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Blessed with many sandy delights, the beaches of India provide the perfect backdrop for a team outing. Some thrill with exciting sports, some enchant with a spiritual aura and others pamper you and your team through celestial natural beauties. Amidst scenic settings, revive the team spirit and enhance employee skills. After a fruitful beach sojourn, get back to office motivated and refreshed.

1) Goa


The inviting balmy shores of the offbeat Goa offer the ideal combination of relaxation and adventure. While a tourist hotspot, it also provides the perfect setup for a team outing. On one hand, the participants can indulge in team building activities and on another they can truly enjoy the holiday experience that this destination provides.

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The glistening waters and laid back aura make for a good company retreat where work members can unwind and bond with each other. Many of the resorts are just a walking distance to the seaside.

Team outing

In the isolated and pristine beaches of North Goa, a lot team building and activities can be held such as beach volleyball and sand-castle building. These games enhance skills like group collaboration and strategising. To add some more zinc to the experience, you can head to the bustling South Goa that offer water sports such as windsurfing, water-skiing and parasailing. The team can also share some lighter moments at the famous party spots.

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2) Pondicherry


Once a largest French colony in India, the beaches of Pondicherry delight with a unique experience. The virgin stretches of golden sands, deep blue waters and swaying palm trees lend a splendid backdrop for team outbound activities.

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Le pondy

It is here that one can be inspired by unity in diversity as Auroville in this destination stands testimony to the fact that people from different creeds and nationalities can live with each other harmoniously.

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Beach Olympics can be held in these placid seashores where the teams are divided under different countries and each one competes for the title. This game is great in reinforcing leadership skills and team spirit. The avenue also offers adventure sports like kayaking, canoeing, boating, and sailing that once again are great for team bonding.

Later during the day, the participants can laze around by the quaint cafes or take or unravel the fascinating French architecture of this alluring land.

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3) Udupi Maravanthe Beach


A paradise for nature lovers, Udupi Marawanthe Beach (12 km away from Kundapur) is an idyllic option for team outbound undertaking. It is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in Karnataka. From October to November, you will also be delighted with the many tortoises that live here for nesting.

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The scenic surroundings along with the fringing palm trees, rocky border, pristine sands and turquoise waters serve as a great framework to engage in team building and beach activities that would enhance employee skills. The game of raft-building that enhances team coordination can be played here.

ash-myrtle-beach-atv (1)

Famous here are sea kayaking and other water sports activities. After a good day of team effort, the participants can pamper themselves with the Ayurveda and spa treatments that are offered here.

4) Mahabalipuram


The beguiling beach of Mahabalipuram is one of the favoured destinations for a team outing especially for those in Chennai. Around an hour drive from the metropolitan, it is here that you get to bask in the sun, sand and the beach.

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The place also offers some classy beach resorts where team bond activities can be held. Amidst breath-taking scenery, the company can engage in exciting games of beach soccer, human foosball and employee skill enhancing activities.


Dating back to the 7th century, this fascinating place has many splendid sights to reel in. Later during the day, the participants can take on a riveting sight-seeing excursion to see the famous ancient rock carvings. They can also indulge in a little bit of shopping at the famous handicraft shops.

5) Bekal


Beautifully lolling on the Kerala Shore, Bekal Beach is where you can head to for a fulfilled team outing. The highlight of this place is the giant keyhole shaped Bekal Fort that overlooks the sparkling Arabian Sea. Relish is good times by the shallow seashore that is flanked by bountiful swaying palm trees.

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Motivate the employees amongst the wafts of soft breeze and sweet music of the waves. Beach Olympics with the aim of boosting team coordination can be held here.  One of the advantages of this place is that come evening and the shore is illuminated with the aim that the visitors can stay here beyond sunset as well.

6) Gokarna


Photo Credit: Roopesh Chander

Permeating in a relaxed and easy vibe, Gokarna is where you can sojourn for a company outbound. For it is in this destination that the work members can leave all their stress behind and unwind.

Beach games at Beach

The geography of amazing city Gokarna too is an interesting one, with the romance of rocky terrains and sparkling beaches. Let the team bond over the golden sands that are not crowded. Activities that teach to work under pressure or enhance group harmony can be held here.

