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Duration Price
Mysore Walking Tour3 hours
INR 970
Colonial Walking Tour, Mysore4 hours
INR 2,500

Mysore has a glorious history and royal heritage wanting to be explored by a tourist. The city landscape is characterised by architecture marvels, few dating back to centuries old. While one can explore these places by the usual means of bus, cab or other public transport modes, the best option to tap the secret sights and smells of this princely city is by indulging in the best walking tours in Mysore that are available and offered in plenty. A heritage Mysore walk will take you to Mysore Palace, Chamundi Hills, Jaganmohana Palace, Amba Vilas Palace, Crawford Hall among other iconic places. For those who want to soak up in the old-world glory of the place and sample the local gastronomical fare, at the same time, then the food walks come into rescue.  With lakhs of tourists visiting the City every year, the tourist operators have left no stone unturned when it comes to pleasing the visitors with their ample tourist packages including walking tours.


The walking tours are a hit, no doubt as it engages with visitors more vividly with guides interacting with them, giving out fascinating facts and transporting them back to the vintage era . One can select from one day, half day to two-hour walking tour depending on the interest and needs of a tourist. For art lovers, there are artisan walks wherein participants get to familiarize with the age-old art-making, handicrafts and interact with sandalwood artists who create stunning art pieces. Most of the walking tour ends with a trail to Mysore’s popular eateries that whips up local delicacies such as Mysore Masala Dosa, Idlis, Mysorepak, Shavige Payasam, Chiroti to name a few. Go ahead, enrol yourself in one of the best walking tours in Mysore and you are sure to get mesmerized. Mysore is also an excellent place to explore by cycling and bike rentals are available in plenty as well here.

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Martine Martine
Reviewed: 03 Dec 2017
We had a great walk with Prajwal! He showed us around, had some very interesting historical facts to share about Mysore, it gave us a chance to see and experiment the market and taste some of the best food from local vendors. We realized we could not have done the same (learning experimenting, fin... Read More

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