Best Spas in Krabi

Visiting spas in Krabi has to be on every Thailand-goer’s to-do list! The place is filled with old and new studios and parlours which offer world-class services, ranging from traditional Thai massages to quirky therapies like turmeric scrubs. Krabi is home to some of the best spa experiences and you can choose for a spa which is far from the bustle of the town like Jane & June or choose a destination which is bang in the middle of the thoroughfare like Ruen Sukhothai. For those looking for budget friendly Thailand tours, there are also affordable spa options available, ensuring that you can pamper yourself without breaking the bank.

You can easily fit a session in Krabi Spas as some of them are open until midnight, like Dara Massage & Spa. The expert masseurs and masseuses use both traditional and modern techniques to give you total rejuvenation of mind and body. Apart from massages, you can enjoy aromatherapies, jacuzzis and even cocktails at spas like La Belle Beauty & Spa and Chao Nang Spa. When in Krabi, a relaxing massage is always around the corner. 

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Krabi Spas FAQs

What are the best places to get a spa in Krabi?

Radarom Spa

Radarom is a Spa in Krabi which brings you the best in Thai spa therapy, backed by traditional Thai masseuses with generations of knowledge and experience. The message therapies offered at the spa work towards relieving stress, maintaining flexibility, improving circulation and energizing the mind, body, and spirit.

The luxurious spa is situated in a cosy and quiet corner but is easily accessible. Nestled in close proximity to many tourist attractions and a shopping centre, it offers the perfect break during long days of site-seeing and shopping and helps you rejuvenate your body before you can continue with your holiday.

Location: 43/2 Moo 2, Ao Nang, Amphoe Mueang, Krabi 81000, Thailand
Specialty: Traditional Thai massage which incorporates yoga, acupressure and reflexology performed in a rhythmic and gentle manner to offer complete relaxation.
Timing: Daily 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Aonang Haven Massage

Aonang Haven Massage is a Krabi Spa studio offering the best in massage treatments since 2011. Everything from the soothing ambiance to the invigorating treatments is catered towards providing ultimate relaxation. The studio provides a wide range of massage therapies, aromatherapies and treatments which are tailored to the individuals’ needs, ensuring that everyone leaves satisfied.

The massage techniques, oils and gels used for your massage and therapy also vary depending on whether you have spent the day out in the heat or come back after a day of vigorous exercise, etc. After you are done with your therapies, you can enrich your senses with a complimentary Aroma Thai Herbal Tea which helps you readjust your focus and gets you ready for the rest of the day or evening.

Location: 564/3, Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81180, Thailand.
Specialty: Thai massage.
Timing: Daily 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Boossabakorn Spa & Beauty

Boossabakorn Spa & Beauty is a luxury spa in Krabi which is known for its high-quality services and central location. The sparkling clean interiors are tastefully done to enhance your feeling of well-being as soon as you step inside. Dedicated rooms for massages and therapies in a calm and quiet environment make for a truly relaxing experience.

While at the spa, you can go for traditional Thai massages, Asian aroma massages, body scrubs and sports massages among other treatments and therapies. The experienced staff is well-trained to cater to your specific requirements and deliver tailored service to each and every visitor.

Location: 132/35 Moo 2 Tambon Ao Nang, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi 81000, Thailand
Specialty: Traditional Thai Massage
Timing: Daily: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Massage Corner

Massage Corner is a Spa in Krabi, based in the resort town of Ao Nang. You can leave behind the busy streets of Ao Nang for a couple of hours and enter the peaceful and tranquil environs of Massage Corner to take a break from your holiday. Massage Corner offers treatments and services that are inspired by a variety of natural herbs found in Thailand, helping you relax better.

The experience is further enhanced by the highly-skilled masseuses who specialise in different fields, giving you the best treatment. The spa offers over 50 different services, including Thai Massage, Aroma Massage, body scrubs and masks. You can also avail the transportation service provided by the spa from hotels in Ao Nang.

Location: 155/17 Moo 3, Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81180, Thailand
Specialty: Homemade organic coconut oil massages.
Timing: 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Atta-Rak Massage and Spa

Atta-Rak Massage and Spa is a premium relaxation destination in Ao Nang. The beautiful interiors of the spa which are done in a contemporary manner, offer an immersive luxury spa experience.

The soothing lighting to nature-based motifs put your mind at ease as soon as you walk in. This Krabi spa impresses with its services as much as it does with the decor. You can enjoy a host of massages and treatments including pedicures, aromatherapy, hand and foot massages, etc. done by skilled and experienced masseuses in a private and quiet space.

Location: 86/2 ???? 2 Tambon Ao Nang, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi 81180, Thailand
Specialty: Aromatherapy and hand and foot massages.
Timing: Daily 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Body Kneads Thai Massage

Body Kneads Thai Massage is a small spa in Krabi which is known for its warm hospitality and excellent massages. Everyone at the spa, from the management to the masseuse come together to give you a memorable experience by making you feel totally relaxed and at ease.

The neat and clean place offers a range of services; from Traditional Thai Massages to pain-relieving foot massages and body kneads. After the service, you are offered hot ginger-tea to further aid in relaxation so that you can step out and continue enjoying your holiday.

Location: 12/14 Chao Fa Alley, Tambon Pak Nam, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi 81000
Specialty: Body kneads traditional Thai massage, etc.
Timing: Daily: 9:00 AM – 11:30 PM

Krabi Onsen & Spa (Kantawan Spa)

The traditional, wooden house-style buildings in which Krabi Onsen & Spa is based, is only part of the allure. This quaint little place is located near the beach and offers excellent opportunities to take a break from beach-hopping and give your body utter relaxation.

