Hohematte Park Overview

Hohematte Park is a scenic open space spread over 35 acres of land, nestled in the heart of the town of Interlaken. If you are in the area and looking to spend time in the midst of breathtaking natural beauty without having to leave your comfort zone, then this park is the place for you.

You can set yourself a fun picnic on a clear day and watch the paragliders as they land in the park. This idyllic spot, perfect for relaxation and photography, adds a delightful touch to your Switzerland trip package. Enjoy the simple pleasures and vibrant experiences Interlaken has to offer.


Enjoy excellent scenery of the Swiss Alps 

Watch the paragliders land in the park

Set up a fun family picnic 

Take pictures with the legendary Hindi movie director Yash Chopra’s statue

Watch the working clock made out of flowers 


3800 Interlaken, Switzerland


Open 24 hours

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