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Shopping in Kuta can be a tremendous experience, not only because it’s a treasure trove of fine arts and crafts but also because it showcases Bali’s unique culture. Bustling with people of different origins, the shopping places in Kuta are rather inviting. Even haggling is fun here, as long as you are polite. Street markets like Legian street, Kuta Art Market, and Poppies Lane, make you put your bargaining skills to test. You can buy typical Bali souvenirs such as fridge magnets, crazy helmets, unique lighters, colourful sarongs, fabrics, handicrafts, key chains, Bali print T-shirts, and more from these places. To have a high-end shopping experience, you can visit Kuta Square, Mall Bali Galeria, and Lippo Mall, where you can find a wide range of fashion, surf, and sports labels. For those seeking convenience and a curated shopping experience, consider booking a Bali Tour Package that includes visits to these shopping hotspots along with other exciting activities and attractions.

For those who want to shop exclusive Bali souvenirs at places with trusted price, without the thrills of haggling, shops like Agung Bali Oleh Oleh and Krisna Oleh Oleh are the places to look out for. And if you’re a fan of exploring the city in moonlight, then the night markets in Kuta are worth a visit.As much as the trinkets and charms attract you, the food here is no less eclectic. While looking out for the best things to buy, the waft of hot spicy Balinese food will automatically lead you through the streets lined up with warungs (family-owned small restaurants) where you can find delicious treats at a surprisingly affordable rate. So, while strolling through the roads and shopping your heart out, you can have a little break, sit and eat the scrumptious traditional Indonesian food at these warungs. Additionally, roadside stalls and carts offer some of the best local street food for couples on the go. Consider including Bali Tour Package For Couple to your itinerary for a memorable romantic getaway.

Apart from these, there are so many markets in Kuta that are lined with shops that offer great shopping along with dining experiences such as Legian Street, Poppies Lane 2, Bemo Corner, and Kuta Night Market. Besides dining, you can even indulge yourself in different forms of entertainment while shopping in Kuta. There are several malls here that cater to your various entertainment needs such as Kuta Beach Walk, Discovery Mall, Park 23 Mall, and many more. Activities like art exhibitions, mini-concert, movies, and dance competitions are arranged for fun. Alongside the beach, you can even enjoy at the amphitheatre of Discovery Mall, where a plethora of entertainment affairs are organized.Kuta provides plenty of shopping experiences, ranging from street markets to malls selling a variety of goods including souvenirs, regional brands, handicrafts, and International brands. Some of these regional brands sell a few makeup products or accessories made of animal fur which are not allowed to be imported in various countries, so it is important to go through the customs of your home country to avoid giving away your hard-haggled stuff to airport authorities. As you keep in mind such small points, the shopping experience in Kuta gets more and more exciting.

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Kuta Shopping Tours FAQs

Which are the famous places to shop in Kuta?

Some of the must-visit shopping places in Kuta are:

- Legian Street Kuta: For those who want to fill up their bags with Bali souvenirs, Legian Street is a paradise. The market wakes up around 11:00 PM and runs till 4:00 AM. Haggling is encouraged by the shopkeepers here. if you get the hang of it, you might end up buying some exquisite stuff at a dirt-cheap rate.

- Kuta Square: This shopping arcade is adorned with luxury brand stores of Armani, Versace, Gucci, and DKNY. With some of the best dining outlets, this arena is a blend of quality local stores, souvenir shops, jewellers, and high-end surfing and sports clothes brands such as Billabong, Nike, Adidas, Dreamland Surf and many others.

- Agung Bali Oleh-Oleh: This outlet finds itself catalogued first in any Kuta shopping guide that enlists the best places to buy souvenirs in Bali. With spacious parking areas and affordable rates, this place sells a wide variety of Balinese souvenirs in the form of VIP clothes, trinkets, handicrafts, snacks, aroma oils, soaps, and many others.

- Kuta Art Market: While shopping in Kuta, do not forget to visit Kuta Art Market. Situated in the heart of Kuta’s tourist area, this beachside bazaar demands you to show-off your best bargaining skills. This vibrant marketplace is full of cheap accessories such as silver rings, necklaces, and bracelets, traditional handicrafts, clothing, shoes and more.

