20 Best Things to Do in Kasol - 2020 (with 4200+ Reviews)
Things to do in Kasol includes: Kheerganga Trek, Riverside Camping in Kasol, Tosh Valley Trek, Trek to Malana Village, Visit Manikaran Sahib, Walk along the Parvati River, Binge on Israeli Cuisine,Go Shopping on the Streets of Kasol, Visit Moon Dance Cafe and many more amazing things.

Embrace the thrill of trekking, absorb the tranquility of mountains, camp by a serene river, and make lifetime memories – there are so many things to do in Kasol that come together to make it an abode of happiness. Easy trails that can be taken to rejoice the sights of snow-capped Himalayan peaks and gushing blue waters of the Parvati River make Kasol an absolute stunner.

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Whether you need some days of uninterrupted exhilaration through a range of adventure options in the Himalayas or you want to enjoy dynamic trance parties in the pleasant aura of the Himalayas with your buddies, this quaint hamlet will fit your travel plans just right.  

Owing to the excellent opportunities it offers to adventure enthusiasts as well as fun seekers, Kasol is loved by all kinds of visitors. For a laid-back vacation, you can spend your days here walking by the river stream, shopping vibrant woolen clothes, taking easy strolls in the woods, or fishing in Naggar Village.

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But if the adventurer in you is waiting to be unleashed, Kasol has some really amazing riverside campsites and it also serves as the basecamp for a number of thrilling treks. Kheerganga Trek, Sar Pass Trek, Chalal Trek, and Pin Parvati Pass Trek are some of the exhilarating expeditions you can take from Kasol.

Must Things to Do in Kasol


Trek to Kheer Ganga

Trek to Kheer Ganga

The trek to Kheer Ganga of emerald green hills is a challenging yet fun, nine kilometer, four-hour climb on narrow and tricky trails, therefore it is not for the faint of heart. Although it is tricky in many aspects, it still stands to be one of the easiest things to do in Kasol and one of the most daring things to do in Kasol as well. Kheer Ganga lies towards the extreme end of Parvati valley, and for the most part of the year, this place will be covered in snow and sparsely covered in other months, still making for a slippery cover and trail for anyone walking or trekking here.

This hill is a magical haven for hippies from all over the world and over the past few years has successfully got in Indians to visit its soil. Once you reach the top of the Kheer Ganga, you will find yourself in the beautiful company of magical clouds, dense and moist due to the weather, pine and apple trees right out of fairy tales and snow-capped mountains that give an almost mesmerizing look to the sky. For the more religious and the fascinated by India folk, there is a beautiful and mystical temple of Lord Siva with hot spring baths here for you to see and enjoy.

Kasol is the best idea for a holiday where you don’t need to do much, simply sit back, relax and let the mountains, pine trees, good food and amazing folk of the place transport you to a whole different world where there is the sound of music in the air from Mother Nature and get a chance to do the exciting things to do in Kasol that have made tourists flock towards the place in excited anticipation. 

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Walk along the Parvati River

Walk along the Parvati River

Unlike the loud and voracious water of the Beas River, the Parvati River gives you a mesmerizing view of the lovely Parvati Valley and the neighboring forests on both sides, with pine trees towering high above them. During the monsoon seasons, the waters here lead to a steep gradient from where the water gushes rapidly to form rapids that would send any avid rafter and water sports enthusiast running for his kayak.

To get through to the other side of the river, you need to cross a rickety old wooden bridge, which in itself is a thrill of sorts. Enjoy the sights of this beautiful aquatic pride of Himachal Pradesh as you relax on one of the high boulders on the banks of the river and simply take in the views. 


Head Out to Tosh

Head Out to Tosh
Set at an altitude of approximately 2400 metres, far from the hustle and bustle, Tosh is a traditional Himachali village in Parvati Valley. The village is known for its cannabis plantations and the breathtaking views of the adjacent hills teeming with dense Himalayan vegetation. Visiting Tosh and experiencing the essential culture and lifestyle of Himachal Pradesh is certainly among the most enjoyable Things to do in Kasol.

In addition to a handful of homestays, Tosh has some cool cafés that serve a wide range of food items from Israeli Cuisine due to the considerable influx of Israeli travellers throughout the year. What's more, you can also look forward to enjoying a psychedelic party here.

