Kintamani Honeymoon Packages

Kintamani honeymoon packages - Browse through a wide range of Kintamani honeymoon tours with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Kintamani couple tours with exciting deals & offers.

The Kintamani honeymoon packages by Thrillophilia are the perfect mix of romance and excitement, making sure you have a great time on your trip. These packages cover a variety of Kintamani's most exotic locations, each with its allure worth discovering. 

Explore the awe-inspiring panorama of Mount Batur, the expansive rice terraces of Tegalalang Village, and the flourishing coffee plantations at the Luwak Civet Coffee Farm with Thrillophilia Bali packages.

These Kintamani couple packages offer excellent lodging, smooth transfers, and a long range of sightseeing and adventure activities to guarantee a memorable trip. Our tour packages offer a variety of activities for couples to experience, including a sunrise excursion to Mount Batur, sampling the delectable Koi Luwak, participating in an adrenaline-pumping ATV ride, and observing the coffee-making process. With Thrillophilia's Kintamani packages for couples, you can expect round-the-clock service and comfort above all.

Our romantic Kintamani honeymoon tours offer plenty of chances for you to seize and treasure these lifelong memories. Thrillophilia offers Kintamani couple packages that are tailored to meet every need, including romantic candlelit dinners and revitalising spa treatments, to ensure that your honeymoon holiday is everything you've always dreamed of and more.

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Visa Requirements:

Indian citizens do not require a visa to visit Kintamani in Bali for stays of up to 30 days. However, Indian nationals must have a visa if they intend to stay for longer than 30 days. Tourists from India are eligible to apply for a VoA on arrival at Bali Airport with the cost of VOA being approx INR 2600. Remember, VOA is for a single entry into Bali/Indonesia for a stay of up to 30 days and it can be extended for a maximum of 1 time at the local Immigration office for a fee. As per the latest update, you can also apply for VOA electronically before arrival to avoid long queues at the counter.

Best Time For Kintamani Honeymoon Trip:

Kintamani is a year-round honeymoon destination in Bali with its breathtaking landscapes so, the best time to book our Kintamani honeymoon tours depends on your preferences.

1. Peak Season (May - July): During these months, the weather is dry and pleasant, offering clear views of Mount Batur and Lake Batur. Couples can enjoy romantic strolls around the lake, explore the vibrant markets, and enjoy traditional Balinese spa experiences.

2. Shoulder Season (January - April, August - September): With slightly higher chances of rainfall, these months bring lush greenery to Kintamani. Honeymooners can go on hikes, visit the Tirta Empul Temple, and savour Balinese cuisine in cosy cafes.

3. Waning Season (October - December): While occasional rain showers occur, the weather remains mild during the waning season. Couples can immerse themselves in the local culture by attending traditional dance performances, exploring coffee plantations, and taking leisurely boat rides on Lake Batur.

Places to Visit on Kintamani Honeymoon Tour:

Here are some of the best places to visit in Kintamani:

1. Lake Batur: Lake Batur is the ideal honeymoon spot due to its picturesque backdrop, enchanting scenery, and abundance of outdoor activities. Couples may enjoy the lake's many water sports, including canoeing, swimming, and boating, and it's also a great place to have picnics. At any time of day, as part of the Kintamani packages for couples, you may indulge in a bath in its onsite natural hot spring. 

2. Abun Village: Abun Village, well-known for its radiant beauty and picturesque views, is the place to go if you're searching for a peaceful experience with your partner. Biking around this town is a great way to see the sights, hear the sounds, and learn about the locals' culture and traditions.

3. Luwak Civet Coffee Farm: Luwak Civet Coffee Farm is a must-visit if you and your partner are caffeine junkies. You get to see the whole espresso-making process, from planting the seed to getting the powder. Sharing a steaming mug of freshly brewed coffee is one of the best things to enjoy with Kintamani honeymoon packages.

4. Wedang Sari Coffee Plantation: After a long, exhausting day, sipping some revitalizing coffee with your partner is the ideal way to unwind. Explore Wedang Sari Coffee Plantation, and breathe in clean air while being tempted by the organic aromas. Explore this farm, taking in the clean air while being tempted by the organic aromas. When you book one of our Kintamani honeymoon packages, you can sample chocolate coffee, ginger coffee (spicy), lemon tea, and standard Balinese coffee.

5. Hot Springs of Toya Bunkah: In Balinese, Toya means water and Bungkah means stone. "Toya Bungkah" refers to water that seeps through cracks in rocks. With the Kintamani honeymoon package, you can relax in the soothing waters of these hot springs. 

6. Penulisan Temple: With Kintamani, honeymoon packages visit Pura Puncak Penulisan, Bali's tallest temple (1745 m). You may see rows of ancient statues and pieces of sculpture from the 11th century in the open bale inside the tallest courtyard with your loved one. When the weather is pleasant you can enjoy breathtaking views and can see the coast of Singaraja beyond the rice terraces on the north side.