- Poppies Lane: It is divided into two separate markets Poppies Lane1 and Poppies Lane2. While the lively Poppies Lane2 reminds us of the Kuta Art Market, Poppies Lane1 takes us through narrow walking streets bustling with scooters and cars. Both of the lanes are fringed with exclusive bars, diners, surf shops, and stores that sell unique lighters.

Which are the best shopping malls in Kuta?

Mall Bali Galeria: Arguably, it is the people’s most favorite mall amongst all the shopping places in Kuta as it meets almost every requirement of the locals. From regional brands and departmental stores to international brands and luxury goods, this place covers everything. It houses an open-air food court where you can relish both local and international delicacies.

Lippo Mall Kuta: Located in the vicinity of Ngurah Rai International Airport, this mall is a perfect blend of shopping and fine dining. Packed with over a hundred fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment brands, this mall is a shopper’s paradise. It even harbors an amazing game arcade where your kids can have fun too.

Discovery Shopping Mall: It is the destination where you get the best of both Indonesian and international brands. It accommodates two departmental stores, namely Sogo and Centro; eateries such as Starbucks, KFC and Pizza Hut; and to top it off, it has an amphitheatre at the beachside overlooking the sunset. It is one of the largest malls in Bali, which is mostly crowded and does not entertain bargaining.

Park 23 Mall: Situated adjacent to the Circus Water Park, this mall brings the fun, food, and shopping together. You can find all kinds of stores ranging from fashion labels to sports and surf brands. While on the weekends, you can enjoy mini-concerts, art exhibitions, breakdance competitions, and have a look at the performances of the local talented youth.

Beachwalk Shopping Centre: Seated opposite Kuta Beach, this eco-friendly mall is a sight for the sore eyes. it has abundant gardens, big ponds, running water features, and a rainwater collection system. Shopping in Kuta is incomplete without a visit to this airy mall where you can find high-end fashion labels, kids’ luxury stores, and souvenirs along with some classy diners.

Is Kuta expensive for shopping?

Well, it depends on what you look for, although, the majority of people believe that shopping in Kuta is quite expensive as compared to the markets of Ubud, Sukawati, the Pasar Kereneng, and a few others. So, if you want your trip to the local markets to be fruitful, examine the prices of the stuff you want to buy beforehand.

You can make that checklist from an established shop like the Matahari Department Store or the fixed price malls. Once you get an idea of the price range, you can use your exceptional bargaining skills to buy handicrafts, t-shirts, good-luck charms, unique lighters, and other knick knacks.

What are the amazing things to buy from Kuta?

Whether you want to buy things for personal keepsakes or you want to gift it to family and friends, Kuta has got something for every purpose. Bring home the iconic milk custard tart, traditional outfits- silken batiks and sarongs, Balinese paintings and wood carvings, customized silver and gold jewelry, music instruments (bamboo xylophones, gongs, etc.), Kopi Luwak coffee and chocolates, and spiced peanuts.

Also, look out for trinkets, lighters, kitchenware and home decor items, vine, beachwear, handmade soaps, fragrances, delicious Cacao Cashews and the coolest Bali helmets. Before buying all this, do not forget to check your country’s customs and import regulations.

Are there any night markets in Kuta to shop?

Our researched Kuta shopping guide says that there are a few markets here that open after 6 PM in the evening and run till midnight. These are the most happening and lively markets that are a blend of everything you would find in the day markets.

The list goes like this:
- Kuta Night Market: Starts at 6:00 PM usually and goes on until midnight
- Legian Street Kuta: Starts at 11:00 PM and runs until 4:00 AM
- Garlic Lane: It starts from 8:00 AM and runs until 9 PM
- Kuta Art Market: Starts from 8:00 AM and goes on until 10:00 PM

Are there any restrictions to buy alcohol in Kuta?

Just like any other country, Indonesia also has a list of rules and regulations regarding alcohol that needs to be followed while visiting the country. Particularly, Bali which is a hotspot for tourists has some of its own restrictions that are listed below:
- The legal age of buying and drinking alcohol is 21 yrs old. Anyone caught drinking outside the legal age has to face repercussions.
- You must show ID while buying alcohol.
- Consuming alcohol is not allowed in supermarkets, Mini markets, at school, religious places or around minors.
- Drinking in public places is prohibited.
- Mixing alcohol with other drinks is not allowed.