Location: Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh

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Visit Manikaran Sahib

Visit Manikaran Sahib
Image Credit : Lava

Situated at a distance of about 6 km from Kasol, Manikaran Sahib is a Gurudwara situated right in the middle of the scourging River Beas. It doesn’t matter what religion you are, this is a definite thing to do in Kasol on your trip there. You can take a dip in the hot springs located by the Gurudwara as it is believed to wash away all sins and wrongdoings, according to the locals.

Although the Gurudwara is currently under renovation due to a natural disaster striking its architecture, it is a must visit if you are in Kasol. The ‘Langar’ in this Gurudwara is definitely worth the time you will spend here as it is simply delicious and cooked within the four walls of the holy place. 

Hari Har Ghat, Manikaran Rd, Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh 175105

Timing: Open 24 Hrs

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Hot Spring at Manikaran

Hot Spring at Manikaran

Located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh and in close proximity to Bhuntar and Kasol, Manikaran is the home to the natural hot springs which are sacred to the Sikh and Hindu Belief. Housing many pilgrimage sites revered by the Sikhs and Hindus, Manikaran is located on the Parvati River.

The hot springs here are used for many purposes. The pilgrims cook rice as offering to the gods in the hotter springs and take baths in the less warm ponds as they believe the waters here to be holy. A bath and a visit here are surely some of the best things to do here.

 Hari Har Ghat, Manikaran Road, Distt. Kullu, Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh

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Binge on Israeli Cuisine

Binge on Israeli Cuisine

Imagine viewing the beautiful Himalayas and the other snow-capped mountains as you binge eat shakshouka, lemon cakes and other types of exotic Israeli cuisine. There is a reason that Kasol is known as the mini Israel of India.

From the quaint cafes to the loud street food in the area, Kasol offers you a golden chance to dine on amazing food and have a great conversation about the weather. Visit the ‘Turquiose Kasol’ and ‘The Evergreen’ for amazing cuisine that will have you weak in the knees. Enjoy desserts like ‘Hello to the queen’ and ‘Hello to the king’ whilst you are at the Evergreen restaurant and café.

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Go Shopping on the Streets of Kasol

Go Shopping on the Streets of Kasol

Whenever we hit any new destination, the first thing we think of is what to buy from there so we take it all back as souvenirs of our time there. And believe it right away that Kasol is an amazing place to add some of the best collectibles to add to your house, memories, and even your wardrobe. 

Many markets in Kasol, especially the one at Bhuntar are a great place to include on your list of places to go when the shopping bug bites. Collect semi-precious stones, t-shirts, woolens, aromatic oils and sheets, rugs, carpets and much more to add to your pile from Kasol, so when you go back, you will know that there is some part of Kasol still with you.

 Bhuntar Bazaar Rd, Sainik Chowk, Bhuntar, Himachal Pradesh

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Try Rice Beer

Try Rice Beer
Alcohol on a trip is a strict no, and that is a rule everyone must follow to enjoy the best of any destination to its fullest. And so following this destination, the rice beer which is a famous addition to the world by Kasol, is a must try when here because of the amazing experience, delicious taste, and absolutely no alcohol content.

It is not easy to acquire it, though, and you will have to ask your host to get some for you. But because their hospitality is unmatched, they will get it for you without a problem. Also called ‘Chang’, it is absolutely worthy of trying at least once and is one of the best things to do in Kasol.

Visit Moon Dance Cafe

Visit Moon Dance Cafe
One of the most desirable cafes for tourists and yet another exciting thing to do in the town of Kasol, the Moon dance café has an amazing view of the mountains and valleys outside, making for a perfect place for conversations and some amazing photos of the landscape.

There are a host of mouth-watering delicacies that you can enjoy here and for prices that will make your wallet smile if it could. Enjoy their excellent breakfast menu of fresh bread rolls, scrambled eggs and a host of other mouth-watering dishes that will have any foodaholic swooning.

Moon Dance Café in Kasol has been a local favorite bakery for its delectable food and many have lauded the cafes service and cuisine as well. Guaranteed there may be better cafes, but Moon Dance is a must visit if you are in the mood for a brunch or a late breakfast with the hills.

