Snorkeling in Krabi

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Located on Southern Thailand’s western coast, Krabi has attracted a lot of diving and water sports enthusiasts over the years. You can include this place in your budget friendly Thailand tours as it is one of the most relaxing places on this planet. Phi Phi islands and Poda group of islands are the primary tourist attractions for snorkeling in Krabi. Its limestone cliffs and rocky terrains have aided the growth of small areas of colourful and tranquil marine life under the sea.

The secluded Tub Kaek beach can give you the notion of owning a private beach just to yourself and a luxe snorkeling experience. Most tourists also prefer to visit the Phi Pileh lagoon, as it is considered one of the best places to snorkel in Krabi with its mystifying green sea and calm waters giving you an enriching experience.

Daytime is considered to be the best time for snorkeling as the sun is right above your head and it makes the water clearer. Far away from the rush and noise of the city, the experience of snorkeling in Krabi can leave you with once in a lifetime memories.

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Krabi Snorkeling FAQs

Which are the best places for snorkeling in Krabi?

1. Phi Phi Island: Just on the Southwest of Krabi coastline, spreads around Phi Phi islands which is easily accessible via long tail boats and speedboats. It is known as Thailands’ Shangri-La as it offers the best experience for snorkeling in Krabi.

Koh Phi Don or Bamboo island and Moskito island are untouched by mass tourism so you can expect some great shallow water snorkeling here. You can also explore small species of sharks and many multi-colored coral reefs while snorkeling here. Hin Klyang, known for its open-sea snorkeling, is a must-visit spot to attain the best snorkeling experience in Thailand.

Price: 1,800 Thai Bahts

2. Hong Islands: Koh Hong group is a group of 4 islands comprising Hong islands, located off the coast of Krabi. Hong island has shallow waters which makes it easier to snorkel and is a perfect spot for beginners. This is a perfect place to wear off your snorkeling fear because of the shallow reefs and blue waters.

One can subside their post-snorkeling exhaustion by laying in the sandy beaches and glancing at blue clear waters of this island. You can also get a chance to snorkel and kayak together by floating around in a kayak during low tides and explore great spots around.

Price: 1,200 Thai Bahts

3. Koh Phi Phi Don: Koh Phi Phi Don is the largest non-volcanic island from the group of Phi Phi islands, made mostly of limestone. If you are arriving in Phuket by boat, it is the most easily accessible island with great beaches and popular snorkeling spots. This island is not really crowded so you can have a great snorkeling experience here with open seas.

Hin Klang is a must visit spot famous for open sea snorkeling in Krabi, and offers the best snorkeling experience in Thailand. Since snorkeling trips are usually an all day trip, there are no accommodation options so the terrain remains untouched and large proportions of coral gardens.

Price: 800 Thai Bahts

4. Koh Lanta YaiKoh Lanta Yai or commonly referred to as, Ko Lanta, is an island district situated on the Andaman coast of Krabi. Some of the best and most popular spots for Snorkeling in Krabi can be found here. Koh Rok Nok is one such spot for snorkeling offering a full-day snorkeling tour, and is just one hour speedboat drive away from the island.

Another such spot is Koh Haa which is prominent for scuba diving with deeper and clearer blue waters. Snorkeling here is limited so you can take a speedboat ride to southern islands to explore more snorkeling sites suitable for both beginners and advanced divers.

Price: 1,500 Thai Bahts

5. Koh Jum: Untouched by mass tourism, Koh Jum is one of the laid back and peaceful islands of Thailand. Snorkeling here is rather disappointing since the tides are low and limited types of fish and minimal coral reefs.

However, at a beginners level you can still snorkel here with a huge variety of rocky beaches of Koh Jum. You can easily get a hands on the snorkeling gear by either renting one from island shops or borrowing one from ample of easily available resorts.  

Price: 3,000 Thai Bahts

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Which are the famous beaches for Snorkeling in the Krabi?

1. Railay Beach: Railay beach or Rai leh beach is in fact a peninsular region which counts for a total of four beaches. You might be able to spot some reef fish while snorkeling here. Snorkeling here in crystal clear waters will let you see plenty of marine life at your own pace.

You need not worry if you do own snorkeling gear, you can rent one out from the shops at just 50 Thai bahts per day and a refundable security deposit of 800 Thai Bahts. Snorkeling in Railay beach will definitely be the highlight of your trip to Krabi. 

