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Kintamani is an amazing place located in Bali. The place offers some of the most wonderful sightseeing tours which you can actually imagine. You can book a full day trip to both Ubud and Kintamani and get the real feel of village lifestyle in its unadulterated and pristine form. At Kinnamani village you will have outstanding views of the very famous Lake Batur and Mount Batur which is an active volcano right from the top. Mount Batur is an amazing place where you can witness some of the most spectacular sunrises. You can trek to top of Batur Caldera. Always have a professional guide to show you the way to the top. Vie the volcano from a safe distance. At night you can enjoy Keris and Baron Dance performances which are truly incredible. Keris and Baron is basically a form of Traditional dance of Bali. Bali is known for its exquisite art as well as craft.


You should visit the very famous Celuk village where you can witness the whole process of making traditional silver and gold art. On the best sightseeing tour in Kintamani you must include visit to Batuan Temple which is well known Hindu temple showcasing the rich heritage and culture of this place. You must also visit Tirta Empul Temple. A cycling tour in Kintamani is also quite popular. It takes you to all those sightseeing spots which you might otherwise miss. In fact you get to see lifestyle of locals from close quarters. You can interact with them; have some fun and enjoy the marvelous views of the surrounding areas. Balinese culture is simply beautiful. It is rich in folklore and in your best sightseeing tours you get to witness all of it. So, go ahead book the best sightseeing tour in Kintamani and enjoy alone or in company of your friends and relatives.

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One of the best experiences of my life is this Bali trip. I have no words to start or end, but then definitely my trip will become incomplete if I don’t write a review of my memorable trip, Had been on this tour with my office people and each bit of the trip is simply superb, the blue waters of the Indian ocean are still in front of my eyes. The tour guide took all efforts to see that our trip covered the entire itinerary. It is surely a must do trip, the tour unfolds many aspects that I never even wondered would happen in my life.
A very interesting five day Bali tour – Yes! You have heard it right, we went as a gang of five – me and my college mates, every year we guys plan for a week tour to some amazing places, this year one of my friend wanted to visit Bali – exotic Bali as it is called. The tour covered some of the best places in Bali like Kintamani, Ubud and Tanah. Literally our guide was able to cover many places in these five days including rice terraces, elephant safari, royal temple, holy spring temple, monkey forest, coffee plantation. The rich aroma from this plantation tree is still lingering inside me. Actually I am writing this review mainly to say my view regarding the stay over here, I never expected that Bali would have such marvelous hotels, inns, motels and villa. We basically took for rent one of the villas and the reception that we received here was sumptuous, we explored the rice fields which was excellent and one of its kind. It is heard that these farms are famous for subak system of traditional irrigation in Bali. One of my friends is an agricultural engineer and he was explaining us the benefits of all these things. It is really a matter of pride to see that this small place is not only rich in culture and heritage but it is also contributing a lot to the economic system of the country. On the way we came across many villages like Ubud, Celuk, and Mas. These places are known for wood carvings, art work and gold jewel making. I have also shared some pictures that have been taken from the high road side location that covers the hills, mountains, beaches and more. Overall we learnt loads from this amazing trip to Bali in five day.
Nice for family – As a part of my birthday treat, my family wanted to go out of the country to some exotic place and my daughter suggested that we go to Bali, at first I was reluctant, as to if this is an ideal location to travel with family or not, but believe me, I am in all high praises for the Bali government that has given so much of importance and flexibility to the travelers and people visiting Bali. The stay of fight days over here was more than pleasant, the locations, the hillside view, the temples that are perched on the hilltop are some of the things that the country can boost off. Above all the Bali people are very friendly and co-operative. I can’t imagine that I spent some of the best days of my life at Bali. My kids enjoyed and my wife felt that the money spent on this trip was so worthy. If I get a chance I would visit Ubud and other places in Bali once again, fallen in love with the place and its people. Gorgeous and exceptional sightseeing Bali tour is the final word I want to end this review with!
