from drowning.

In every single raft, there would be expert lifeguards who will save you from drowning. You will also be provided with some introductory lessons before the start of the activity so that you have basic survival knowledge and other dos and don'ts.

Is Nainital rafting safe for children and the elderly?

Yes, river rafting in Nainital is safe for children as well as elderly people. But, you should strictly follow the guidelines formulated by the authorities.

You should not take kids younger than 14 years with you and elderly people with average physical fitness for Nainital Rafting.

What if I fall out of the raft during rafting?

If you fall out of the raft in the course rafting in Nainital, you should follow the following measures:

-You need to stay calm at the first point.
-Grab the raft’s safety rope.
-You should float down the river.
-You should not try to swim as the river current is much stronger.
-You should not also let go of your paddle.
-You should wait for being pulled into the raft.

How much time does the rafting activity last for?

The water rafting in Nainital usually takes place for 2 – 4 hours in a day.

Is there any age bar to indulge in the sport of river rafting in Nainital?

Yes, there is an age bar to indulge in the sport of water rafting in Nainital. The minimum age allowed for taking part in this activity is 14 years. The ideal age for participating in this activity is 14 – 45 years.

Is Nainital worth river rafting?

Nainital is definitely worth river rafting as you would be able to get a once in a lifetime experience of thrill and adventure moving across the fast waves of the streams.

What are all other water sports and adventure activities I can do in Nainital?

Here are some of the best water sports and adventure activities that you can be a part in Nainital:

1. Paragliding:
The thrill of flying high up in the air and collecting glimpses of the city will surely be a fun-filled and exhilarating experience. Take some simple tips from the instructors and head out on your journey of exploration from the bird's eye view.

2. Ridge Camping:
Ridge camping in the middle of the lush green meadows will surely give you a mesmerizing pleasure in Nainital where you can sight the Himalayan peaks.

3. Rock Climbing:
It is yet another adventure sport to try out in Nainital. With a perfect blend of physical balance, agility and endurance, you will surely be able to make it.

4. Rappelling:
In this activity, you can climb up to a mountain that is inclined vertically by the help of a rope. The best place to carry out this activity would be Sattal Lake, which is surrounded by lush greenery, backwoods and some spectacular views.

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