Location: Main Market Kasol, Kasol 175105

Timing: 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM

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Camping Location: Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, India

Kasol has emerged out to be as the crowd's favorite escape into the Himalayas. Nestled in the lap of the brilliant and quaint Parvati Valley of the favorite vacationing state of Himachal Pradesh, Kasol is famous for the unmatched green beauty of the region. This tour takes you on a trekking and camping expedition in the very best of Kasol. The camp is located next to the river, making the experience all the more quaint and tranquil. Go for a short trek to the Chalal which is also known as the little Amsterdam of Kasol  the overall experience becomes one of extreme brilliance.

About the Activity:

Begin by arriving early in the Campsite and post breakfast, start on the trek to the amazing and quiet Chalal.
Spend some time in the town by the river. This place is famous for crazy parties that are organized here.
Trek back to the campsite and enjoy around a bonfire as the river roars past the campsite.
Have your dinner in the woods and under the stars before you in for the settle in for the night of your camping experience.
In the morning, check out of the camp to bring the trip to an end.

How to reach the campsite:

By Road: Take a bus from Delhi/Chandigarh to Bhuntar. Get down at the Bhuntar bus stand and from there take a local bus ride or hire a taxi to Kasol. 

By Air: Fly from Delhi airport to either Kullu or to Dharamsala and from there take the local bus to reach Kasol. It is a distance of 511 km from Delhi and 269 km from Chandigarh.

Check in time: 10:00 AM on day 1

Check out time: 09:00 AM day 2

Variants: It is available in two variants.

1. Camping with Attached Washrooms and meals(Quad Sharing)
2. Camping with Common Washrooms and meals(Double Sharing)
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Chill at Hype Music Festival

Chill at Hype Music Festival
A package that brings together a variety of fun experiences for you, Hype Music Festival in Kasol is one of the most popular events held here. Apart from a matchless selection of musical performances by globally renowned DJs, you can look forward to immersing your senses in barbeque, bonfire, and other fun activities.

The trippy decoration and light effects help to enhance the vibes created by the psychedelic tunes and beats. This amalgamation of festivities with the cool atmosphere of the hills creates an unforgettable experience, making it one of the most enjoyable things to do in Kasol.

Location: Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

Enjoy the Parvati Shangri-La Festival

Enjoy the Parvati Shangri-La Festival
A recently found festival that is rapidly gaining popularity among party animals all across the country, Parvati Shangri-La Festival is a great time to be in Kasol. This annual festival is a pure delight for you if heavy psychedelic trance is you cup of tea.

Renowned DJs and artists are invited to perform their best tracks and the participants are given multiple opportunities to get lost into the rhythm and mood. You will also come across a number of international artists and crowds of foreign tourists during the festival. So if you are looking for some fun times away from home, be a part of Parvati Shangri-La Festival in Kasol.

Location: Sky Heaven Katagla, Kasol, Parvati Valley

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Visit Malana – A solitary village

Visit Malana – A solitary village
Malana, owing to its unique customs and rules, has to be one of the most intriguing villages to exist in the state of Himachal Pradesh. This ancient village has kept itself virtually cut off from the rest of the world, and claims to be the oldest democracy in the world. Geography has also played a role in keeping this village severed from the outside world.

There is no motorable road to reach Malana, so one has to undertake a short but challenging climb to reach here. Reserve a day of your Kasol trip to visit this typical village and discover the oddities that surround its culture and history. The scenery around the village is truly enchanting, though outsiders cannot stay here overnight.

Location: Malana Nala, Parvati Valley

Adventurous Things to Do in Kasol




Out of so many amazing activities, one of the sure best things to do in Kasol is to camp in the many amazing places of the Parvati Valley. Green-clad hills with the roaring river passing by at the base make for an amazing backdrop to camp in this beautiful place. 