Had a great time at Bali in these five days! I have been from Bali only yesterday and I can’t wait to share my experience, and this is it - I am sitting to write down the reviews and share my amazing experience from this trip. First of all my big great thanks to our guide who basically covered all the specified places in the agenda, and next he explained A to Z of the whole place and we have learnt a lot. I went to Bali with my cousins this week and my trip covered almost all the interesting places of Bali. Heard from other reviews that Bali needs ten days touring, but somehow I felt that five days is ideal for sightseeing. And when you have a guide like my guide Thomas, you are sure to cover all the important places. We had great time enjoying the traditional Indonesian snacks and food, the markets over here sells things at an unimaginable price, I am a shop alcoholic and I bought many wood art works, artificial jewelry, wall hangings and many more such stuffs. I am too glad that we were able to spend so many days for such an affordable price. Right from being picked from the hotel to the sightseeing part – each bit was carried and executed on time. The most memorable part of the trip was the fourth day wherein we left to Ubud; we spent the whole day exploring this rustic village and its surroundings, temples, coffee plantation and my review will be incomplete if I don’t mention about the volcano Batur. Last but not the least I am again thankful to Joseph who gave us sufficient time to take selfies and pictures at each and every place we wanted. We are grateful that such a trip was taken up by us!
I had always wanted to go on a trip that is full of adventure and yet covers the cultural heritage of the country, and this is when I got to know from my colleague about one such place in Asia – Indonesia – Bali. It is really amazing to know that Bali is filled with such rich cultural heritage, spectacular beaches, nature, spirituality, art and above all the rural villages are off the talk. As soon as I heard of all these things, I couldn’t simply resist booking tickets for me and my family. I planned for a five day tour sightseeing trip to Bali. The multitudes of offerings of Bali are simply overwhelming. Bali has many temples and extraordinary sceneries that will keep you mesmerized in it for the entire lifetime. My kids got a real treat the whole way during the travel period as the roads we travelled covered many picturesque terraced rice fields and many more. My little daughter was in fact saying that she never saw all these in her life for real. The memorable part of our Bali sightseeing tour was the rustic villages that the tour agents covered which included – Ubud and Kintamani. The huge range of mountains, lush forests, wet rice fields and the bountiful vegetation of the country is still in fresh in front of my eyes. My son has captured all these beautiful places on his tab and has uploaded in his social media; the responses were simply great and amazing. My wife loved the historical monuments, art galleries and the museum in particular that is filled with the hidden gems of the country. I feel that this place is personally a great destination for family vacation or tours. If you are looking out to capture some memorable moments that you can cherish for lifetime, then this is it – Bali.
13 February 2020
This was our first day in Bali & it became more mesmerising with the Mount Batur Trek !! with a well coordinated itinerary, We enjoyed this trek to much extent. Special thanks to our tour guide Ulawa, she was obedient and helpful enough, she took us to the top with utmost care & i will recommend her name to anyone who plans to have this trek ! Thanks Thrilophila For becoming a medium to connect us with this wonderful location !!
We explore many places in the tour like Batubalan,Celuk Village and Mas Village.
Wonderful trekking experience to Mount Batur with our well-informed guide. Captured some really beautiful shots.
An enlightening Bali tour – what you have heard and read about Bali is not at all enough, you have to visit the place personally to enjoy the beauty of this place. I went over here to Bali with my boyfriend last month; I should say that this tour gave me a closer look or view of the Balinese local people, their culture, heritage, lifestyle and day to day living ways. We had an amazing experience in this tour. We needed privacy and so headed for a private tour to Bali actually, I expected we may not be able to see or enjoy the trip as we don’t know much about the place, but luckily we hired a guide and he showed us all the possible things, I loved personally the private path into the rice fields, and the coffee plantation in this tour. The lunch and dinner was simply superb and what is more my boyfriend as a part of surprise gave me few hours to relax at the Spa. Gals- you have to add this to your wish list if you are planning for a Bali trip. I highly recommend this sightseeing trip along with Spa tour in Bali! Don’t miss out!
Bhanumati Bhattathiri Exotic Bali Sightseeing Tour
WOW TRIP! Some of the highlighting things of the trip are the visit the spring water temple, Balinese coffee plantation and the rice plantation, our last day included visiting the local villages and this showed the living style of the Bali people. If you use the best company for the tour then I am sure that the trip will be a memorable one. Overall I can say that this was an inexpensive and worthy trip. What is worthy to talk is the scenic view of Bali rice fields that are more than amazing! Thumbs up to my organizers for delivering such service!