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    Night Stay in Kabini River Lodge
    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the Activity:Visit this beautiful Kabini River Lodge, located 90 kms from Mysore and is housed amidst the mesmerizing scenery, away from the hustle and bustle of city life built in contemporary architectural style with all the creature comforts to give you real nature experience.Reach the resort and check in at around 12:30 PM and start your day of relaxation. In the afternoon at around 01:30 PM have a sumptuous lunch.At around 03:30 PM, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and head for a wildlife Safari in vehicle and take a boat ride to Nagarhole National Park with a guide showing and sharing their experiences and information about the jungle and all the animals that live thereReturn from the safari at around 06:30 PM and enjoy refreshments followed by the wildlife movie screening at around 07:45 PM in the Viceroy's building.At around 08:30 PM, sit comfortably around the campfire and have your delicious dinner.Next day, wake up early morning around 05:45 AM and enjoy a cup of hot coffee.After that cruise through the serene backwaters of the River Kabini on a motor boat viewing sleepy crocodiles and chirpy birds, intent on their morning catch. View a variety of wildlife especially elephants coming to the river for bath or a drink.Head back to the lodge, freshen up and enjoy a delicious breakfast at around 10:00 AM.Conclude your unforgettable trip to Kabini at around 11:00 AM.The river lodge consists of 4 Maharaja cottages, 10 cottages, 14 rooms and 6 tents with modern bath facilities and the lodge can accommodate around 68 guests at a time.

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    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the Activity:Visit this beautiful wilderness camps of Kyathadevara Gudi, located amidst the mesmerising scenery, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.Reach the resort and check in at around 12:30 PM and start your day of relaxation. In the afternoon at around 01:30 PM have a sumptuous lunch.At around 03:30, sip a cup of tea or coffee and get ready for a jungle adventure in a jeep as you encounter gaur families, herds of elephants, bears, or a leopard perched on a tree.Witness the amazing wildlife show and learn about the laws of the jungle through others’ experiences at around 06:45 PM.In the evening at around 08:30 PM sit comfortably around the campfire and enjoy a delicious dinner.Next day, wake up early morning at around 06:00 AM and enjoy a cup of hot coffee. Again embark on the jungle safari at around 06:15 till 08:30 AM.Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast after your jeep safari and conclude your unforgettable trip to the nature camp at around 11:00 AM.The camp can accommodate thirty to forty guests at a time and it comprises 8 tented cottages, 3 log huts and 2 well-furnished family rooms at the Maharaja’s Hunting Lodge.

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  • d3 Days n2 Nights

    About the activity / tour with details: Kabini – the land of the leopard is a true nature’s delight that provides you with virgin views of nature. Nagarhole National Park located in this beautiful slice of paradise is well acclaimed for world’s highest density of tigers. Enthral in this delightful experience of living in a nature’s abode. Rivet in this unparalleled experience of witnessing exotic wildlife species from close – enjoy the magnificent views of elegant Asiatic Leopard relaxing in the jungles. While here, you can also enthral in a Kabini boat ride – indulge in this rare experience of witnessing gigantic crocodiles swimming their way in the calm waters. Click some amazing pictures as this is one experience that you do not come across that easily otherwise! Stay at Kabini River Lodge, Kharapur also provides you with a golden opportunity of watching hunting exhibitions by the Ospreys and Shaheen Falcons in the neighbourhood. Delight in this stunning experience of living in the wild while enjoying the natural beauty that accompanies your stay here. Among terrific prey birds, you are likely to get a close glimpse of Eagles, Hawks, Buzzards, Harriers, Falcons and King Vulture besides other migratory water birds. Rivet in this amazing unparalleled experience of staying at Kabini River Lodge with friends and family while here. Meal Types: Lunch from Day 01 to Breakfast on Day 03 Accommodation Types: Twin sharing basis in rooms at Kabini River Lodge, Kharapur Activities: 4 safari’s in total (Jeep/Boat) into Rajiv Gandhi National Park, Nature trail Difficulty Level: Easy

