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As the mercury level is on a rise throughout the country, why not make it to one of the Indian beaches and beat the summer? In a country that is surrounded by vast open seas and oceans, there is no dearth of playful beaches. And, when it comes to virgin beaches, India also has a myriad list of names that will make the best of your beach holidays!


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A contrast to the usual ones, these virgin beaches not only allures the visitors with their untouched beauty, but also fondles the visitors with their irresistible charm. Let’s go through some of these sandy delights across the country and shed off all the heat and sweats this summer…

  1. Marari Beach, Kerala:

    Located in the quaint hamlet of Mararikkulam in Alleppey or Alappuzha, this scenic beach one of the most picturesque virgin beaches in the country. Unlike the other scenic beaches in Kerala, Marari Beach offers the much deserved peace, serenity and tranquillity amidst the playful waves and golden sands.


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    Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Marari Beach is between late-December to March. While June-July and October-December experiences heavy showers, April-May witnesses a sudden rise in the temperature.

    How to Reach: For those travelling by train, they can reach this beach from Alleppey (11km), and those opting for flights, can make it from Kochi Airport (60km)

    Nearest Popular City: Alleppey (13km) & Kochi (44km)

  2. Radhanagar Beach, Andaman and Nicobar Islands:

    Famed as one of the best beaches in Asia, Radhanagar Beach is a must visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands is known for its untouched beauty and alluring charm. While the azure and groovy waters will tickle your senses, the serenity that dwells on this beach will surely make you fall for it.


    Image Credit: ASIM CHAUDHURI – Flickr

    Best Time to Visit: Spring (October to May) is the ideal time to visit Radhanagar Beach.

    How to Reach: It can be easily reached by a seaplane ride from Port Blair or boat rides from Havelock Island.

    Nearest Popular City: Port Blair (72km)

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St. Mary’s Beach, Karnataka:

Besides being an important pilgrimage, Udupi in Karnataka also serves as the home to the gorgeous St. Mary’s Island. Embraced by the enchanting charm of the Arabian Sea, the beachfront of this island with its amazing basalt rock formations is yet to be explored, and its virgin beauty can behold its visitors with an ease.


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Best Time to Visit: December is the best time to visit this beach.

How to Reach: A 15 minutes boat ride from Malpe Beach will take you to St. Mary’s Island.

Nearest Popular City: Udupi (12km)

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  1. Agatti Beach, Lakshadweep:

    Lakshadweep might be the smallest Union Territories in the country, but when it comes to stunning islands and virgin beaches, it outshines almost all the other destinations. Among the 36 coral islands in Lakshadweep, the Agatti Island is known to be one of the most scenic and salubrious one. Also, the alluring charm and swaying beauty of Agatti’s beachfronts truly makes it for a serene holiday experience.


    Image Credit: swiss.frog – Flickr

    Best Time to Visit: Agatti Island can be visited almost round the year. However, May to September is considered as the ideal time.

    How to Reach: Cochin or Kochi is the ideal place to embark on a journey to Agatti Island. From here, you can either take the sea-route or direct flights.

    Nearest Popular City: Kochi (457km/90 Minutes Flight Journey)

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  2. Cavelossim Beach, Goa:

    The Cavelossim Beach in Goa is a treasure trove, where the nature plays the different melodies of nature, the waves cater to its rhythm and the golden sands allow you to soak in the beauty and allurement. Overlooking the confluence of the gurgling Sal River and the great Arabian Sea, this virgin beach is jotted with quaint hillocks and lush greeneries.


    Image Credit: Josefina Casals – Flickr

    Best Time to Visit: This virgin beach bears a pleasant climate round the year. However November to March is considered as the ideal visiting time.

    How to Reach: Dabolim Airport is around 25km from Cavelossim. You can also make it to the island from Margaon Railway Station (Junction) which is around 10km.

    Nearest Popular City: Margao (18km)

  3. Yarada Beach, Andhra Pradesh:

    Away from the usual crowd, the Yarada Beach in Vishakhapatnam is a true artwork of the nature. Adorned by captivating hills and groovy thickets on three sides and the stunning Bay of Bengal on the other, this magical beach is still untouched from the hands of commercialisation and lies in the most pristine form.


    Image Credit: Rajib Ghosh – Flickr

    Best Time to Visit: Starting from November, you can visit this beach till February. Avoid visiting during March-May or the summer and June-September or the monsoon.

    How to Reach: Private taxi, auto or bus ride from Vishakhapatnam.