2. Phra Nang Beach: Phra Nang is a cave-shaped beach, with a radical curve of pale, soft white sand and limestone mountains and cliffs. To get the best experience of snorkeling and sunbathing, you can rent a kayak and drift in the sea. You can also get a pristine view of the entire Krabi while snorkeling or kayaking in the middle of the sea.

You can find great snorkeling spots at the end of the beach. It gets more crowded around afternoon so you can enjoy solitude at the beach, very early in the morning or late afternoon.

3. Tonsai Beach: Offering a combination of cheap accommodation and great rock-climbing routes, Tonsai Beach works as a great destination for backpackers and adventure enthusiasts.. It is not entirely safe for swimming and snorkeling purposes due to low tides and rocks right in front of the sand, as you can end up getting serious injuries.

Please note that most of the coral reefs on this beach are dead too so it’s better to go to the outer islands for snorkeling and diving.  On the bright side, this makes for a perfect spot for sea-kayaking and rock climbing. 

4. Ao Nang Beach: Ao Nang beach, with a combination of relaxed atmosphere of a small town, the magnificence of a beach resort, comforts of home and utmost friendliness makes it a vibrant tourist attraction of Krabi. Just 20 minutes away from Krabi by road, Aon Nang offers one of the best snorkeling experiences in Krabi with a huge variety of marine life and clear waters.

You can find picturesque sceneries, crystal clear blue water while snorkeling here, making this beach an impeccable spot for tourism. You can also discover different species of tropical fish and avoid crowds.

5. Tub Kaek Beach: Just half an hour away from Ao Nang coast, lies an ethereal and isolated paradise, called TubKaek beach. The white sand and beautiful blue water offers great snorkeling opportunities to the tourists. You can reach out to 2 almost abandoned islands named, Ko Muaeng and Sa Deng which are perfect snorkeling spots with hundreds of different coral reefs, fishes, sponges, etc. and crystal clear blue water. If you own your own snorkeling equipment the coral reefs here are some of the best in Krabi. 

6. Klong Muang Beach: Klong Muang beach has the charm and charisma of the authentic Thailand and minimal crowd of the typical touristy beaches. The underlying beautiful coral reefs, undiscovered lagoons, and majestic limestone formations, makes it one of the best spots for snorkeling in Krabi.

The northern part of the beach is ideal for snorkeling and other beach activities. You can also mesmerise the beauty of the Andaman sea while snorkeling or kayaking here. This hidden paradise of Krabi is every water-sports enthusiast’s delight with tranquil blue water and a quiet atmosphere.

7. Ao Siew: Ao Siew is a remote beach stuck between lush coconut trees and tropical mangrove trees, away from the buzz of cities, making it an ideal peaceful getaway. You can take a refreshing dip here as the water is calm and pleasant. Most of the population here are super-friendly native fishermen and locals to help you guide around the beach.

Due to less crowds, you can practically have the entire beach to yourself. While visiting this beach, one must pack their own essentials as Ao Siew does not have any shop of its own, in case you need to buy something you must commute to Klong Muang.

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What is the best time for snorkeling in Krabi?

The perfect time to do Snorkeling in Krabi is between November and March, when the weather is brisk and the humidity is under control. Rainfall is also minimal which  increases the visibility of marine life giving you the best snorkeling experience.

How to reach Krabi?

-One of the ways to arrive in Krabi is directly by boarding a flight to Krabi International airport, easily available from all major cities in the world.

 -Another way of reaching here is by first arriving in Bangkok then going by road or waterways to Krabi. Direct buses from Bangkok take around 10 hours to reach Krabi. 

-There are no direct trains to Krabi, however the nearest railway station is about 2 hours away, called Trang.

Is Krabi good for snorkeling?

Snorkeling in Krabi offers a once in a lifetime experience. The best snorkeling spots in Krabi include Koh Hong and Phi Phi islands, where you can explore the vibrant coral reefs with crystal clear visibility. The calm waters and majestic panorama can give you the most satisfying snorkeling experience here.

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What is the approx price of snorkeling in Krabi?

Snorkeling in Krabi is really affordable and one the most popular activities here. You can attain this one-in a lifetime experience at a mere price of 1,000 - 2,000 Thai Bahts. You can easily book a session in advance and skip the hassle through Thrillophilia’s packages.

What is the difference between snorkeling and scuba diving?

The basic difference between snorkeling and scuba diving is that snorkeling only permits you to swim at the water’s surface whereas scuba diving lets you descend in deeper waters to explore the candid marine life and coral reefs.

Snorkeling does not require any prior experience and can easily be learnt in a few minutes, however scuba diving requires you to get certified and trained.

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