Apart from shopping what can we do in Kuta?

- Get wet and wild at Waterbom Bali: Sprawled over an area of 3.7 hectares, Waterbom Bali is a water park packed with adventure rides, fun-filled activities, and world-class attractions along with lip-smacking food. For those who are looking for a break from the scorching heat, this landscaped tropical park appears to be promising!
Timings- 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Daily)

- Enjoy sunset view from Kuta Beach: After a day full of tiring activities such as shopping in the malls, haggling in markets, walking, trekking, surfing, or anything, when you sit down on the white sands of Kuta Beach and watch the sun melting into the horizon, a gush of calm flows through your body tossing all the tiredness away.

- Refresh yourself with a massage: A trip to Bali is incomplete without relishing a relaxing massage. Reduce stress, detoxify your body, and pamper yourself after a long tiring day. Here in Kuta, you can find a wide range of budget spas and wellness centers that use exotic Balinese herbs, flowers, and aroma oils that provide instant relaxation.

- Enjoy cultural show at Kuta Theater: The Kuta Theater is a perfect alternative to the bars and nightlife of Kuta. Visit here and get to know more about the Balinese culture in the most whimsical way possible. The artists at the theater start with a cultural dance performance after which the magic show takes it to the next level.

- Visit the Ground Zero monument: In the memory people who got massacred during the massive explosion in Kuta, this striking monument was constructed. It consists of a beautiful pool with a fountain, and 22 flagpoles that represent the 22 nationalities of the people who perished. Located near the Beachwalk Mall, it is a prominent landmark in Kuta.

- Learn Surfing at Odysseys Surf School: This can be a once in a lifetime experience if you’re not a traveler who gets these kinds of chances regularly. Adding this exciting surfing lesson to your things-to-do in the Bali list will ultimately increase the level of fun. They even provide the highest quality professional instructors for the first-timers.

- Explore Kuta Night Market: This market wakes up after 6 in the evening and goes on until midnight. All the streets lighten up with beautiful lights and the aroma of delicious street food spreads in the air. Stroll through the lively market and buy t-shirts, trinkets, accessories, and any stuff that you missed during the daytime.

- Visit Vihara Dharmayana: Mostly referred to as Kongco Kuta by the locals, this centuries-old Chinese Buddhist temple lets you peek into the lesser-known history of Kuta. Located near Kuta Beach, the serene environment of this temple, the waft of incense coming from the altars, the turtles under the banyan tree, and the striking architecture insists you to linger for a while.

- Enjoy at Dream Museum Zone Bali (DMZ): It is a 3D trick art museum with around 120 life-size paintings that open all the floodgates of fun. Visit here with your camera ready, as there are several themed paintings which make you look as if you’re milking a cow, posing at Bali’s famous Tanah Lot Temple, snowboarding, or even escaping a shark attack.

- Enjoy water activities at Tanjung Benoa Water Sports: With a lengthy coastline, Tanjung Benoa Beach provides a variety of water sports to double the fun and adventure during your vacation. Water activities at Tanjung Benoa Water Sports include Jet Ski, Parasailing, Flying Fish, Banana Boat, Fly-boarding, Sea-walker and Snorkeling among many others.
Timings- 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

What are other things to do in Bali that you can book through Thrillophilia?

Where can I find street food in Kuta?

The answer is everywhere...!!!

Almost all the shopping streets in Kuta are a bustling enclave of street-food joints and stalls. Along the listed roads, you can find the not-to-be-missed delicious and ridiculously inexpensive Indonesian delicacies along with ice-cold beer or fruit juice.

Try the food at Warung Indonesia on Poppies Lane 2; Dimsum Manan, OTW Food Street on Legian street; and Bemo Corner which is lined with lots of street food vendors. Among these, other notable places to relish local food are Warung Malang, Rumah Makan, Warung Banana, and food stalls at Kuta Night Market, Sunset Road, Lippo Mall and a lot many more.

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