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Mysore is a city with an old-world appeal as it has a lot of historical monuments like majestic forts and beautifully carved temples. From castles that discuss the wonders of the past and holy places with a rich social legacy to heavenly landmarks and galleries, every part of Mysore has a story to tell. If you want to explore the city during long weekends then the best way is to take car Rentals in Mysore as the city has so much more to explore and it becomes really difficult to travel on public transport. In case you are travelling with family then safety and comfort will be your first priority and self-driven car tours are the best in that case.

Look out for the best car rental in Mysore so that you can easily book your favourite car without any hustle and bustle, also the cars are in great condition so that you don’t have any hindrances on your trip. 

The Mysore car rental services make it easier to procure a car these days as everyone loves to travel according to their own schedules and preferences. The cars provided here are at nominal costs and could be hired as per your requirements.

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Mysore Car Rentals FAQs

Which are the best cars available for rent in Mysore?

1. Maruti Swift- If you're looking for a car with low maintenance and a high average then Maruti Swift is the best available Car Rentals in Mysore. This is a 5 seater car that is manually operated and comes with two airbags for additional safety. Maruti Swift has the highest number of hatchback car sales in India.

2. Ford Ecosport- If you are on a vacation to Mysore with your family and are looking for a car that could easily accommodate your family then none can beat the Ford EcoSport. This car is a 5 seater car so that your family can have a comfortable sitting experience. This car comes with four airbags to avoid any mishappenings.

3. Maruti Ciaz (MT)- If you are looking for a luxury car with great power and more space then Maruti Ciaz is the best choice. This is the best sedan for a family or a group of 5 friends. The car is known for better fuel efficiency as it is a smart hybrid car by Suzuki.

4. Hyundai Creta- Hyundai Creta is one of the best car rentals in Mysore as this car is the best SUV with a pocket-friendly price. This is a spacious 5 seater car and comes with 5 airbags too for additional safety. The most loved feature of this car is that it has a voice-enabled panoramic sunroof making it the smartest car in this price range.

5. Tata Hexa- The well-known car for its design and comfortability. This SUV comes at a very nominal rate. Tata Hexa is a six-speed automatic transmission car and its engine transmission is one of the best in any Tata car. This car can easily accommodate a group of 7 people and comes with 5 airbags for better security and safety. 

6. Tata Nexon - Tata Nexon is one of the most loved car rentals in Mysore as it’sthe most powerful car and has great efficiency too. This car is very safe and is known for its value for money. It also provides a mileage of more than 17 kmpl.

7. Maruti Brezza- This SUV is known for its impressive dashing looks. This car is really very spacious and comes with a sitting capacity for a group of 5 people. This car comes with 4 airbags so that you are safe and need not worry even during times of unexpected events or mishappenings. It is easy to drive this car in harsh terrains. 

8. Ford Freestyle- If you are looking for an SUV with higher ground clearance and great power then Ford freestyle can be a great choice. If riding is your game then this car lets you drive safely even in the rough ridges and you can easily rent it through the Mysore car rental service.

9. Renault Kwid- It is also known as Mini Suv. It was the first car in the country to get touch screen systems. This car is known for its great design and modern look. The fuel efficiency of the car is also more than 25 kilometres per litre which makes it the most efficient car.

10. Volkswagen Polo- If you are looking for a safe, well-equipped, and something within your budget then Volkswagen Polo is the most loving car rental in Mysore. The car is also known for its great performance, design, and best riding experience. The car lets you enjoy your weekend trips with great comfort and safety.

What is the price of renting a car in Mysore?

1.Maruti Swift- You can easily procure this through various car Rentals in Mysore at an approximate cost of Rs 2,200.

2.Ford Ecosport- One can easily rent this at an average cost of Rs 2,500 per day in Mysore.

3.Maruti Ciaz (MT)- If you want to rent this car for your road trip then you can get it through the Mysore car rental service at an approximate cost of Rs 3,200.

