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14 January 2020
My God! The grand natural view from the train was mystical. If you are in for a tour of Switzerland you must certainly experience the Jungfraujoch Train. It will be the best train journey you will ever have.
16 January 2020
I along with my partner visited the place for a day from Interlaken during our honeymoon and I must say that we really enjoyed the trip. I will definitely recommend to visit Jungfraujoch during your honeymoon tour to Switzerland.
16 November 2019
From beginners to expert anyone can enjoy this Grindelwald Skiing experience. I am not a very sporty but I must say that skiing at Grindelwald was one of the most thrilling experiences I have ever had. The guide there was really helpful and helped me with a number of tricks to learn skiing faster. I will definitely try it again if I visit here.
05 January 2020
I can certainly say that there is nothing more exciting than spending some time with your friends in a racing boat. The instructer was very polite and extremely knowledgeable. He did some cool tricks with the boat and nowhere did we feel that our safety was not in the balance.
10 February 2020
i booked day trip to Jungfraujoch during my Switzerland visit. We went through the bus route, the meetup point was at a very convenient spot and we reached there without any difficulty. Aram, who guided and helped us throughout the entire activity, which was the best part of the trip. We truly enjoyed there to the fullest.
26 December 2019
The mesmerizing journey and the picturesque destination both just enhance the journey and make you feel that your journey to Switzerland was truly complete. I recommend you take this train ride with your family and friends. Just remember it will be very cold there so wear good farm jackets. Only thing which troubled me was the cold :(
23 November 2019
We had a ton of fun throughout the train journey and at Jungfraujoch. We visited the ice bar there and indulged in a ton of exciting stuff including e-snowmobile, sledding, snow tubing, ski/snowboard which although we had to pay for, was an exciting experience. I would definitely recommend the train ride to everyone who is looking to relish upon some offbeat fun.
05 January 2020
Have you ever been to a place so serve that you just wanted to leave everything and stay there, well I felt something like this when I visited one of the highest destinations in Europe. The place was covered with snow and what a view it was. The train journey was also very luxurious, unlike anything I have ever seen. I was with my family and we enjoyed a number of fun activities at places like the Ice Bar. If you are visiting Switzerland with your kids, I guarantee you they are going to love this journey.
03 October 2019
The scenic mountains, the shimmering show and me skiing amidst it, in other words, the most exciting adventure I have ever done. I would recommend everyone to visit Grindelwald for skiing even if you know a little bit of Sking. It is one of the most adventurous things you will do in Switzerland.
09 December 2019
I found the Jungfraujoch train ticket at a great discount on Thrillophilia. The best thing about the ticket is the opportunity to enjoy a mesmerizing train ride amidst the scenic valleys of the city. It is probably one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have.