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    d3 Days n2 Nights

    About the Activity:Nourished with rich wildlife, attractive jungle and a scenic lake, Nagarhole National Park,  is one of Karnataka’s best wildlife getaways.Kabini is located in a village called Karapura, 220 kms away from Bangalore, near the Rajiv Gandhi National Park and is adjacent to the Kabini River.Once you arrive at Heggadadevana kote in Karnataka at around 11:30 PM, get checked into your farm house accommodation at 12 noon.Enjoy the delicious lunch at 01:00 PM and then take open bus safari in Kabini at 04:00 PM and return back to the campsite at 08:00 PM for a delicious dinner.The park boasts a fantastic wildlife-watching experience with its lush forests are home to tiger, leopard, elephant, gaur, barking deer and many more.Next day start your expedition early as 06:00 AM in the national park and taste the delicious lunch at around 01:00 PM.Start the Kabini open mini bus safari at 04:00 PM and reach the camp site at around 08:00 PM for a dinner next to a campfire.Wake up early in the morning and set out on a birding photography session at 06:00 AM capturing stunning images of the rare species of birds.Post breakfast you can check out of the the campsite at around 11:00 AM. 

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    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the Activity:Mudumalai is nestled amid ageless hills that line the southernmost edge of Tamil Nadu.Situated in Tamil Nadu, it is just 200 km from Bangalore and boasts a wide variety of flora and fauna in and around the Mudumalai National Park.The traditional jungle accommodation is surrounded by thick lush green deciduous forests and stunning views of the majestic Nilgiri Mountain.During your stay indulge in various activities like jungle trekking and mid-night jungle safari in a 4x4 jeep to witness the rare wildlife species around.             The famous trekking destinations in Mudumalai is gifted with emerald landscapes and acres of banana plantations surrounding the hike.  The camp also allows you to bask in the warmth of a campfire accompanied with a delicious meal for a pleasant stay in the property.  The property can accommodate up to 50 people with all necessary need.  

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Traveller Tales from Mysore


Shakti Arora

10 April 2014

Wao it was absolutely brilliant to see those majestic Tiger and charismatic Leopard, this was the first time i saw these animals for the first time. The panoramic views catches our attention , its one of the best holiday destination.

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Giriraaj Shah

10 November 2015

This Nagarhole National Park is very popular for its rich wildlife. Loved to discover most inviting and beautiful park of the countrya. The spectacular views of Asian Elephants, Gaurs (Indian Bison), different kind of Deer Barking and Mouse, Sambars, Sloth Bears, Marsh Crocodiles and Spotted,, Otters, Indian Wild Dogs and several others. We were glad to be the part of the trip!!!!!

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Gudakesa Chaturvedi

12 April 2015

I saw all such beautiful creatures for the first time, including Asian Elephants, Sloth Bears and marsh crocodiles. Its was almost like a dream came true.

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Menka Iyer

06 December 2014

I will definately recommend this amazing park to my office fellows!!! Actually its perfect for weekend adventure. There are facilities for everything from accomodation to jungle adventure, so it suits for family holiday also. You will certainly get the most elegant views of animals and birds.


Bandhul Mahajan

18 September 2015

Wao it was absolutely brilliant to see those majestic Tiger and charismatic Leopard, this was the first time i saw these animals for the first time. The panaromic views catches our attention , its one of the best holiday destination.


Daksha Johar

13 November 2014

We were a group of five people who ent to discover the rich heritage of the country. As a team we performed many group activities also and , iloved that, spending time with your friendswas my favourite part of the trip.


Bhoj Chopra

15 October 2014

We were surprised to see such an some animals, and birds ...Its one of the best tourist spots in south india. This national Park is Spread over 34 acres of landscaped gardens and mango orchards that looks magnificient.


Anand Gill

11 April 2015

National parks are always great way of understanding the wildlife, me and my friends decided to go to kabini for the safari. the tour was just perfect, 3 days of staying in wild and going for 3 safari. it was great to spot different animals. the only sad part was we couldnt spot the tiger which we really wanted to. our guide was actually good, he had good knowledge about the area and he tried his best to spot one tiger but were really unlucky but otherwise it was a very well organised trip and had great time in the forest!

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Harinakshi Shah

12 September 2015

It always feels special to go for such an adventurous trip with your friends in such National park which has so rich heritage of flaura and fauna.Our tour guide helped us to discover ore about the place.

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