4.Hyundai Creta- This Car can be easily rented at an approximate cost of Rs 3,200 per day through the best car rental in Mysore.

5.Tata Hexa- You can easily book this at a pocket-friendly price of 3600 rupees per day.

6.Tata Nexon- This 5 seater car can be easily rented through car Rentals in Mysore at an approximate cost of Rs 2700 per day. 

7.Maruti Brezza- You can easily get this beauty through various car rentals in Mysore at an approximate cost of Rs 2,500.

8.Ford Freestyle- This can be easily hired through various Mysore car rental services at an approximate cost of Rs 2050.

9.Renault Kwid- You can easily rent this mini SUV at a minimal cost of Rs 1900 per day.

10.Volkswagen Polo- One can easily get this at an approximate cost of Rs 2400 per day.

What are the general terms and conditions for renting a car in Mysore?

1. Driving license- While renting a vehicle from car rentals in Mysore you need to have your original driving license. They might also ask you to submit a copy of the same for reference. 

2. Documents- A government verified ID or document must be submitted. It might include an Aadhar card, voter card, or passport. You also need to submit a document which verifies your current address. If you are an employee and hiring for business purposes then you need to submit a document that states the proof of your employment.

3. Cars should be handled with care- For the time period you have rented a car in Mysore you need to take care of it properly and avoid any scratches or damages.

4. Security deposit- Before you pro-cure a vehicle through Mysore car rental services you need to submit a security deposit. This money is refundable on the return of the car in its actual condition.

What documents will be required for renting a car in Mysore?

To rent a car you need to show your original driving license and verified government ID proof. These documents will be further verified. The car rentals in Mysore will not accept any photocopies of your documents on a sheet.

What documents should I ask while renting a car?

The documents you should ask for while renting a vehicle through the best car rental services in Mysore Include original RC papers, a copy of insurance papers, and PUC certificate of the car. These papers are handy and useful in case there are any mishappenings.

.What are the important things to remember when taking a car for rent?

1. Take photos- Before you actually take your car for an excursion, please take photos of the car including the sides and the gates for any clashes in the future, while returning the car.

2. Discuss the scratches and dents if any-  If you find any scratches or dents on the car then please discuss with or inform the Mysore car rental services so that when you return they don't blame you.

3. Fuel gauge- Examine the fuel gauge and check if there is an issue with it. if, then inform the car rentals.

4. Documents- Ask the documents like Rc, insurance papers, and PUC papers to avoid any issues on your weekend trip or while returning the vehicle

Which are the best cars for rent in Mysore at the airport?

1.Toyota Innova- Innova is known for its motor, safety, great quality, and level of comfort. This is also quite spacious and the best car for rent in Mysore at the airport.

2-.Maruti Wagon R- If you enjoy driving and searching for the most friendly vehicle then none can beat Maruti Wagon R. The vehicle is additionally smaller and best for few people who love exploring at the comfort of their own vehicle. 

3-.Maruti Swift Dzire-The vehicle is known for its extraordinary motor and engine which makes it the most adored brand of effective vehicles in the country. This vehicle is great to ride and gives decent mileage. 

4-.Ford Ecosport-Ford Ecosport is the best Suv vehicle for individuals who are always eager to travel. The large tank of the vehicle further makes it simple to drive for extended periods without agonizing over the fuel. 

5.Hyundai i20-If you're searching for a conservative vehicle with the best innovation and sensors then the Hyundai i20 can be an incredible decision. One can ride without much stress, through the bustling streets as well highways.

Which are the best places for a weekend road trip from Mysore by rented cars?

1.Chikmagalur- Chikmagalur is a very famous hill station in Karnataka. The city lies around the Mullyanagiri peak which stands at a height of 3,400 feet. The hills are filled with rich flora and fauna, a serene environment, thick woods, and mighty mountains. The place is an ideal spot for a weekend getaway as it has a lot many things to explore like Baba Budangiri, Mullayanagiri, and Kemmanagundi. The best way to reach here is through car Rentals in Mysore.

