Best Snorkeling Tours in Krabi - 2021

If you’re unsure about what to do for your next vacation, consider going snorkelling in Krabi. This tropical paradise that is located on the Southern Coast of Thailand is fast becoming a popular tourist hotspot. Snorkelling is one of the best things to do in Krabi because the landscape and the location of the province have allowed unique coral reefs, limestone cliffs, white-sand beaches and exotic ecosystems to develop, and snorkelling is one of the most exciting ways to explore the natural abundance of Krabi.Trained divers will give you a short lesson before you go snorkelling to make the most of your experience. Diving gear, equipment and guides are also available on-site. 

The Krabi coastline, which spans over 160 km, is dotted with small beaches and diving spots that are ideal for snorkelling. Places like the Phi Phi Islands, Klong Muang Beach, Koh Jum, Tonsai Beach and Koh Lanta Yai offer private beaches, equipment rentals, isolated reefs and many more unique features and experiences that definitely makes snorkelling memorable. The diving beaches are some of the most attractive places to visit in Krabi, where you can often spot dolphins, stingrays, turtles, leopard sharks and much more. After exploring the mysterious oceans from proximity, you can enjoy a breath-taking sunset as you sail on the emerald waters of the Andaman Sea.

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  1. Which places are best to experience snorkelling in Krabi?

    Some of the best places where you can go Krabi includes:

    Phi Phi Island

    - The Phi Phi Islands is a group of islands where you can discover snorkelling in various famous places such as Hin Klang, Lohsama Bay, Ao Maya and Ao Lo Sama. 

    - All of these places are replete with coral gardens, marine life and pristine waters for you to have a unique and eye-opening experience. 

    Location: between Phuket and the Straits of Malacca

    Cost: 1,374 THB (3,200 INR)

    Hong Islands 

    - Hong Islands are considered the most beautiful and well-kept islands in Krabi. 

    - The waters are relatively shallow so that everyone can enjoy the beauty of the coral reefs.

    - The best places to go snorkelling here are Paradise Island and Ko Daeng Island. 

    Location: Krabi coastline 

    Cost: 859 THB (2,000 INR) 

    Koh Phi Phi Don 

    - Koh Phi Phi Don offers some of the best Krabi snorkelling opportunities. 

    - Places like Moon Bay, Maya Bay, Loh Dalum Bay and Long Beach contain white sand beaches, extensive coral reefs and exotic marine animals such as clownfish. 

    - There are several secluded beaches in the area for diving and snorkelling, as well as sunset viewing.

    Location: between Phuket and the Straits of Malacca

    Price: 429 THB (1,000 INR) 

    Koh Lanta Yai 

    - Koh Lanta is one of the most beautiful beaches for snorkelling in Krabi.

    - It is replete with sea life and unique coral reefs that have developed over hundreds of years. 

    - Of all the places in Koh Lanta Yai, the Mu Koh Lanta National Park is the place to be if you want to make the most of your snorkelling experience. 

    Location: West coast of Thailand 

    Cost: 1,000 THB (2,300 INR) 

    Koh Jum

    - Koh Jum is ideal for those who want to enjoy a peaceful, quiet vacation, away from crowds of tourists. 

    - This secluded paradise offers untouched beaches, clear waters and of course, exclusive, personalized snorkelling opportunities. 

    - There are several beaches in Koh Jum such as Coconut Beach, Lubo beach, Ao Ting Rai, Loma Beach, South Andaman Beach, etc. where you can enjoy these activities. 

    Location: 25kms south of Krabi town

    Cost: 100 THB (240 INR)

  2. Which are the famous beaches for Snorkeling in Krabi?

    Following is a list of all the best beaches for snorkelling in Krabi. 

    Railay Beach 

    - Railay Beach is a picturesque peninsula between Ao Nang and the main city of Krabi. 

    - You can take advantage of an informative guided tour through the clear waters. 

