(Last Updated On: February 6, 2017)

If you are forecasting a getaway to the Philippines this holiday season, you must visit our suggested holiday stopovers that will give you a spellbinding experience. With the pride of being a safe destination for travellers all year round, Philippines offers a wide variety of experiences that range from island hopping tours, to mountain valleys, to beaches and cultural sites. The Philippines hold the most number of UNESCO world heritage sites and provides a marvellous travelling escapade for you and your loved ones.

  1. Magellan’s Cross, Cebu

    m_Magellan’s Cross, Cebu 1

    Engrained by Magellan in 1521, the Magellan’s Cross, is believed to possess mystical healing powers. Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese navigator, came to the Philippines and befriended a local chief and his tribe, who acknowledged Christianity and were subsequently baptized. This momentous cross symbolizes the belief of Roman Catholics and now stands enclosed in tindalo wood, in a small chapel in the city of Cebu. Explore the magical chapel with its tomb ceiling canvases and experience its memoirs with all its splendor.

    m_Magellan’s Cross, Cebu 2

  2. Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod, Cebu

    m_Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod, Cebu

    Designed by an American Architect Carlos Arnaiz, the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod is dedicated and named after the Visayan saint, San Pedro. Created on a lot of 5000 meters and a holding ability for 800 people, this noteworthy design is the spirit of Philippines’ culture and religion.  This ultramodern and contemporary church stands as a sanctuary of boulders, glass and gravel. With 14 exquisite sunken gardens and blue light pockets, this modern-day structure embraces 100 walls with their distinctive statures and positions that endure as a constellation.

  3. Kayangan lake, Coron Island

    m_Kayangan lake, Coron Island 1

    The tidiest lake in the Philippines, Kayangan Lake is a nirvana for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts who desire swimming and snorkelling. With crystal clear turquoise soaks that permit you to comprehend the lucidity underneath the waters, Kayangan Lake is cushioned within mountains and offers a picturesque recluse with its white sandy beaches, limestone cliffs, mysterious marine life and underwater treasures.

    m_Kayangan lake, Coron Island 2

  4. Tubbataha Reef, Sulu Sea

    m_Tubbataha Reef, Sulu Sea 1

    A breath taking underwater situate that is one amongst the finest dive sites in the world, Tubbataha Reefis isolated in the interior of the Sulu Sea. The extraordinary coral vivacity along with the intense underwater landscapes and massive marine life offers a bewildering sanctuary for travellers. Declared as a UNESCO world heritage site, the Tubbataha Reefs National Park is a must visit in the Philippines to experience this sub aquatic charm.

    m_Tubbataha Reef, Sulu Sea 2

  5. Big Lagoon, El Nido

    m_Big Lagoon, El Nido 1

    With serene turquoise green waters, limestone cliffs and a kaleidoscope of aquatic life, the Big Lagoon in El Nido will hypnotize you with its awe inspiring backgrounds. It is a tropical paradise that holds abundant little islands, stunning corals, limestone walls and hidden lagoons. The vibrant and tranquil waters allow you to experience the region with a boat ride amidst the gorgeous surroundings.

    m_Big Lagoon, El Nido 2

  6. Banana Island, Coron

    m_Banana Island, Coron 1

    Clear deep waters and abundant marine life makes the Banana Islands, a true paradise on earth. Enjoy a ‘Robinson Crusoe’ moment as you wander across these shorelines that boast of white sand beaches. Travel by boat and experience the rustic ambiance that will give you a smack of leisure. An ideal spot for snorkeling and diving, the Banana Islands should be a must visit on your next expedition to the Philippines.

    m_Banana Island, Coron 2

  7. Sunken Japanese Wrecks, Coron Bay

    Coron is blessed with an extensive assortment of diving sites that satisfy all levels of experiences, ranging from shallow reefs to superior wreck diving. The Sunken Japanese Wrecks that are veiled beneath the amazing waters of the Coron Bay date back to World War II. The 12 Japanese vessels found on this location make it a marvellous site for underwater exploration of its aquatic life.  View the ammunitions, ship corridors, mystical chambers and eroded weapons that make an enhanced diving experience coupled with warm temperatures and lack of water currents.