Things to Do on Kintamani Honeymoon Trip:

Here are some of the best things to do in Kintamani:

1. Trekking up Mount Batur: For adventurous couples, going on a trek to Mount Batur is one of the most exciting things to do on Kintamani honeymoon tours. Consider planning your trip around the sunset or sunrise and soak in the breathtaking views at the mountain summit.

2. Visit Kintamani’s Organic Farms: The rich volcanic soil of Kintamani produces famous oranges and espresso beans, which you can see when you visit the farms. Visit these organic farms, known for their beautiful landscapes and fresh fruits, with Kintamani couple packages. When visiting organic farms, you can see a variety of fruits and vegetables that are grown without the use of insecticides or pesticides. 

3. Ride an ATV: Take an ATV off-road on the picturesque village's trails to put an end to your quest for the most exhilarating yet romantic things to do in Kintamani. During the journey, you may also explore the Tirta Empul temple, which boasts stunning architecture and picturesque surroundings.

4. Ride a Helicopter: Take in Kintamani's beautiful splendour with your partner while experiencing a thrilling helicopter flight with Kintamani honeymoon packages. This activity will allow you to soar through the skies like a free bird. Views of picturesque rice fields, Mount Batur's active volcanoes, the stunning caldera lake, and many other locations will mesmerize you from above.

5. Kayaking: Kayaking with Kintamani honeymoon packages allows you to enjoy a peaceful view of the calm ocean and stunning surroundings. Explore hidden coves, see vibrant marine life beneath, and enjoy the intimacy of nature as you glide smoothly on the calm ocean.

6. Seek God’s blessings by visiting Kintamani’s temples: As part of the Kintamani honeymoon packages visit the world-renowned temples with your sweetheart and immerse yourselves in spirituality as you seek God's blessings. Among Kintamani's revered temples are the Holy Spring Water Temple and the Kehen Temple. The historic and cultural history of Hindu and Thai mythology is beautifully portrayed in these temples.

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Kintamani Honeymoon FAQs

How much does the Kintamani honeymoon packages cost?

The Kintamani honeymoon packages cost around INR 24,450 to INR 40,000 per person for 4 days and 3 nights. This cost is inclusive of meals, a guide, transfers, sightseeing, and selected activities. With these packages, you can undertake a plethora of activities that include taking an ATV tour, trekking, and exploring the villages, and coffee farms. You can also visit the top attractions of Kintamani namely the Penulisan Temple, Kehen Temple, Trunyan Village, Kintamani Highlands, and Mount Abang with these packages.

How many days should I spend in Kintamani for my honeymoon trip?

A 4 to 5-day Kintamani honeymoon trip is ideal for covering all major attractions. In the first three days, you may enjoy the beautiful weather and tranquil surroundings of Mount Abang. You can also explore the ancient Penulisan temple and engage in some of the most thrilling activities, such as kayaking and canoeing. On the following days, you and your companion can visit Kintamani's organic farms to view a variety of fresh, in-season fruits and vegetables, ride an ATV to enjoy the sights, and take a hot spring bath.

How do I Plan a trip to Kintamani for my honeymoon?

When planning a Kintamani honeymoon trip, decide on the length and type of your stay, the locations you want to see, and the activities you want to do. Next, decide on a budget and begin your search for the top honeymoon packages. Thrillophilia’s thoughtfully designed honeymoon packages include lodging, food, transportation within the area, guided tours, and comprehensive arrangements with a stress-free booking process. 

Is Kintamani worth visiting For a Honeymoon?

Yes, a romantic Kintamani honeymoon trip is a must if you're looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle. You will be enthralled by its enticing beauty as it has some of the most exquisite locales, generous mountains, and attractive valleys. When visiting on your honeymoon, you can hike up Mount Batur, see the intriguing Kintamani village, and unwind in a hot spring bath that will purify your body and soothe your mind.

Is it safe to travel to Kintamani for couples?

Yes, travelling to Kintamani is safe for couples. The destination is known for its serene atmosphere and romantic landscapes. With proper planning and adherence to local guidelines, couples can enjoy a peaceful and secure getaway, creating beautiful memories amidst the natural beauty of Kintamani.

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Kintamani Honeymoon Reviews

Smriti Bandopadhyay
Reviewed: 31 Jul 2020
We had a honeymoon trip to Bali. The hosting team of Thrillophilia was really warm and generous to us, it made the trip quite more reliable and enjoyable.
Reviewed: 19 Oct 2019
For our honeymoon to Bali, we booked our package from Thrillophilia, and they took care of everything. Our hotels were luxurious, and even treated us with extra care since we were newlyweds.
Yogesh Yadav
Reviewed: 26 Feb 2019
The Bali honeymoon package was a perfect mix of romance and adventure, and it is exactly what my partner and I had been looking for to commemorate our special vacation. The range of sightseeing attractions and activities were excellent. But even apart from that, the thrillophilia tour package took c... Read More

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