    - Snorkelling comes with diving equipment, a guide who will teach you the signs and manoeuvres and stunning views of the sunset. 

    Phra Nang Beach 

    - Phra Nang Beach is located between the beach in Ao Nang and the city of Krabi. 

    - The beach is famous for snorkelling and kayaking. 

    - Clean beaches, crystal clear water and many marines and land animals alike, make this beach extra special for tourists and visitors. 

    Tonsai Beach 

    - Tonsai Beach is a small, secluded secret beach on the Railay Peninsula. 

    - The 600m long beach has a laid-back vibe where there are small bars and hotels playing relaxing music, where you can relax after your snorkelling session. 

    - The clear waters and plentiful wildlife make for a great underwater experience. 

    Ao Nang Beach 

    - Ao Nang Beach is the main beach located in the Province of Krabi. 

    - The waters in Ao Nang are full of colourful schools of fishes and coral reefs which are home to even more exotic sea creatures. 

    - You will be accompanied by trained professionals to help you make your way to the most beautiful parts of the water. 

    Tub Kaek Beach 

    - Tub Kaek is a popular snorkelling destination that is located at a mere half an hour’s drive away from Ao Nang.

    - When you go snorkelling in the waters at Tub Kaek, you can see animals such as whale sharks, turtles, sea horses, ghost pipefish and mantas, all from a safe distance. 

    - You can also learn a lot about marine life as you swim through the clear blue waters. 

    - Noppara Thara Beach

    - Noppara Thara beach, located 18kms west of the town of Krabi, is a hotspot for snorkelling and other water sports that attract tourists from all over the world. 

    - There is a diving school if one wants to enjoy professional level diving to explore the depths of the ocean. 

    Klong Muang Beach

    - Klong Muang Beach is a relatively secluded beach located in the north of Ao Nang. 

    - It is known for its limestone cliffs, white sand beaches and convenient coastal access. 

    - You can discover a host of exciting marine life as well as well-preserved corals when you come to Klong Muang. 

    Ao Siew 

    - Located just a few kilometres away from Klong Muang, Ao Siew is another gorgeous beach that has not yet been properly discovered by tourists, making it a secluded retreat. 

    - Because it is still mostly undiscovered, you can have an entire beach to yourself when you visit. 

    - It is known for its crystal-clear waters and clean beaches which are ideal for snorkelling. 

    Ao Nang Centara Beach 

    - Ao Nang is one of the most secluded beaches in Krabi, which you can only spot if you are sailing past the beach.

    - It is located a short distance away from Ao Nang beach. 

    - You can enjoy scenic views of the high limestone cliffs which plunge into an expanse of lush greenery after you finish snorkelling in the pristine waters.

  3. What is the best season for Snorkeling in Krabi?

    Even though it is warm through most of the year in Krabi, the best time to visit is between November and March, when the water is pleasant, the weather is not too hot, and rainfall is moderate to ensure maximum visibility for snorkelling under the clear sky in calm waters. 

  4. What things/tips should I know before going for Snorkeling activity in Krabi?

    Snorkelling in Krabi is just like snorkelling anywhere else in the world. It is a pleasant, illuminating experience which allows you to look at marine life from a unique perspective. 

    If you have never done snorkelling before, you don’t have to worry about not being able to go underwater. There are trained divers to help you understand the basics so that you don’t miss out on the experience. 

    There are also several diving schools on many of the beaches in Krabi, where you can learn about scuba diving and snorkelling if you want to experience professional snorkelling. 

    You don’t need to carry your own equipment, such as fins, suits, breathing masks, etc. if you are planning on a one-time trip in the water. 

    However, if you plan on exploring the entire coastline of Krabi, with all of its beaches and the various snorkelling sections in that part of Thailand, then it is best if you carry your own equipment with you. 

    When you are renting your equipment, make sure you get gear that fits and you should do a short test run in the water before the actual activity starts to ensure you are comfortable in your suit.