    Nearest Popular City: Vishakhapatnam (15km)

  4. Samudra Beach, Kerala:

    Overlooking the other two beaches in Kovalam: Hawah and Samudra, the Lighthouse Beach proves to be an ideal retreat. Fringed with evergreen coconut groves and an ancient lighthouse (from where the beach got its name), this sandy retreat in Kerala is an ideal escapade from the humdrums of city life.


    Image Credit: Mehul Antani – Flickr

    Best Time to Visit: Though this beach can be visited round the year, try to avoid summer or March-May as the temperature can rise up to 37 Degrees.

    How to Reach: Train journey to Trivandrum Central (11km) or flight to Thiruvananthapuram International Airport (10km) and then local ride to the beach.

    Nearest Popular City: Thiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum (18km)

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  5. Bangaram Beach, Lakshadweep:

    Blue lagoons, enchanting coral reefs and pleasant ambience of the Bangaram Island makes it one of the most desired retreat in the Lakshadweep Islands. A scenic and picturesque atoll, it is among the very few places to visit in this chain of islands, and its beachfront is still to explore. It is also among the very few places in Lakshadweep that are open to both Indian and also non-Indian tourists as well.


    Image Credit: Wikipedia

    Best Time to Visit: Winter or October-March is the ideal time to visit this beach. While March-May can be humid and hot as well, June-August experiences heavy showers and December-February gets cooler around this island.

    How to Reach: Boat rides from Agatti Island will take you to Bangaram Beach; you can also board a ship from Kochi that takes around 20 hours to reach the island.

    Nearest Popular City: Kochi (457km/90 Minutes Flight Journey)

  6. Nagoa Beach, Diu:

    Nestled amidst a quaint village called, this virgin beach in Daman and Diu resembles much to the shape of a horse-shoe. The largest among all the beaches in this union territory, it truly makes for a salubrious experience with the emerald water, playful sands and the lush greeneries around.


    Image Credit: Owen Lin – Flickr

    Best Time to Visit: Make it to this beach during April to October

    How to Reach: Taxi rides from Diu or train ride to Vereval followed by taxi ride.
    Nearest Popular City: Diu (7km)

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  7. Serenity Beach, Pondicherry:

    A walk along the Serenity Beach in Pondicherry is something that will help you relax and rejuvenate amidst the golden sands and waves crushing at your feet. Even if you do not want to indulge in any of the activities while at this beach, you can simply bask the sun and spend your day as lazily while witnessing the alluring charm of the Bay of Bengal.


    Image Credit: Abhinav Bhatt – Flickr

    Best Time to Visit: September to March or November to February is the best time to visit Serenity Beach.

    How to Reach: Private taxi or cab rides from Pondicherry Domestic Airport, Railway and Bus Station. All of these are located within a radius of 5km.

    Nearest Popular City: Pondicherry & Puduvai (both around 5km)

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  8. Cherai Beach, Kerala:

    The striking beauty and grace of this virgin beach in Ernakulam, Kerala, got it the fame of being the ‘Princess of the Arabian Sea’. Measuring 15km in length, this charismatic beach in God’s Own Country is an ideal destination for surfing, swimming and sun bathing. Though it is less crowded than Varkala and Kovalam beaches, one can enjoy water sports like speed boat rides, canoeing and water scooter rides on this beach.


    Image Credit: Wikipedia

    Best Time to Visit: Depending on the weather and climate, January-February and October-December is considered as the ideal time to visit Cherai Beach.

    How to Reach: Taxi rides from Ernakulam Junction (1km) or from Cochin International Airport (20km)

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    Nearest Popular City: Kochi (34km)

  9. Agonda Beach, Goa:

    Relax, swim, enjoy sun-basking or simply just laze around the Agonda Beach in Goa; no matter what you indulge into, you will be promised with pleasant moments! One of the very few virgin beaches in the country that is ideal to stay cut-off from the hustle and bustles of life, it has been acclaimed as the ‘Best Beach in India’ and has also been included in the list of ‘Top 3 Beaches in Asia’.


    Image Credit: Klaquax – Flickr

    Best Time to Visit: December-February is the peak time for visitors to this beach. However, if you want to avoid the usual rush, November-March will be the best time for you.

    How to Reach: It can be reached within a 2 hours’ drive from Dabolim Ariport and around 1 hour from Canacona Railway Station in Goa.

    Nearest Popular City: Margao (39km), Panjim (70km)

  10. Shiroda Beach, Maharashtra:

    Though this stunning beach in Sindhudurg, Maharashtra is located very close to Goa, it still offers a calm and pristine ambience that is untouched by the maddening crowd. Also, while around this virgin beach, you can visit tourist attractions like Therekhol Fort, Aronda Backwaters and few other destinations.