Distance from Mysore- The average distance from Mysore is 171 Kilometres
Best Time - The best time to visit the place is from March to May.

2.Ooty- It is also referred to as the “queen of hill stations”.Emerald Lake is the significant fascination of Ooty, and the wonderful climate here makes it even more delightful. The most visited places here are Botanical Garden, Rose Garden, Wenlock Downs, Pine Forest. A trip to Ooty is incomplete without the toy train ride. It takes you from Mettupalayam to Ooty via Coonoor. The track is around 46 kilometres and the train has both AC as well as non-AC coaches. 

Distance from Mysore- The average distance from Mysore is 156 Kilometre.
Best Time - The best time to visit is from October to May.

3.Coorg- Coorg is situated in Karnataka at a height of 1525m on western ghats; it is also known as "Scotland of India." It is no less than a paradise for nature lovers. It is perhaps the calm and serene environment of the place making it an ideal honeymoon spot. Coorg is prestigious for its espresso estate. The area looks covered in mist during the dusk and dawn hours due to its great altitude.

Distance from Mysore- The average distance from Mysore is 117 Kilometres.
Best Time - The best time to visit is from May to June.

4.Hampi- Hampi, a pilgrimage town in northern Karnataka, was previously the capital of the Vijayanagara Dynasty. This religious city has a fascinating history associated with it which has attracted a large number of people around it. The place has monuments inspired by the designs of Vijayanagar, tracing all the way back to 1500 AD. During the good old days, it is believed that Hampi used to be the second biggest city in the world.

Distance from Mysore- The average distance is 423 kilometers
Best Time - November as Hampi festival is observed during this time

5.Sakleshpur- Situated in the lower regions of the Western Ghats in the area of Malnad, it offers hypnotizing sights that will blow your mind. The lavish green slopes of this entrancing town are plentifully covered with cardamom, espresso, and pepper ranches. There are numerous spots to visit in Sakleshpur. Sakleshpur is an ideal location for admirers of nature. The city is known for its ancient temples, heritage-filled forts, breathtaking cascades, flora, and fauna, hikes, etc. you can easily reach the place by taking a vehicle through the best Car Rentals in Mysore.

Distance from Mysore-
The average distance is 149 kilometers
Best Time - March to May is the best time to visit

6.Wayanad-  It lies on the border of Kerala between the mountains of Western Ghats. This hill station is rich in plantations, thick woods, and wildlife. One can easily find estates of various spices like cardamom, Black pepper, Star Anise, Fenugreek, Black cumin along with these you can also see coffee plantations, fresh fruits vegetables and paddy fields. 

Distance from Mysore- The approximate distance is 148 kilometers 
Best Time - March to May is the best time to visit

7.Nagarhole - Nagarhole National Park, also called Rajiv Gandhi National Park is the captivating 247 km square-mile long reserve situated in the Kodagu and Mysore region of Karnataka. Enhanced with rich backwoods cover at the west of the Kabini River, the Nagarhole National Park is considered a trove of wildlife. The wildlife enthusiasts can spot the rich wildlife here which includes tiger, leopard, wild dog (dhole or Cuon Alpinus), sloth bear, and the hyena. One can also spot herbivores here like the spotted deer, sambar, barking deer, four-horned antelope, gaur, wild boar and elephant. It also has rich flora and several types of birds.

Distance from Mysore- The approximate distance is 90 kilometers 
Best Time- April to May is the best time to visit

8.Belur- Situated in the locale of Hassan, Belur lies in the province of Karnataka in India. This antiquated town which was known by the name Velapura prior is arranged on the banks of the Yagachi River in Hassan. This was the capital of the Hoysala Empire during the eleventh century. The city has a number of architectural wonders which include several temples and monuments designed by the Hoysala leaders over a time of 300 years. 

Distance from Mysore- The approximate distance is 149 kilometers 
Best Time - October to April is the best time to visit 

.Which are the best places to explore in Mysore by rented car?

