Best Tent Stays in Kasol

Tents in Kasol are muffled up in peace and tranquility away from the buzz of city life offering you an extremely palatial stay. Tailored to suit your needs, the tents in Kasol are a perfect fusion of modern comforts and traditional stays. Exuding luxury and sophistication, the tents are wonderfully designed offering a chic ambience.

Kasol tents provide a lot of activities that you can indulge in like trekking and hiking if you love thrill and excitement. You can also head out for a nature walk and create memories to cherish for years to come. You can also enjoy the bonfire in the evenings sprinkling a little colour and warmth during the freezing weather of Kasol.

Jalpa Camps and Parvati Woods Camps are an idyllic getaway for the couples. From budget friendly camps that offer all the basic amenities like Orchard and Aman Camps to luxury camps like Lee Garden and North Deodar Camps will offer you an absolutely bewitching and captivating stay. Riverside camps like Mahadev Riverside and Kasol Riverside offer sheer beauty and once in a lifetime experience. Book a Kasol tent stay while on a vacation and enjoy the spectacular views with absolutely scrumptious meals amidst the chilly weather of Kasol.

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Kasol Tent Stays FAQs

Which are the best tent stays in Kasol?

1. Parvati Camps: Surrounded by peace and tranquility, Parvati Camps are one of the best tents in Kasol. If you love the adrenaline rush, this is the best destination to book a stay in and enjoy the thrill. You can also make the most of the amenities provided for a pleasant and delightful stay.

2. North Deodar Camps: Offering one of the most remarkable stay, Deodar Camps is a perfect amalgamation of beauty, comfort and peace. It provides you with a stay to relax and rejuvenate yourself away from the hubbub of city life. Providing you with numerous amenities, it is sure to reside in your heart for years to come.

3. Green Valley Camps: Situated in the lap of nature, Green Valley Camps offer an incredibly beautiful getaway in the hills. Soaked in lush greenery and serenity, these camps will mesmerise you with its surroundings. Enjoy the luscious meals here or indulge in adventure activities, you will have the most memorable time.

4. Tosh Valley Camps: Experience the spectacular views and spend the night under the starlit sky for an awe inspiring moment. Staying at this camp is a once in a lifetime experience where you will enjoy the most beautiful stay and delectable meals.

It is also a perfect place for the trek lovers since they can go on this adventure exploring the places nearby while trekking with a guide that will accompany you at all times. These camps will undoubtedly help you create moments that you will relish for a lifetime.

5. Jalpa Camps: With magical views surrounding the camps, it makes for a perfect destination for a couple vacation. It is undoubtedly one of the best tents in Kasol and offers a plethora of amenities to ensure a fascinating stay. Enjoy the delicious meals while enjoying the scenic views and lose yourself to the peace and serenity surrounding it.

Which are the best 5 star tents in Kasol?

1. North Deodar Camps: One of the best tents in Kasol, North Deodor offers a luxurious stay with a plethora of amenities. Covered with stunning surroundings and mesmerising views, these camps provide everything from an outdoor fireplace to barbeque facility and a lush green garden. With a beautiful mountain view, it is one of the most amazing tents in Kasol.

2. Kasol Hill Camp and Cottages: One of the most plush Kasol tent stay, this is a perfect hideaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. With plenty of facilities from wellness to fireplace in the chilly weather of Kasol, it offers a comfortable and warm stay. The views encapsulating the camps are riveting leaving an indelible imprint in your hearts and minds.

3. Lee Garden Camps: With a beautiful and elegant accommodation, Lee Garden Camps provide you with splendid views that will take your breath away. One of the best tents in Kasol, these offer you with a lovely dining area and a tranquil experience. All the possible amenities are available at this tent offering you a palatial stay.

4. Mahadev River Camps: Escape from the monotonous routine and fill your heart serenity at one of the most beautiful Kasol tents. With a river flowing nearby and greenery surrounding the tents, the views it offers are truly unparalleled. The scrumptious delicacies will transport you to another world and innumerable amenities here will blow your mind providing you the perfect vacation.

5. Chalo Kasol Camps and Cottages: Offering facilities like fitness and evening entertainment, Chalo Kasol Camps is one of the best tents in Kasol. From enthralling river and mountain views to the amenities it offers, a stay at these camps is unsurpassable. It is also one of the Kasol tents that is pet friendly making it a perfect vacation for all the people who own and love pets.

Which are the best riverside tents in Kasol?

1. Parvati View Riverside Camps: One of the best tents in Kasol to experience the adrenaline rush and indulge in activities like hiking, Parvati View Riverside Camps is your go to for thrill and excitement. A perfect destination for nature lovers, the surroundings will astound you leaving you mesmerised.