    Image Credit: Wikipedia

    Best Time to Visit: October to mid-February is considered as the ideal time to visit this beach.

    How to Reach: Shiroda Beach can be easily reached by air from Dabolim, Goa and by Konkan Railway from Sawantwadi.

    Nearest Popular City: Vengurla (16km)

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  11. Elephant Beach, Andaman and Nicobar Islands:

    Around 20 minutes away from the scenic Havelock Island in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the Elephant Beach is yet another wonder to explore! With astounding coral reefs, the playful white sands and the emerald water around the beach makes it a must visit beach in Andaman. Well, for the marine life and water lovers, a visit to Elephant Beach is no less than a dream come true!


    Image Credit: Wikipedia

    Best Time to Visit: October-May or spring is the best time to visit Elephant Beach.

    How to Reach: A boat ride from Port Blair or Havelock Island will take you to this virgin beach.

    Nearest Popular City: Port Blair (70km)

  12. Dhanushkodi Beach, Tamil Nadu:

    Situated at the confluence of the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, this virgin beach in the Dhanushkodi Town of Tamil Nadu is known for its magical beauty and mythological linkages as well. According to the legends, while on the pursuit to rescue Mother Sita, Lord Rama built the ‘Adam’s Bridge’ or the ‘Ram Setu’ that connected Sri Lanka. Along with pleasant moments, the shallow and clear water around this beach also allows the visitors to delve deep and witness the exotic marine life around.


    Image Credit: Feng Zhong – Flickr

    Best Time to Visit: November to December and February is the best time to visit Dhanushkodi Beach. Temperature might drop down to extreme during January and can rise up during the summer.

    How to Reach: Drive from Madurai Airport which is around 175km or from Rameswaram (20km).

    Nearest Popular City: Madurai (188km)

  13. Benaulim Beach, Goa:

    Goa has got a lot of places to visit but its beaches make it special. Not all the beaches in Goa is about party, maddening crowd and electrifying ambience. The party capital also has some of the most pristine and tranquil virgin beaches in the country; Benaulim Beach is one of them. Along with spending quiet and lively moments, you can also indulge in some of the water sports and activities like dolphin spotting, parasailing, jet skiing, boat rides and some other activities as well.
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    Image Credit: peter barwick – Flickr

    Best Time to Visit: Best time to visit this beach is the monsoon or October-March.

    How to Reach: Karmali Railway Station and Dabolim Airport are the nearest points to reach Benaulim Beach.

    Nearest Popular City: Margao (10km)

  14. Muzhappilangad Drive in Beach, Kerala:

    One among the very few drive-in beaches in the country; and the only one in Kerala, the Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach is the most popular. Measuring around 4km in length, it runs parallel to the NH-66 and is a true delight for the visitors who love to drive along the long stretches of golden sands. Guarded by fascinating black rock formation, it is also a safe and ideal place where you can get into the azure water and have a fun-filled day.


    Image Credit: Wikipedia

    Best Time to Visit: January-March and July-December is the best time to visit Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach.

    How to Reach: It can be reached either from the Thalassery or Kannur Railway Stations; 7km and 15km. For those travelling by flight, they can drive to this beach from Kozhikode International Airport (100 km).

    Nearest Popular City: Kannur (15km)

  15. Ganpatipule Beach, Maharashtra:

    Known to be the most gorgeous virgin beach along the Konkan Coastline, Ganpatipule Beach in Maharashtra is a treasure trove for those who seek peace, serenity and silent moments while on a beach. Located in the quaint town of Ganpatipule in the Ratnagiri district, the beachside is embraced by lush greeneries, scenic coconut groves and the far-away evergreen agricultural fields.


    Image Credit: Kristina D.C. Hoeppner – Flickr

    Best Time to Visit: Late October/November to mid-February is the best time to visit this beach. Try and avoid visiting in May as the temperature rises abruptly and June-October as it is the time for monsoons.

    How to Reach: Ganpatipule Beach is well connected with Nivali Village (32km) by road and Bhoke has the nearest railway station.


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    Nearest Popular City: Ratnagiri (25km)

  16. Cola Beach, Goa:

    Jotted with swaying coconut groves, the serene and pristine ambience of the Cola Beach in Goa is something that will soothe your mind and soul with an ease. Located only 5km from the Agonda Beach in Goa, this virgin sandy retreat is a true contrast to the usual beachside hassles and crowd in the state.


    Image Credit: Skinnyde – Flickr

    Best Time to Visit: If you are planning for a visit to the Cola Beach, you should plan it between October and February.