You can spend your time submerged in an onsen or a Japanese hot-spring-style bath or relax in Southern Thailand’s first salt spa. After the spa and sauna, you can take a dip in the cold-water pool to enjoy total relaxation. Apart from these, the place also offers more traditional services like traditional Thai massage, aroma oil massages, foot massages, and body scrubs.

Location: 29 Maharaj Road, Sub District Krabiyai, District Krabi, Krabi 81000, Thailand
Specialty: Japanese-style onsen and salt spa.
Timing: Daily10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

La Belle Beauty & Spa

La Belle Beauty & Spa offers one of the most splendid experiences that you will undergo in any spa in Krabi. Located in a picturesque spot in Ao Nang with a backdrop of Krabi’s cliffs, the spa offers many different facilities including an outdoor jacuzzi, a steam room and a cocktail counter among others, to elevate your spa-going experience.

The team at La Belle is highly qualified and experienced and includes some of the most skilled practitioners in Krabi. The well-maintained and clean interiors along with a plethora of activities and services to choose from, make the experience a welcoming one. The place also offers food to enjoy after you have had a long day pampering yourself.

Location: 123/5Soi 13 Moo 2 Ao Nang Krabi 81000 Thailand
Specialty: Thai Spa.
Timing: Daily: 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Ruen Sukhothai

Ruen Sukhothai is a small Krabi Spa situated in the market area of the resort town Ao Nang. The spa offers the perfect opportunity to take a few hours out of your busy shopping day to help your mind and body relax. The spa offers many different services including Traditional Thai massage, foot reflexology, back, head and neck relaxing massage, aromatherapy and different treatments using coconut oil and aloe vera.

You can also avail the several packages offered by the place which also include body scrubs, spa, and facial massage. The experienced and well-trained staff ensures total rejuvenation for every customer.

Location: 249/2, 4203, Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand
Specialty: Reflexology, traditional Thai massage, aromatherapy, etc.
Timing: Daily 9:30 AM - 11:30 PM

Sa-bai Thai

Sa-bai Thai is a highly-recommended massage parlor and spa in Krabi. The place is easy to locate and reach and offers some of the best oil massages in town. The long portfolio of the services provided by the professional and friendly staff includes body and face massages, various kinds of therapies and treatments.

With years of experience in the field, Sa-bai Thai offers tailored services to every single customer. The immaculately clean interiors and peaceful environment only add to the experience, making sure that you leave the place completely relaxed.

Location: 12 /15 ??? ??????? Tambon Pak Nam, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi 81000, Thailand
Specialty: Oil massages, foot and back massages, etc.
Timing: Daily 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM

All Day Massage & Spa

All Day Massage & Spa transports you from the busy streets of Ao Nang to its luxurious interiors which are designed to offer total relaxation. The staff and management are highly skilled and ensure that you have a comfortable and memorable experience every time.

You can choose from a plethora of services offered by the spa, including Thai oil massage, tamarind body scrub, foot spa, aromatherapy and much more. The spa itself is clean and comfortable and the calming ambiance helps to put your mind at ease.

Location: 247 M.2 Tumbon, Ao Nang, Amphermeung, Krabi 81180, Thailand
Specialty: Traditional Thai massage, yogurt scrub, foot massage, cream oil massage, aromatherapy, etc.
Timing: Daily 10 AM - 11:00 PM

Chao Nang Spa

Chao Nang is a spa and massage destination fit for the royals. The wooden interiors, latticed windows with blinds and a luxurious jacuzzi all come together to give a feeling of well-being. Your mind is set at peace as soon as you enter the place, even before your therapies and treatments have begun. Chao Nang offers an entire range of health and beauty treatments including traditional Thai massage, aromatherapy, couples therapy, deep muscle therapy and more.

The state-of-the-art spa brings you through professionals who will not only make you feel comfortable but also offer world-class services. It is an ideal place to take a day off from traveling and giving your mind and body total relaxation.

Location: 244 Moo 2, Aonang Ao Nang, Aonang, Krabi 81180, Thailand
Specialty: Deep muscle massage, traditional Thai massage, etc.
Timing: Daily 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Jane and June

Jane & June is the place to go if you are looking for a truly authentic Thai massage experience. You are given private rooms, surrounded by lush greenery where you can enjoy relaxing massages to the sound of crickets and birds. The spa is located just outside of Ao Nang and is easy to reach.

The long list of services provided includes traditional Thai massage, facials, body treatments, body scrubs, and all-inclusive packages. The calm environment, gentle music, light fragrance, and clean interiors make the perfect setting for a day of relaxation. The talented masseuses are friendly and welcoming and make sure that you get the best experience every time.

Location: 927 Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi, Thailand
Specialty: Traditional Thai massage, body scrubs, body treatments, etc.
Timing: Daily 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Dara Massage & Spa

Dara Massage & Spa in Krabi offers a plethora of services to help you feel reinvigorated during your holiday. You can step into this clean and tidy place and enjoy a relaxing massage by one of the experts.

The range of services provided by the massage centre and spa include Thai massage, the combination of massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and body scrub massage. The spa specializes in massages and is known for its rejuvenating services. The experienced masseuses work towards making you feel comfortable and at ease. The tastefully done interiors add to the whole experience.

Location: Ao Nang, Ban Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand 81180
Specialty: Thai massage, Swedish massage, combination massage, deep tissue massage, and body scrub massage.
Timing: Daily 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM

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