Adventure Sports in Kerala

Adventure in Kerala

Kerala, known for its serene beauty and diverse culture is also one of the top destinations amongst tourists for different adventure activities. Adventure in Kerala includes a lot of activities like trekking in the lush green mountain trails, parasailing along the Kerala backwaters, jeep safaris exploring the wildlife and surfing in the exquisite beaches. Adventure sports in Kerala owes a major chunk for the expansion in the tourism industry of the state. Bamboo rafting, tree house stopover and catamaran sailing are some exclusive fun activities to do here with your loved ones which encourages bonding and team work.

The iconic setting of this place with rugged topography, dazzling rivers, golden beaches and misty mountains makes it a dream destination for any adventure enthusiast. The equable tropical climates also add a charm to the place. A walk though the wild raw natural landscapes admiring the exotic species of flora and fauna in the dense evergreen forests sets an electrifying tone for your adventure trip. Considered to be one of the most popular and happening destinations in India, Kerala offers the tourists a unique adventure experience that will definitely unleash your spirits and set you off with one of your most memorable journeys.

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Kerala Adventure FAQs

Which are the best adventure sports to do in Kerala?

1.Parasailing- Adventure in Kerala is incomplete without indulging in the famous aquatic sports, one of them is parasailing. The sailor is strapped along a parachute and the harness is connected to a speeding motor boat. The speed boat surfs across the water controlling the sailor hovering over the majestic ocean experiencing the intense drift and momentum of the wind. This will provide you with the perfect adrenaline kick. The time frame of October to March with Clear cloudless skies and ideal wind speeds can add up to a perfect parasailing experience. This is one of the popular adventure sports in Kerala amongst the visitors.

- Kovalam and Alappuzha Beach Kerala
Price- Approx 3500 INR per person.

2-Mountain climbing
- If you want to experience an intense adventure in kerala you can't miss out placing this activity in your itinerary. Mountain climbing is a physically and mentally challenging activity which is fun and provides you with an adrenaline rush. The charming mountain ranges present in Kerala sets a perfect spot for this fancy adventure sport. Generally it takes an entire day to climb to the peak of the mountain so it is advised to gear up with all basic necessities like proper hiking boots, insect repellants and adequate hydration.

-Munnar, Wayanad, Thenmala and Analudi peaks
Price- Approx 500-1000INR per person

3.Bamboo rafting
- Bamboo rafting is one of the top adventure sports in kerala that is preferred by tourists of almost all age groups. Enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of the enchanting forests and pristine rivers sailing on rafts made up of bamboo. You can also enjoy watching different kinds of native wildlife species like the majestic elephants and sambars. Bamboo rafting was originally practised by the tribals of Kerala which has evolved to be a popular adventure activity amongst tourists nowadays. This very well promotes eco tourism and creates a sense of sustainability amongst the visitors. Nature lovers must not miss this unique adventure in kerala.

- Thekkady in Kerala
Price- Approx 2500INR per person.

Paragliding is one of the most practised fun activities that adds a certain charm to the Adventure in kerala. Buckle up to enjoy one of the most unique experiences of flying above the crests and troughs filled with lush vegetation. The most ideal time to practise this sport is during September to January when the wind speeds are predictable and monsoon is yet to show up. Flying through the blue skies you experience the thrill and excitement which every adventure seeker looks forward to. The professionals will guide you and take care to gear you up with all the necessary safety equipment. This is one of the top picks amongst the adventure sports in kerala.

- Vagamon in Idukki district
Price- Approx 4000INR per person.

5.Stay in a Tree house
- The nature lovers love to indulge in this adventure in kerala, staying at exquisite tree houses admiring the enchanting views of the dense forests and wildlife. Away from the buzz of the city, a stay at the tree house will  definitely soothe your body and mind. You can opt to go for bird watching or jeep safaris through the forest trails. Spending time at these tree houses surrounded by nature will create a sense of love and admiration for the different life forms and provide you with an experience for lifetime.

-Munnar, Thekkady, Athirappilly and Wayanad
Price-Ranging from 4000- 15000 INR per night

Which are the best water sports to do in Kerala?

1.Karayaking in Alleppey, Kerala- If you are someone who loves the sight of alluring water bodies and panoramic views of the untouched nature then this sport is for you. Paddle through the backwaters of kerala witnessing the fishing culture, paddy fields and traditional villages in the river banks. Water Sport adventure in kerala is incomplete without experiencing this calm yet amusing activity.

2.Surfing at the Kannur and Kovalam beach-
This water sport is perfect for professionals who want to experience the thrill and adventure in kerala, gliding over the large sea waves. January and February are considered to be the ideal months for surfing in moderate swell size waves. You can rent the surfing equipment here and jump off to the waves. This sport is mostly practised only by professional surfing enthusiasts.