    How to Reach: A taxi or cab ride from Madgaon Railway Junction (31km) or from Dabolim Airport (48km) is the best way to reach this virgin beach.

    Nearest Popular City: Panjim (67km)

  17. Ramakrishna Beach, Andhra Pradesh:

    Also known as the RK Beach, the Ramakrishna Beach is among the very few virgin beaches in Andhra Pradesh. Located within a close proximity to Visakhapatnam, this heavenly retreat is known for its untouched beauty and the INS Kursura Submarine Park, the home to the Kalvari-class submarine in India.


    Image Credit: Wikipedia

    Best Time to Visit: October to March is considered as the best time to visit the RK Beach.

    How to Reach: A short drive from Visakhapatnam is the easiest way to reach this virgin beach.

    Nearest Popular City: Visakhapatnam (16km)

  18. Bekal Beach, Kerala:

    Kerala is truly the God’s Own Country. Be it the silent backwaters or the alluring virgin beaches, this scenic land proves to be a true delight for its visitors. One among the many different beaches, the Bekal Beach in Kasaragod region of Kerala is known for its kaleidoscopic and exotic beauty. Shallow water, pleasant climate and the fortifying Bekal Fort on this beach make it a must visit retreat in Kerala. In addition, one can enjoy goa carnival with your family and friends.


    Image Credit: Hari Prasad Nadig – Flickr

    Best Time to Visit: Winter or December-February is the best time to visit Bekal Beach.

    How to Reach: One can reach this beach from Mangalore Airport (50km) or from the Kasargod/Kanhangad Railway Station (12km).

    Nearest Popular City: Mangalore (69km)

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  19. Mochemad Beach, Maharashtra:

    Around 10km from the quaint town of Vengurla in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, the Mochemad Beach is yet another marvel of the nature! Pristine and untouched by the outer world, this sandy retreat is located in a village with the same name and is tucked away between the route from Shiroda to Vengurla.


    Image Credit: Thomas Alex – Flickr

    Best Time to Visit: Summer and monsoon are not preferred due to the extreme temperature and heavy rainfall in this region. Ideally, October-February is the best time to visit this virgin beach.

    How to Reach: A taxi ride from Vasco Da Gama Railway Station (55km) or from Dabolim Airport (50km) is the best way to reach Mochemad Beach. If you plan to travel by road, you can follow the Vengurla route.

    Nearest Popular City: Vengurla (9km)

  20. Varca Beach, Goa:

    A paradise in Varca, Goa; this virgin beach is ideal for the leisure seekers. Located in the South Goa district, Varca Beach is such a destination, where every moment brings you joy and merriment along with the crushing waves and the pleasant sea breeze. Also, while on this beach, you can always visit the sacred Our Lady of Gloria Church that is located within a close proximity to the beach.


    Image Credit: CK – Flickr

    Best Time to Visit: Whether summer or winter, Varca Beach always offers a pleasant climate. However, the best time to visit this beach is between November-March.

    How to Reach: Dabolim Airport is situated around 32km and Margao Railway Station is around 14km from the beach.

    Nearest Popular City: Benaulim (2km)

  21. Talasari Beach, Orissa:

    Jotted with scenic palm and coconout groves, Talasari Beach in the Baleswar district of Odisha is also among the most stunning virgin beaches in India. Located in the northernmost corner of Odisha, this beach is known for its rewarding sunrise and sunset views. Not thronged like the other beaches in the state, it has retained its pristine beauty and charm in the best possible ways. Amazing sand dunes all across, mild waves and the lush greeneries around add to the magical beauty of the Talasari Beach.


    Image Credit: Wikipedia

    Best Time to Visit: October-December and February is the best time to visit Talasari Beach.

    How to Reach: If you are travelling by air, Bhubaneswar Airport (300km) will be best option. For those opting for train journey, Jaleshwar (36km) has the closest railway station. One can also drive to the beach from Digha; it takes around 4 hours to reach.

    Nearest Popular City: Digha (10km)

  22. Ganga beach, Gokarna:

    Unlike most of the Gokarna beaches, Ganga Beach is one of the secluded paradise and is still untouched by the hands of commercialisation. Fringed with ancient lighthouse and scenic groves all around, this virgin beach in Gokarna, Karnataka is located within half an hour from the popular Om Beach.

    Best Time to Visit: Though Ganga Beach can be visited all-round the year, November-February is considered as the best time to visit.

    How to Reach: For those travelling by air, Dabolim Airport is the closest airport to this beach. If you are travelling by train, Gokarna Road Station will be the nearest point to reach Ganga Beach.

    Nearest Popular City: Mangalore (7km approx.)

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