You can camp by a riverside, or camp at the top of Kheerganga, or in the majestic Magic Valley, or even in the beautiful Tosh Valley, there is no shortage of places to pitch your tent for the night as you sleep looking at the most stars you have ever seen in this pristine and untouched heaven of a valley. Kasol is surely the best time to dust your tent and take it out for a ride

 Multiple locations in Kaso

 Starting from INR 1100/-

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Book your seats for Camping in Kasol


Sar Pass Trek

Sar Pass Trek

The word ‘Sar’ in the local language translates into ‘Lake’. And when on this trek, you have to pass a lake which is usually frozen while doing it, thus giving it the name of Sar Pass Trek. This easy to moderately difficult trek attracts a lot of people looking to spend their weekend experiencing something offbeat and unique and has gained a lot of popularity lately for the beauty that one gets to see through the trek.

You will be passing typical Himalayan meadows, forests, villages, houses, and mountains. But it is all nothing in comparison to the end result that one gets upon reaching the destination, and that is an unbeatable view of the Himalayan ranges that are bound to take your breath away.

Location: Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh

Price: Starting from INR 7500/-

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Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Pin Parvati Pass Trek
An undiluted treat for the fans of mountaineering, Pin Parvati Pass Trek is a long expedition packed with action and thrill. Of all the things to do in Kasol, embarking on this trek has to be the most life-altering experience, highly recommended for seasoned trekkers.The approximately 100 km long trail is the route that connects the verdant landscapes of Parvati Valley to the barren mountains of Pin Valley in Spiti region.

From dense forests and grassy meadows to high altitude glaciers and moraines, this trek will give you an opportunity to walk across all kinds of terrains. Watching the dramatic changes in the shades of nature with each passing day will render you speechless and inspire the photographer in you.  

Location: Begins in Barshaini Village, Parvati Valley

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Trekking at Chalal

Trekking at Chalal
Chalal Trek is a fantastic opportunity for those who want to explore the region around Kasol without having to exhaust themselves. Home to a few cafes where trance parties are held, Chalal is a small hamlet close, just an easy 30 minute trek away from Kasol. Just a relaxed walk along the Parvati River on the opposite side of Kasol will take you to this village blooming with apricot orchards.

Besides, the trek also gives plenty of opportunities for photography as the serene river stream will be flowing alongside as you make your way through the dense forests of deodar and pine. Once you reach here, catch your breath, and enjoy the tranquillity that the village is known for.

Location: Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh


Kasol to Rasol Trekking

Kasol to Rasol Trekking
If you are interested in extending your Kasol trip beyond the usual, a trek to Rasol would be a rewarding excursion. Nestled in an untouched part of Parvati Valley, Rasol is a sleepy village with rustic charm, and can be reached from Kasol on foot. The trail is approximately 4 km long and is easy, however, exhausting due to the steep climb involved.

Once you reach the village after crossing a stretch of pristine Himalayan foliage, the exquisitely beautiful landscape will do away with your fatigue. Apart from the mighty Himalayas standing tall before your eyes, the traditional wooden houses and slow-paced life of Kasol will be a treat for your senses.

Location: Rasol, Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh

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Trek from Malana Village to Waichin Valley

Trek from Malana Village to Waichin Valley
Due to its inaccessible location, Waichin Valley, also referred to as Magic Valley, is the best kept secret of Parvati Valley. In order to reach this secluded heaven, one must undertake a 4 km trek from Malana Village. Although, owing to the uphill trail, the adventure to reach Waichin is not a simple task, what you get to see here upon your arrival will overwhelm you.

If you are interested in photography, you can pitch a tent here and wait for the night when you can try your hand at astrophotography. This adventure is best suited for adventure junkies seeking a peaceful retreat in the lap of Himalayas.

Location: Malan Village to Waichin

Fishing in Naggar Village

Fishing in Naggar Village
Th A refreshing drive on curvy mountain roads will take you to Naggar where you can indulge in trout fishing and learn some useful tips from the experienced locals. This ancient town in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh is best known for Naggar Castle and its multiple shrines. A fishing session here is absolutely fun if you are seeking an outdoor experience.

Since the town is set on the banks of the Beas River, it is a favourite spot among fishing lovers visiting Kasol. A visit to Naggar Castle can also be paired with a fishing experience here to turn the entire day into a delightful affair.