1. Mysore Palace- An excursion to Mysore can't be called finished if you didn't visit the popular Maharaja Palace. This grand castle used to be the regal home of the Wodeyar administration and is known for its Indo-Saracenic building plan. Venturing into this castle will make your jaw drop, as the architectural design is beyond words

Location- Sayyaji Rao Road, Agrahara, Chamrajpura, Mysuru
Timing- 10 am to 5.30 pm

2. Chamundeshwari Temple- Situated on Chamundi Hills, this is quite possibly the most visited temple in South India. It was built by the Wodeyar family as a devotion to their family god, Goddess Durga. It portrays the Dravidian style and has a fancy seven-level pyramidal pinnacle at the passageway. There are two different ways to arrive at the main idol first is by driving up to the slope and second by taking up the stairs that count upto1,000.

Location- Chamundi Hill Rd, Mysuru
Timing- 7.30 am to 2 pm, 3.30 pm to 6 pm, and 7.30 pm to 9 pm

3. Philomena’s Cathedral- St. Philomena's Cathedral is the tallest in Asia, was raised to respect St. Philomena, a Catholic holy person; this is the only monument designed by the Britishers in the city. The house of prayer is the Neo-Gothic style with stunningly lovely twin towers on the sides, which are 175 ft. high. From dazzling stained glass brought all the way from France to the mesmerizing shrine under which the relic of St. Philomena is set, the congregation will leave you delighted.

Location- Lourdes Nagar, Ashoka Rd, Lashkar Mohalla, Mysuru
Timing- 5 am to 6 pm

4. Rail Museum- Has the historical backdrop of trains at any point aroused your creative mind? Have you at any point considered what train travel resembled during the hour of the maharajas and maharanis? The rail exhibition hall in the city will help you discover answers to these inquiries as this was made in the year 1979 by Indian Railways, it is the second of its sort in India. It shows an entrancing scope of rail routes, steam trains, carriages, and vehicles, some of which are more than a hundred years of age.

Location- KRS Rd, Opp. CFTRI, Medar Block, Yadavagiri, Mysuru
Timing- 10 am to 5.30 pm

5. Karanji Lake- Spread over 90 acres of land, this is the biggest lake in Karnataka. Karanji Lake lies below Chamundi and is the most serene and picturesque place in Mysore. It is India's biggest stroll through an aviary that houses in excess of 70 types of birds. If you're a wildlife lover or a nature enthusiast then you are surely going to fall in love with this place.

Location-Karanji Kere, Jockey Quarters, Mysuru, Karnataka

6. Melody World Wax Museum- The third-biggest craftsmanship gallery in India, Melody World is one of its sorts. As the name proposes, the historical centre features an assortment of over 100 wax sculptures and more than 300 instruments. The instruments and music bands are shown here range from the stone age to present-day music like Jazz, Pop, Chinese, Tribal, Rock, Punjabi Bhangra, Hip Hop, etc.

Location- 1, Vihara Marga, Kurubara Halli, Siddhartha Layout, Mysuru
Timing- 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

7. Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens- This Zoo was made by Shri Chamarajendra Wodeya in the year 1892 he was the ruler of Mysore. It is home to more than 1450 species of animals and more than 168 varieties of birds from all over the world. 77 acres of the land of the zoo is covered by a lake that serves as the major source of water for the wildlife. The animals here were very selective by the king himself and included Primates, Antelopes, chimpanzees, Giraffes, Orangutans, Gorillas and Bears. It also had a few rare animals which include American Bison, Polar Bear, Californian Sea Horse, Polar Bear, White Elephant, Penguin and Kangaroo.

Location- Zoo Main Road, Indira Nagar, Ittige Gudu, Mysuru
Timing- 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

What is the best time to visit Mysore?

The best time to visit Mysore is during the winter months that is October to February. During these months the weather of the city is very cool and pleasant and it lets you explore the city to the fullest. The winter temperature here drops to 10 degrees Celsius which makes it easier to ride and fun to explore the city.

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