3.Parasailing at Kovalam and Alappuzha Beach
- Witness the mesmerizing views of the Arabian sea and the beautiful coastal belt of Kovalam, flying over the blue ocean being harnessed to speed motor boats.The best season for parasailing is in the month of october to march when the skies are clear and the wind flow is ideal. The stunning magnificent views of the aquamarine life and never ending ocean views adds on to the adventure in kerala.

Which are the best theme parks and water parks in Kerala for adventure?

1.Magic planet theme park- Claimed to be one of world's first magic themed parks, Magic planet theme park features some breathtaking magic streets decked with lively theater illustrations, street magic performances, exquisite magic castles and exciting puzzle corners. You will get to know about the different magic eras which will leave you speechless and enthralled.People of all age groups enjoy spending time here.This is one of the unique theme parks in kerala which deserves a definite place in your travel itinerary.

2.Silver storm water theme park
-Packed with a variety of amusing rides and a mesmerizing view of the Athirappally waterfalls, Silver storm water theme park serves as the perfect holiday destination to have fun with your loved ones.The Bumping boats, Flying Dutchman, wild raft rides and agile go karting tracks are some of the major attractions here.There is a list of well serviced cafes inside the park to grab a quick bite.

3.Wonderla amusement park, Kerala- One of the prime tourist attractions, The wonderla amusement park of Kerala is a one stop destination for thrilling rides and all kinds of fun activities with friends and family.Be it dancing at the rain disco or experiencing the sky high limits in the flash tower, Wonderla will never disappoint with the amusement factor. There are over 50 water and land rides to choose from. The property is very well maintained portraying  high class hospitality and recreational facilities.

What are the best trekking trails in Kerala?

1.Dhoni Hills trekking- Located in Palakkad district, Dhoni hills are one of the finest locations for trekking. Surrounded by enchanting waterfalls and verdant scenery stretching up to eternity, a trekking expedition to Dhoni hills is the perfect way to admire Kerala's picturesque beauty. The trek is a 12 kilometer hike from the base till Malampuzha to the Dhoni waterfalls. On their way up, tourists can find a myriad of shops, refreshments centers and sunset viewpoints as well.

2.Agasthyarkoodam Peak Trekking
- Agasthyarkoodam, better known as one of the tallest peaks in the Western Ghats will surely impress any adventure freak with its encapsulating beauty. Standing at a gorgeous height of 1800 meters, this trekking excursion will take you through a range of thick forests, vibrant wildlife and ethereal landscape views. Agasthyarkoodam peak trekking is one of the most difficult trekking ranges and is advised to be carried out under expert supervision.

3.Kolukkumalai Peak trek
- Considered to be one of the heavenly destinations on Earth, Kolukkumalai is known for its organic tea plantations and appealing lush green trekking trails. Trekking along the rough challenging terrains across the tea estate, you will get a beautiful mesmerizing view of the Nagamalai village from the mountain peak which is around 8000 feet above the sea level. There are provisions for camping here. The sunrise and sunset from the view point at the peak is no less than a treat to the eyes.

4.Chembra peak trekking-
Chembra peak trekking is widely popular amongst adventure lovers and nature enthusiasts. Studded with a plethora of fauna and vibrant flora, Chembra peak stands at an altitude 2100 meters. On their way up, tourists will pass through exquisite lakes, mystical climes, endangered wildlife and appealing landscapes. The best time for a hiking excursion is during the morning hours to truly admire the essence of Kerala's charming beauty

Is Kerala safe for adventure sports?

Yes, Kerala is known amongst one of the top safe destinations for adventure sports. Be it mountain climbing, paragliding, surfing or cycling, tourists can indulge in all kinds of adventure sports with necessary safety equipment and proper guidance by the professionals.All the safety parameters are well taken care of by the adventure tourism sector of Kerala.

What is the best time to visit Kerala for adventure activities?

The ideal time to visit Kerala for adventure activities is from September to February. This is the time when monsoons are out of sight and the temperature is pleasant, setting a perfect mood for exploring and indulging in various adventure sports

Where can I go for Rock Climbing in Kerala?

Munnar, Wayanad, Thekkady and the Thenmala regions are best suited for Rock climbing in Kerala. The physically challenging mountain ranges of these regions add the much needed thrill and adventure to this activity. Rock climbing has evolved to be a popular sport among adventure enthusiasts over the period of time.

How much does Paragliding cost in Kerala?

Unlike many other regions, Paragliding is comparatively cheaper in Kerala usually ranging from about 3500-4000INR per person for about 15-20 mins. There are additional charges for video recording services.

Where can I go for Kayaking in Kerala?

The Alappuzha beach and the Alleppey backwaters are amongst the best places to go Kayaking in kerala. Alleppey is known for its mesmerizing views of nature which acts as a perfect backdrop for your pictures. You can book the online tickets beforehand to avoid the last minute hassles.

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