Location: Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh

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13 June 2019
"It was a wonderful journey and enjoyed a lot and welcome gesture was good and the guides were good"
24 June 2019
"One of the experiences, which will always remain in my memories. Kheerganga is a trek which is beautiful, not so tough, tiring but the moment you reach the destination, you forget it all and you feel that you have reached a different realm altogether. I can still feel the fresh air hitting my face up there. anyone who can trek 4-5 hours continuously, please do not miss this place.\nand our trek guide is VICKY a very good person\n"
17 August 2019
Highly satisfied with my maiden camping experience at HIM CAFE.. Realy awe-inspiring views around the camp. Decent food to get in a hilly terrain. Pawan-caretaker is too friendly and caring. Tents were clean and safe.. Day 1: Reached the camp by 2.00 pm checked in the tent. Started trek to Tosh village after a Powernap at the tent. Tosh village is too beautiful that it couldnt be penned down. Wittnessed aome melting snow while sunset which is an imsane experience. You can enjoy at cafes at Tosh before your way bck to the camp. Had dinner. Enjoyed Bonfire. Day2: If you are trekker then use this day for an early morning trek to a stunning water falls which is little above the Tosh village. Come back for a sun kissed breakfast. I had Kheerganga in my list so i started to Barshaini which is the starting point of the Kheer ganga trek. So its ideal to stay at Tosh before/after a trek to kheerganga. Amenities at camp: Food Tents Cafe Kitchen Clean washrooms And what not amazing sceneries around. An amazing one day backpacking experience which could carry lot of insane memories. Happy Trekking..
02 August 2019
"It was a nice trip, I loved how beautiful that place was"
10 October 2019
"The agent Ramesh Sharma was very very good, he was very genuine and helpful and polite.. He helped us keep our luggage safely. The trek is definitely great but our guide was not so helpful but the trail was itself leading to the destination. Our guide left us on our way down and was not seen thereafter.. The lodging and food on kheerganga was quite good. The guide was giving us a twin share small tent but that could be easily wet if it rained, so we asked him to provide us a bigger tent and he did.. Kheerganga is astoundingly beautiful. Must visit.. "
26 March 2020
I have been on many treks, some good some bad but in this case, the experience was fantastic. First of all, kudos to the customer service team of Thrillophilia who went out of their way to explain to me each and every detail about Sar Pass Trekking and helped me with a smooth ticket booking experience. The trek was awesome. From food to the guide everything was on point.
16 March 2020
I always wanted to experience the Sar Pass Trek and Thrillophilia made that happen. Booking tickets for me and my friends from Thrillophilia was a breeze. The tour was amazing and the guide really helped us with a lot of things throughout the trip and never complained. Overall, I must say that the experience was wholesome and if you are an adventurer, you need to visit this trek.
29 February 2020
Trip was very good and enjoy full... just issue your transport service not good
25 February 2020
"overall good"
16 February 2020
Hey hi! I'm Divya. This was my experience with Thrillophilia and it was amazing. They've responded always whenever I needed them. About this trip, firstly Kasol is a very beautiful place and the camp we were staying at is located Riverside, a very beautiful location and the hosts are lovely ppl, very friendly, camp in Kasol. They've taken us on Trek to Chalal .... This is a trek trail that goes along the river up to the village of Chalal. And next day was the Kasol trek. It is the beautiful trek that I've experienced till now ( not that I've climbed many mountains and hills). It was covered all over with snow. The views were amazing.. We had a guide trekker who took us on the trek. Overall it was a wonderful experience!!! Thanks to Thrillophilia, sincerely!!!!

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     Explore these places near Kasol to satiate the hunger of the traveler in you with splendid weather and beauty.

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    Click here to check out the list of best resorts in Kasol starting @ Rs. 1300/-

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    Explore the Best Cafes in Kasol to enjoy your weekend. Click here to know the best Cafes for parties and food.

    1. Stone Garden Cafe - Cost for Two: Approximately Rs 600-700
    2. Buddha Place - Cost for Two: Approximately Rs 600
    3. Moon Dance Cafe - Cost for Two: Approximately Rs 600
    4. Jim Morrison Cafe - Cost for Two: Approximately Rs 650
    5. Riverview Café - Cost for Two: Approximately Rs 800-900

  6. Why Kasol is known as Mini Israel?

    There are ample reasons why locals rate Kasol as a Mini Israel. First of all, it is the Israel population that lives here. Due to their presence in significant numbers, you could find traces of Israel customs, culture, and traditions to be deeply rooted in the soils of Kasol. Right from lifestyle to hospitality, the Kasol Israel’s are really good at everything. 