A land where Lord Shiva is said to have emerged from cow’s ear, Gokarna is famous as a pilgrimage center too. Those into spirituality can seek solace by the many revered temples that are here.

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7) Karwar


Nestled between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, Karwar is where you are one with nature. It is said that man brings out his best in natural surroundings and this beach does just that.

Para sailing

It offers a recreational retreat for the work members away from the confines of the day to day schedule. Over here, many beach activities with the intention of inculcating team spirit and excellence can be engaged in.

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Beach activity

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This picturesque place is located around 519 km from Bangalore and close to Goa as well. At the Devbagh Beach here, the team can share fun moments with the many water sports options.

8) Kovalam


Located in God’s Own Countryof Kerala is the sleepy fishing hamlet of Kovalam. Offering mesmerising views, the beach over here is truly a haven of sorts. An enjoyable team outing can be held amongst the charming seashore and clusters of welcoming palm trees.


The white sands and calming waters provide a soothing effect.

Beach Volley Ball

Over here sand castle building and other beach games can be held with intent to enhance the employee’s performance skills. The scenic surroundings and undertakings will also help in boosting the morale of the participants.

9) Ankola

Tug of War

A scenic destination in Uttara Kannada, Ankola is another fine option for team outing. Close to Bangalore, it is a place where enchanting waves hit the rocky and sandy terrain. There are resorts here that make for the perfect setting and also have campfire in the night. Play exciting games by the azure blue waters and strengthen the team core.

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You can indulge in Beach Olympics where the groups understand the importance of working in harmony as a team. Come evening and you can explore the other fascinating areas that are close by.

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10) Mangalore


The tropical delight of Mangalore has many natural sights to sink in. The inviting coastline here is laced with many scenic beaches. Revel in the sight of sparkling waters that appear to be merging into the sky. Some of them are quite peaceful and offer the perfect backdrop for team outbound undertakings. It is in this place that you can indulge in team building activities without distractions.

11) Varkala


A slice of unmarred beauty, Varkala is where you should head to for your team outing. Infusing a laid-back aura, it is here that the golden beach meets the lush cliff. The highlight of this place is that this is the only destination down south Kerala where cliffs lay adjacent to the Arabian Sea.

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Beach football

On the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram district, the settings offered here are perfect to build on team harmony. After a riveting holiday at this scenic place, come back to office all refreshed and with a new perspective.

12) Alibaug

Alibaug beach

A favoured family destination, the enthralling beaches of Alibaug make a great place for team outings activities as well. Located in the Raigad District in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, the drive or ferry ride to this place from Mumbai itself is a jolly one. Once over here, your team can check into one of the plush resorts for a fun-filled day.

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Beach Rugby

The settings are ideal for playing several beach games and activities like beach volleyball, human foosball and beach soccer. Bond with your fellow mates, get friendly with acquaintances and instil the team spirit.  Later during the day, you can enjoy a sight-seeing excursion to the famous places nearby.

13) Murud

murud beach

One of the quieter beaches close to Mumbai, Murud is a place that offers a different experience with its black sands and waters. This spotless seashore provides an archetypal backdrop to engage in team building activities.

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Beach Games

It takes you away from the chaos of everyday life and treats you with a relaxing surrounding. Revive and boost the team morale with some creative games. Post a good day, you can and your fellow mates can take a dip in the crystal waters for an invigorating swim.

14) Ganpatipule


Step into an ethereal world along the team with the virgin beach of Ganpatipule.

Beach activity

Fringed by verdant hills, this beach is steeped in a peaceful and relaxed vibe. As the coastline is barely crowded, you can indulge in some of the best team activities along the vast silver sands of the shore.

 15) Manori Beach

One of the main advantages of Manori Beach is its proximate to the city of Mumbai. Offering a sweet retreat from the chaos of everyday life, team outings can be held here. Your company can either stay at the many comfortable beach shacks or one of the resorts that are designed as Spanish Villas.

cycling - -kerala

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The unhindered view of the vast waters along with the clear blue skies is refreshing. The place is ideal to play Beach Olympics, beach volleyball and sand castle building. Get motivated as you hear your teammates cheering you on.

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