  8. Puerto Princesa Underground River, Palawan

    m_Puerto Princesa Underground River, Palawan 1

    The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River is one of the 7 wonders of nature and a UNESCO world heritage site located in the Philippines. With spectacular limestone landscapes and mystical caves, it extends upto 8.2 kms that flows directly to the ocean. Located within the National Park, this magical abode houses abundant species of plants, birds, mammals, reptiles and bats. Take a boat ride to the nearby islands, go snorkelling and swim amidst the pristine natural beauty.

    m_Puerto Princesa Underground River, Palawan 2

  9. Vintage Glass Museum, Bacolod

    m_Vintage Glass Museum, Bacolod

    A striking and multi-coloured medley of glasses, the Vintage Glass Museum is the habitat of Tomas Casiano that showcases over 2000 glass pieces including lamps, decorative objects, dinnerware and decanters. Walk across the grounds of the two-storeyed museum, with cascading waters and chirping birds adding to the charm of the domicile. Coloured depression glasses, depicting glassware made during the Depression of 1904-1940 in the US, will enchant you with its green, pink, red, amber, ruby, cobalt blue and delphite colours among others.

  10. National Museum, Manila

    m_National Museum, Manila 1

    The guardian of Philippines’ culture and natural heritage, the National Museum of the Philippines instils a traditional consciousness and a sense of patriotism through its educational and cultural activities. With separate wings for Arts, Archaeology, Natural History and Planetary Sciences, this is the resting place of the famous Spoliarium painting by Juan Luma of Rome. The museum’s 100-year-old existence will charm you with its neo-classical infrastructure and should be on your list to explore the Philippines’ enchanting history.

    m_National Museum, Manila 2

  11. Aguinid Falls, Samboan

    m_Aguinid Falls, Samboan

    Dubbed as the veiled secret of Samboan, the Aguinid Waterfalls offer its natural tranquillity with its five-tier waterfalls along the Tangbo River. The shallow waterbeds, rocky terrains and swift flowing waters will mesmerize you while treating you to a refreshing climb across the rock walls. Experience trailing and swim amidst the natural surroundings, which is bound to be on your list when you visit the Philippines.

  12. Taoist Temple, Cebu City

    m_Taoist Temple, Cebu City 1

    Located atop the deluxe Beverly Hills enclave of Cebu, the Taoist Temple is a centre of worship for Taoism, a religion that follows the teachings of Lao Tze, a Chinese philosopher. Intricate Chinese architecture with pagoda style roofs adorn the temple and a 300 meter rise through the 99 steps of the temple will reward you with a panoramic view of the city of Cebu. View Taoist devotees light joss sticks and have their fortunes read by the monks, for a visit to this temple will leave you feeling blessed and peaceful.

    m_Taoist Temple, Cebu City 2

  13. Apo Reef National Marine Park, Mindoro Strait

    m_Apo Reef National Marine Park, Mindoro Strait

    Popularly known as the world’s second largest coral reef in the world, the Apo Reef is the largest of the three islands of this region. It comprises of a shallow lagoon, which is surrounded by mangrove forests that houses marine species, birds, mammals and invertebrates. One of UNESCO’s world heritage sites, the Apo Reef is a magnificent expanse of branching corals under the deep blue sea. Submerged reefs, white sand bottoms and stretches of coralline rocks adorn the magnificent region to enchant your senses.

  14. Crystal Cove Island, Boracay

    m_Crystal Cove Island, Boracay 1

    A secluded island that offers breath-taking views of crystalline seawaters and natural rock formations, the Crystal Cove Island features white beaches with a peaceful retreat for travellers. Formerly known as Tiguatian Island, the native huts, statues and rock formations will make you feel like you are in a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie! Majestic caves adorn the island with tunnels to visit the coral shores.

    m_Crystal Cove Island, Boracay 2

  15. Crocodile Island, Boracay

    m_Crocodile Island, Boracay 1

    A mystical site located a stone’s throw away from the Boracay Island, the Crocodile Island is flooded with exotic marine life and offers scuba diving and snorkelling for divers of all experience levels. With talcum white sands, vibrant cobalt waters and gripping sights, this abode is seamless to engage in diving expeditions.  This small, uninhabited island resembles the head of a crocodile and is the paramount site to swarm amidst aquatic life such as reef fish, moray eels, lionfish, cuttle fish and gorgonian fan corals.

    m_Crocodile Island, Boracay 2

  16. Boracay Butterfly Garden, Boracay Island

    m_Boracay Butterfly Garden

    An eye-catching landscape garden to take a stroll amidst sporadic and colourful butterflies, the Boracay Butterfly Garden is a paradise on earth! View butterfly hatchings, feed them and walk across the orchards with more than 20 exotic species of butterflies breeding all around you. The Butterfly Farm is also the breeding centre of 150 varieties of plants and rare types of bats. Engage in an educational tour through the extravagant garden area and witness the mystery of caterpillars, which will enchant scientists and nature lovers.