    Next thing, to account Kasol as Mini Israel is the natural beauty it is blessed with. Both the lush green surroundings and aerial views of the region in and around Kasol resembles Israel’s natural beauty. Just like Israel is bordered with huge and vastly stretched mountain ranges, similar is the case with Kasol. Here, you have the mightiness of the Himalayan ranges to surround this piece of wonderland. 

    Finally, comes in is the food and spiritual aspect. Both seem to be highly influenced by Israel’s thinking ideology. You can definitely find Israel’s tinge of flavors in the local delicacies and cuisines being served in and around Kasol.

  7. What is famous in Kasol?

    Kasol is a popular tourist destination both for its tourist attractions and things to do. Here’s a glimpse of it – 

    1. Kheer Ganga – 
    This point lies at Parvati Valley’s extreme end and offers a panoramic view of the surrounding lush green beauty. There’s a small Mahadev temple and a bathing tank nearby on top of the valley there. This region is a trekker’s paradise.|

    2. Tosh – 
    A hippie culture, stunning scenery, and treacherous roads blend to raise the aura of Tosh. As you move further, the place offers some calming views and pastoral scenes to soothe your eyes. So, whenever you plan your visit here, make sure to carry a good camera for capturing some adorable moments. 

    3. Malana – 
    Malana village features adventurous sightseeing delights. Meet the locals here if you are interested in exploring their rich and cultural tradition. 

    4. Pin Parvati Pass – 
    This is a perfect trekkers paradise with a moderate difficulty level. 

    Apart from all the above tourist destinations, Kasol homes to Sar Pass Trek, Manikaran Gurudwara, Rasol, Chalal, and Buddha Place. 

  8. Is Kasol safe?

    Yes, Kasol is entirely safe for travelers. In recent years, Kasol has been a hub for youth to travel and explore the place. However, here a few things to ensure female safety while wandering in Kasol 

    - Verify mode of transportation
    - Prefer to travel in Volvo buses if you are travelling lonely here. 
    - Bike renting is another good alternative for a solo or a couple traveler. 
    - Verify your Kasol itinerary with a trusted travel agent. 
    - Stay away from all the illegal activities
    - In case you are a taxi lover, hire from verified sources. 

  9. Is alcohol available in Kasol?

    Yes, alcohol is available in Kasol.
  10. How many days are enough for Kasol?

     3 to 4 days are sufficient for a memorable trip to Kasol

  11. Is Kasol good for the family?

    Yes, Kasol is a family holiday destination. Be it either someone elder to you or someone younger to you, Kasol has ample things to be enjoyed by each age group. Here’s a list of how and what can you enjoy with your family at Kasol - 

    1. Kheer Ganga trekking – 
    Kasol’s KheerGanga is a trekker’s paradise. Your trekking from Tosh’s base camp to the Kheerganga summit will surely present you with some good memories to take back home. Also, there’s a hot water spring right at the top there where you can go for a pious bath. 

    2. A peaceful walk along the shores of Parvati River – 
    It is indeed a delight to observe the frothing, churning, and cackling of the calmly flowing Parvati river. An hour spent here with your family will surely bless you with life-long memories. 

    3. Seek blessings from Manikaran Sahib – 
    If you are planning for a family trip to Kasol, make sure that you take your elders to this shrine. The serenity in the atmosphere here will revitalize you with the essence of spirituality and deeply connect you with your inner soul. 

    4. Go for some Israeli flavors – 
    As we have mentioned earlier, Kasol is a paradise for Israel population. Their presence is quite reflective from the Israeli touch they impart to the food here. The Evergreen and the Turquoise Kasol are real hubs to taste some outstanding Israel delicacies and cuisines. 

    5. Street shopping – 
    Kasol is all about street shopping adventure. Semi-precious stones and other kinds of trinkets are the chief attractions of Kasol’s flea market.

  12. Is there snow in Kasol?

    Yes, Kasol experiences snowfall between the period from October to February. The winter winds of Kasol stay cold and dry with frequent heavy rainfall.

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