2. Mahadev Riverview Camps: Known for offering enchanting views, Mahadev Riverview Camps is one of the best riverside tents in Kasol. Alluring the tourists from around the country, these camps are a perfect blend of tranquility and adventure. Indulge in adventure activities while enjoying an opulent stay.

3. Kasol Riverside Camp: Set amidst the beauties of nature, this camp is sure to provide you with a breathtaking experience. A perfect destination for families and couples, Kasol Riverside Camps is one of the best Kasol tents providing captivating views and numerous facilities that will win your heart.

4. Himtrek Riverside Camps: Escape the humdrum of the city life and enjoy the chilly weather in the Himtrek Riverside Camps. The bonfire in the evenings here amidst the bewitching views will keep you warm while you enjoy the weather. With delicious food and a comfortable stay, this is one of the best Kasol tent stays for a vacation.

Which are the tents in Kasol for couples?

1. Jalpa Camps: Surrounded by absolutely mystical views, Jalpa Camps is a perfect destination for the couples. The appetizing vegetarian food served at this camp will steal your heart and leave you craving for more. Located in close proximity to the city centre, Jalpa Camps offer fascinating surroundings with the sound of the water streams that is nothing less than music to the ears.

2. Parvati Woods Camps: Set amidst nature, Parvati Wood Camps is your go to if you are travelling with your partner and looking to spend some quality time together. With charming surroundings and views, it is an absolute sight to behold and to create moments worth cherishing with your partner. Enjoy the facilities like the bonfire in the freezing weather of Kasol and make it a vacation worth remembering.

3. Mahadev Riverview Camps: Located on a riverside, as the name suggests, Mahadev Riverview Camps is nothing less than heaven on earth. Book a stay at this camp while on a vacation with your partner and enjoy the numerous amenities offered for a pleasant stay. Experience the peaceful surroundings with your partner and engage in adventure activities available for some thrill.

4. Kabila Camps: With completely budget friendly camps, Kabila is located amidst the enthralling mountains and embraces peace and tranquility. Kabila Camps offers both swiss and traditional tents and are a sight to behold. Enjoy the experience here with your partner as it is one of the best destinations for couples.

5. Lee Garden Camps: Offering an opulent stay, Lee Gardens is one of the most amazing getaways for couples. Drowned in an aura of romance, Lee Garden Camps offers everything you need for a pleasant stay with your partner.

From lovely rooms to dazzling surroundings, these camps have it all. With a plethora of amenities that makes your stay memorable, Lee Garden Camps provide you with the best hospitality.

Which budget tents in Kasol are good for families?

1. Orchard Camps: One of the pocket friendly camps, Orchard provides you with a delightful stay with plenty of amenities. With the river Parvati in close proximity, the sound of the water will soothe your ears and your heart. With beautiful surroundings, it is one of the best tents for families.

2. Aman Camps: Extremely light on your pocket, Aman Camps offer a captivating view of the surroundings and you can capture the scenic beauty at ease from here. With a multicuisine restaurant, the camps are a fusion of traditional stay and modern day comforts. These camps are absolutely amazing for a stay with family.

3. See Himalayan Camps: With a friendly and hospitable staff, See Himalayan Camps are perfect while travelling with your family. Offering all the amenities required amidst the fascinating surroundings and views covering the camps, it is nothing less than a dream come true.

4. Himtrek Riverside Camps: Located on the riverside, Himtrek Riverside Camps provides breathtakingly splendid views of the surroundings. You can book a stay here with your family and forget about your tensions and worries. Enjoy the delectable food while relishing the scenic views and the amenities. You can also indulge in various activities involving adventure and thrill here.

Can I get my own food in a tent stay in Kasol?

Yes, you can get your own food in a Kasol tent stay if you find it comfortable. Even if you don’t bring your own food, you will be provided with delicious food at the camps.

Are tents waterproof?

Yes, tents in Kasol are waterproof and you will be provided with the safari tents. You need not worry about it since you will be provided with clean, hygienic and comfortable waterproof tents.

Are pets allowed during the tent stay in Kasol?

Yes, pets are allowed during the tent stay in Kasol and it is a perfect abode for you if you want to travel with your pets for a vacation.

Is tent stay in Kasol safe for couples?

Yes, Kasol tents are absolutely safe for the couples since it is the responsibility of the staff and they ensure the safety of all their guests. You need not worry about your safety, just relax and enjoy your vacation because your safety is the primary duty of the staff.

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