  17. Britania Island, Surigao del Sur

    m_Britania Island, Surigao del Sur

    A group of 24 islets in the Surigao del Sur province, the Britania Islands is famous for its pristine waters and powdery sands. Enticing little uninhabited islets of various shapes and sizes decorate the landscape while a boat ride across the region is bound to leave you speechless. View the perfection of nature with sights of Boslon Island, Bonbon Island, Kanlota and Taguan Islands among others. Experience tranquillity with surroundings of mangroves and limestone formations to enchant your beach experience.

  18. Philippine Eagle Centre, Davao City

    m_Philippine Eagle Centre, Davao City

    Home to 35 native Eagles, the Philippine Eagle Centre houses the world’s largest eagle in terms of wing span. 20 artificially inseminated eagles are bred here amidst the tropical rain forest style environment that boasts of the forest ecosystem of the country. Deep bills and elongated feathers of these magnificent creatures adorn the centre as you engage in an educational tour in the park. View other species of endangered birds, mammals and reptiles that inhabit this centre on your spellbinding trip here.

  19. Great Santa Cruz Island, Zamboanga

    m_Great Santa Cruz Island, Zamboanga

    An exceptional beach with pristine untouched beauty, the Great Santa Cruz Island is a magnificent pink sand beach, which is truly exclusive with its clear turquoise aquamarine water. It is a hidden paradise where the hue of the sand is comparable to pink rosy hue of cherry blossoms! The pulverised red corals wash up from the sea floor mix with the white sand to produce the mystical pink-hued beach.

  20. D’bone Collector’s Museum, Davao City

    m_D’bone Collector’s Museum, Davao City

    A mystical collection of well-preserved skeletons of different forms, the D’bone Collector’s Museum is an intriguing palace that showcases remains of deers, turtles, horses, crocodiles, birds, dolphins and snakes! Don’t miss out on the outstanding remains of a sperm whale displayed here that is a unique addition. This is not just a fancy collector’s showcase but also a thoughtful environmental awareness promotion.

  21. Dako Islands, Siargao

    m_Dako Islands, Siargao 1

    The first and etching memory of the Dako Islands is its mesmerising beauty and cleanliness! Long powdery white sands with clean and cool waters will leave you feeling like walking on a dream. With unruffled winds of the Pacific blowing across the shoreline, Dako Islands offer a great snorkelling experience amidst the crystal clear waters. This secluded area with very few families inhabiting the island makes for an idyllic vacation.

    m_Dako Islands, Siargao 2

  22. Banaue Rice Terraces, Ifugao

    m_Banaue Rice Terraces, Ifugao

    Following the natural silhouettes of the mountains, the Banaue Rice Terraces enhance the natural beauty of the rugged environment. The rice fields that spread across acres down the gradients are an essential emblem in the culture of the Filipino people. The terraces have been created by hand and are nurtured by ancient irrigation systems from the rainforests that edge the region. Engage in sightseeing of the terraces and enthral amidst the natural cultural treasure of Philippines.

  23. Mount Pulag, Luzon

    m_Mount Pulag, Luzon

    The third highest peak in the Philippines, Mount Pulag is sited at an altitude of 2922 meters above sea level. Famous for its sea of clouds and the ‘Milky Way’ views, this majestic mountain is considered to be the ‘other-worldly’ scenery. This peak is famous among mountaineering buffs and provides a magnificent locale for hiking and trekking. With vast forests of pines and moss, Mt. Pulag offers an elaborate biodiversity along with the experience of adventure.

  24. Mayon Volcano, Luzon

    m_Mayon Volcano, Luzon 1

    An active volcano located in the Albay province, Mayon has a symmetrical conical contour of a strato-volcano. With recurrent eruptions, mudflows and regular evacuations, the Mayon Volcano rises 2462m above the Gulf of Albay and is crowned by a zenith crater. It has steep gradients with a 35-40 degree incline, making it a picturesque view. Considered to be a fragment of the ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’, this supreme Volcano has a history of eruptions on 49 occasions in the past 400 years!

    m_Mayon Volcano, Luzon 2

  25. Mount Apo, Mindanao

    The highest and currently active strato-volcano in the Island of Mindanao, Mount Apo stands at a majestic height of 9692 feet. It is covered by forests of tropical hardwoods and is home to the rare Philippine eagle. It has a flat summit with three peaks and also boasts of a wide crater that houses a small lake. It is one of the richest botanical mountains with more than 800 plant species that will leave you flabbergasted.